*GW3XFA (sk) – Island of Anglesey – 1999

*GW3XFA (sk) – Island of Anglesey – 1999

LOGSEARCH – GW3XFA [Island of Anglesey] EU-124

CallsignDate of QSOBandTime of QSOFrequencyMode
DL1FZZ02/09/199920M6:43:17 PM14.256SSB
DL7VOG02/09/199920M6:48:23 PM14.265SSB
LA8UU02/09/199920M6:50:50 PM14.262SSB
OK1DCE02/09/199920M6:52:34 PM14.262SSB
RV3GW02/09/199920M7:32:35 PM14.262SSB
YO6BHN02/09/199920M7:33:57 PM14.262SSB
I0EKY02/09/199917M7:35:22 PM18.145SSB
I7PXV02/09/199917M7:37:03 PM18.145SSB
EA4CQT02/09/199917M7:37:51 PM18.145SSB
I1APQ02/09/199917M7:41:42 PM18.145SSB
UT5UGR02/09/199917M7:43:03 PM18.145SSB
ER1VS02/09/199917M7:44:04 PM18.145SSB
I0AAF02/09/199917M7:44:29 PM18.145SSB
N8DX02/09/199917M7:45:44 PM18.145SSB
YZ1SG02/09/199917M7:47:36 PM18.145SSB
EA8AG02/09/199917M7:49:33 PM18.145SSB
IK8IOP02/09/199917M7:54:56 PM18.145SSB
UA3LHL02/09/199917M7:56:36 PM18.145SSB
GW0TWI02/09/199917M7:59:05 PM18.145SSB
YO8BND02/09/199917M8:09:30 PM18.145SSB
G0TRI02/09/199940M9:05:51 PM7.070SSB
DJ3IR/P02/09/199940M9:07:36 PM7.070SSB
M0BHW02/09/199940M9:09:03 PM7.070SSB
G0PRE02/09/199940M9:09:57 PM7.070SSB
GW0ICY/P02/09/199940M9:12:05 PM7.070SSB
LA2BKA02/09/199940M9:14:03 PM7.070SSB
DJ2MX/P02/09/199940M9:15:03 PM7.070SSB
EA1LZ02/09/199940M9:15:45 PM7.070SSB
SP6MLX02/09/199940M9:16:18 PM7.070SSB
G3VOT02/09/199940M9:16:47 PM7.070SSB
MM0BJG/P02/09/199940M9:17:38 PM7.070SSB
SP5DBR02/09/199940M9:18:06 PM7.070SSB
RA3DCT02/09/199940M9:21:44 PM7.070SSB
EA6LP02/09/199940M9:22:10 PM7.070SSB
RZ6AAB02/09/199940M9:24:01 PM7.070SSB
ON4ACA02/09/199940M9:24:55 PM7.070SSB
F8BMJ02/09/199940M9:26:26 PM7.070SSB
DJ2MX/P02/09/199980M9:31:14 PM3.769SSB
GS0UTT/P02/09/199980M9:32:49 PM3.769SSB
G3LQP02/09/199980M9:34:03 PM3.769SSB
SM7/DH0SAE02/09/199980M9:36:17 PM3.769SSB
ON4ACA02/09/199980M9:37:29 PM3.769SSB
PR7FB02/09/199920M10:46:17 PM14.260SSB
K2MFY02/09/199920M10:47:22 PM14.260SSB
N9US02/09/199920M10:49:16 PM14.260SSB
ND5G02/09/199920M10:50:31 PM14.260SSB
N1RFL02/09/199920M10:51:20 PM14.260SSB
K1JE02/09/199920M10:51:51 PM14.260SSB
K9SG02/09/199920M10:52:45 PM14.260SSB
PY5PS02/09/199920M10:53:23 PM14.260SSB
W4ABW02/09/199920M10:53:39 PM14.260SSB
W2XI02/09/199920M10:54:06 PM14.260SSB
PT7BZ02/09/199920M10:54:38 PM14.260SSB
CT3DL02/09/199920M10:54:55 PM14.260SSB
N4IG02/09/199920M10:57:16 PM14.260SSB
VE3DDR02/09/199920M10:58:47 PM14.260SSB
G2BKZ02/09/199980M11:11:54 PM3.744SSB
M0BIU02/09/199980M11:13:50 PM3.744SSB
I4ENO03/09/199920M5:15:12 AM14.260SSB
LX1NO03/09/199920M5:17:09 AM14.260SSB
OK1ABB03/09/199920M5:18:48 AM14.260SSB
IT9CZZ03/09/199920M5:20:32 AM14.260SSB
ON4XL03/09/199920M5:21:13 AM14.260SSB
SV1CID03/09/199920M5:21:59 AM14.260SSB
ON4NX03/09/199920M5:23:13 AM14.260SSB
IK7CMY03/09/199920M5:23:37 AM14.260SSB
DL8PC03/09/199920M5:24:18 AM14.260SSB
IK2ZJN03/09/199920M5:25:12 AM14.260SSB
ON5FP03/09/199920M5:25:57 AM14.260SSB
DL6AKK/P03/09/199920M5:28:26 AM14.260SSB
UA1TBK03/09/199920M5:29:25 AM14.260SSB
RZ1AZ03/09/199920M5:29:51 AM14.260SSB
ON5SD03/09/199920M5:31:32 AM14.260SSB
OK2MW03/09/199920M5:34:10 AM14.260SSB
EU1PA03/09/199920M5:34:46 AM14.260SSB
RA6AR03/09/199920M5:37:51 AM14.260SSB
US7MM03/09/199920M5:42:01 AM14.260SSB
F5BDT03/09/199920M5:43:24 AM14.260SSB
F8AMV03/09/199920M5:44:43 AM14.260SSB
I2FUM03/09/199920M5:46:31 AM14.260SSB
G3GSI03/09/199980M7:01:57 AM3.786SSB
G3NOX03/09/199980M7:02:05 AM3.786SSB
G4MVZ03/09/199980M7:02:13 AM3.786SSB
G3VLP03/09/199980M7:02:25 AM3.786SSB
GW3JBH03/09/199940M2:54:19 PM7.072SSB
G0OZD03/09/199980M2:58:55 PM3.770SSB
G4GYU03/09/199980M3:01:22 PM3.770SSB
G3KEC03/09/199940M3:08:11 PM7.082SSB
M0BRB03/09/199940M3:10:25 PM7.082SSB
GM0LPB/MM03/09/199940M3:12:23 PM7.082SSB
GM3VNW/P03/09/199940M3:14:20 PM7.082SSB
GW3UZS/M03/09/199940M3:17:22 PM7.082SSB
GW4IMC03/09/199940M3:18:55 PM7.082SSB

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* The original holder of this callsign [G3XFA] – Roger Wilkins is now SK (Silent Key) although we can still provide an original QSL from the activation. The current holder of the callsign
[Rob Swannell] is not associated with this activation.