Welcome to percy.me.uk – Our online portal and OQRS service for G0UIH/VK2IAY, *G3XFA (sk) and 3D2FI Activations.

Portal and ‘Online QSL Request Service’ [OQRS] for G0UIH/VK2IAY, *G3XFA (sk) and 3D2FI

Thanks for dropping by. If you’ve landed here, then the chances are – we’ve met on the air.
All logs are always open. You can order your QSL card [OQRS] here via our online log search.

Each log has a separate search as unlike ‘Clublog‘ [which is based purely around DXCC], many of my IOTA activations used the same call but operated from different IOTA locations.

For all Australian activations, including VK2IAY/4 and VK2IAY/9 – use the log search on the left. For all other activations including 3D2FI, use the log search on the right-hand column.

If you would like to search VK2IAY [Mainland Australia/QLD] or G0UIH [Mainland England] –
Please use the search boxes below.

LOGSEARCH – VK2IAY [Mainland Australia Only] – IOTA OC-001
Log entries up until January 7th 2023 now online

LOGSEARCH – G0UIH [Mainland England Only] – IOTA EU-005
Log entries up until January 7th 2023 now online

Points to Note When Searching:

  • Users can search for any singular ‘alfa’ or ‘numeric’ character.
  • You can also search complete callsigns – for example VK2KSG
  • Searching for ‘VK3’ will show all callsigns with ‘VK3’ in the field
  • You can search by band – ’20m’ shows 20m QSO’s
  • You can search by date. Use dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Likewise, you can search by mode [SSB] or by frequency [14.218]
  • When searching by frequencies ending in ‘zero’ [ie 14.260] search 14.26
  • Wildcards [ie VK3*] are not supported

Ordering your QSL Card [Contributions are based on current UK postal rates]

  • Buro: All cards are free and sent via the RSGB 4 times per year.
    Email me with the QSO details. Click on this link here
  • Direct: UK – Send £1.00 [GBP] via the PayPal dropdown link below
  • Direct: Europe – Send £2.00 [GBP] via the PayPal dropdown link below
  • Direct: Worldwide – Send £3.00 [GBP] via the PayPal dropdown link below

** Please remember to include your QRZ and QSO info in the PayPal Comments.
All direct QSL requests will be mailed back to you within 2 weeks of your request.

Order your ‘QSL Cards’ below:


* The original holder of this callsign [G3XFA] – Roger Wilkins is now SK (Silent Key) although we can still provide an original QSL from the 2 activations. The current holder of the callsign
[Rob Swannell] is not associated with either of these activations.

CREDITS: I’d like to thank Jonas Hjalmarsson for writing the excellent and very simple free WordPress plug-in that I’ve tailored to work as a logsearch filter using shortcode.
Download the plug-in here.