EA6/G0UIH – Menorca Island, Balearic Islands – 1997

EA6/G0UIH – Menorca Island
Balearic Islands – 1997

LOGSEARCH – EA6/G0UIH [Menorca Island] EU-004

CallsignDate of QSOBandTime of QSOFrequencyMode
4Z4DX24/07/199720M2:45:00 PM14.260SSB
G3LME24/07/199720M2:50:00 PM14.261SSB
G0OMS24/07/199720M3:01:00 PM14.261SSB
G3WKR24/07/199720M3:05:00 PM14.261SSB
G3WRD/M24/07/199720M3:12:00 PM14.261SSB
DL8FQ24/07/199720M3:17:00 PM14.261SSB
G0NDH24/07/199720M3:25:00 PM14.261SSB
PA0HTW24/07/199720M3:31:00 PM14.261SSB
GW0PUP24/07/199720M3:34:00 PM14.261SSB
SM5JE24/07/199720M3:35:00 PM14.261SSB
G0JMU24/07/199720M4:05:00 PM14.325SSB
G3VMD24/07/199720M4:05:00 PM14.325SSB
G3XFA24/07/199720M4:05:00 PM14.325SSB
G0WHU24/07/199720M4:55:00 PM14.325SSB
G3XFA25/07/199720M5:31:00 PM14.325SSB
7Q7RM25/07/199720M5:31:00 PM14.325SSB
5Z4FM25/07/199720M5:31:00 PM14.325SSB
G0IAS25/07/199720M5:31:00 PM14.325SSB

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