VK2IAY/4 Lamb Island [Ngudooroo] – 2003

VK2IAY/4 – Lamb Island – 2003

LOGSEARCH – VK2IAY/4 [Lamb/Ngudooroo Island]

Points to Note When Searching:

  • Users can search for any singular ‘alfa’ or ‘numeric’ character.
  • You can also search complete callsigns – for example VK2KSG
  • Searching for ‘VK3’ will show all callsigns with ‘VK3’ in the field
  • You can search by band – ’20m’ shows 20m QSO’s
  • You can search by date. Use dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Likewise, you can search by mode [SSB] or by frequency [14.218]
  • When searching by frequencies ending in ‘zero’ [ie 14.260] search 14.26
  • Wildcards [ie VK3*] are not supported

Ignore the two odd formatting characters <1> and <2> at the end of each line.

Ordering your QSL Card:

  • Buro: All cards are free. Email me with the QSO details. Click on this link here
  • Direct: Europe – Send $2.00 via the PayPal link here [Friends and Family]
  • Direct: Worldwide – Send $3.00 via the PayPal link here [Friends and Family]