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Current DXCC Status as of March 2024:
G0UIH: Worked 340/340 Confirmed [Including P5 – North Korea]
G0UIH: Total Worked 351/351 Confirmed [Includes 11 deleted entities].

All logs are always open and you can order your QSL card [OQRS] here via our online log search. Each log has a separate search as unlike ‘Clublog‘ [which is based purely around DXCC], many of my IOTA activations used the same call but operated from different IOTA locations.

For all Australian activations, including VK2IAY/4 and VK2IAY/9 – use the log search on the left. For all other activations including 3D2FI, use the log search on the right-hand column. If you would like to search VK2IAY [Mainland Australia/QLD] or G0UIH [Mainland England] –
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LOGSEARCH – VK2IAY [Mainland Australia Only] – IOTA OC-001
Log entries up until February 1st 2024 now online

CallsignDate of QSOBandTime of QSOFreqMode
ZL2BPO12/11/199420M4:55:00 AM14.346SSB
VK2BUM12/11/199420M4:55:00 AM14.346SSB
G3OOK/MM12/11/199420M5:40:00 AM14.190SSB
JA7AKH12/11/199420M6:37:00 AM14.153SSB
RA4AAO12/11/199420M11:40:00 AM14.267SSB
VK2GIM12/11/199415M12:30:00 PM21.170SSB
VK2KSG12/11/199415M12:30:00 PM21.170SSB
VK2KST12/11/199415M12:30:00 PM21.170SSB
VK2BDT13/11/199420M7:20:00 AM14.183SSB
VK4CQH13/11/199420M7:25:00 AM14.183SSB
KH2/VP9BP13/11/199420M7:35:00 AM14.220SSB
HL5KY13/11/199420M9:27:00 AM14.174SSB
RN1NC14/11/199420M10:45:00 AM14.188SSB
VS6FL14/11/199420M10:58:00 AM14.192SSB
VK9NS16/11/199420M5:31:00 AM14.260SSB
LA9BM16/11/199420M9:45:00 AM14.207SSB
RW0AWO16/11/199420M10:05:00 AM14.224SSB
G3MCN17/11/199420M9:10:00 AM14.195SSB
G4KHG20/11/199415M10:20:00 AM21.195SSB
VR2EZ20/11/199420M10:20:00 AM14.180SSB
ES4RO20/11/199415M10:21:00 AM21.195SSB
ZL4DJ22/11/199417M11:45:00 AM18.158SSB
OK1RD22/11/199417M11:57:00 AM18.158SSB
UR7GG22/11/199417M12:10:00 PM18.158SSB
G4YIT22/11/199417M12:22:00 PM18.154SSB
ZL1BAI23/11/199420M10:00:00 AM14.260SSB
I8HAK24/11/200220M6:30:00 AM14.218SSB
VK3GDM/M24/11/200220M7:20:00 AM14.218SSB
ZL1PWD24/11/200217M7:35:00 AM18.145SSB
JF2CLU24/11/200217M7:36:00 AM18.145SSB
DL8WOM24/11/200217M8:20:00 AM18.130SSB
JF1SEK24/11/200217M8:32:00 AM18.134SSB
UA0FZ24/11/200217M8:35:00 AM18.134SSB
JH1OCC24/11/200217M8:45:00 AM18.134SSB
HL2DNN24/11/200217M8:47:00 AM18.134SSB
G3XFA24/11/200217M8:50:00 AM18.136SSB
HA6NF24/11/200217M9:00:00 AM18.136SSB
JA5IU24/11/200217M9:02:00 AM18.136SSB
DJ4LK24/11/200217M9:05:00 AM18.136SSB
DL7CX25/11/200217M8:20:00 AM18.134SSB
ZL4HU25/11/200220M9:20:00 AM14.177SSB
IZ4BBF26/11/200220M8:50:00 AM14.210SSB
JI3DST/626/11/200217M9:30:00 AM18.136SSB
ZK1JD27/11/200220M6:30:00 AM14.222SSB
KH6KW27/11/200220M6:30:00 AM14.222SSB
9M6CT27/11/200217M9:00:00 AM18.135SSB
G3XFA27/11/200217M9:10:00 AM18.140SSB
G0FXO27/11/200217M11:15:00 AM18.165SSB
G4YIT27/11/200217M11:15:00 AM18.165SSB
GI0TIC29/11/200217M8:50:00 AM18.127SSB

LOGSEARCH – G0UIH [Mainland England Only] – IOTA EU-005
Log entries up until February 1st 2024 now online

CallsignDate of QSOBandTime of QSOFrequencyMode
G5KNSaturday, July 04, 198715M12:50:00 PM21.270SSB
G0IASMonday, December 06, 199380M8:50:00 PM3.735SSB
UA6BBThursday, January 13, 199440M11:02:00 PM7.066SSB
IK5WJFThursday, January 13, 199440M11:20:00 PM7.050SSB
4Z85TASaturday, January 15, 199410M2:02:00 PM28.497SSB
HB9JAPSunday, January 16, 199480M8:00:00 PM3.775SSB
Z31VPSunday, January 16, 199480M8:17:00 PM3.791SSB
T77JMonday, January 17, 199480M10:01:00 PM3.794SSB
DK1QAMonday, January 17, 199480M10:20:00 PM3.762SSB
S50CTuesday, January 18, 199480M8:16:00 PM3.789SSB
LX1SUWednesday, January 19, 199480M7:46:00 PM3.798SSB
HH7PVThursday, January 20, 199480M1:21:00 AM3.789SSB
UT3HYSunday, January 23, 199415M1:25:00 PM21.170SSB
WY5ISunday, January 23, 199417M2:00:00 PM18.147SSB
G0SSRSunday, January 23, 199480M5:15:00 PM3.740SSB
G4TLRSunday, January 23, 199480M5:15:00 PM3.740SSB
G4USQSunday, January 23, 199480M5:18:00 PM3.740SSB
G0IASSunday, January 23, 199480M6:30:00 PM3.642SSB
ZC4MLTuesday, January 25, 199410M9:20:00 AM28.460SSB
ZC4MLWednesday, January 26, 199410M9:20:00 AM28.450SSB
W4PADWednesday, January 26, 199410M3:42:00 PM28.450SSB
W1ENZWednesday, January 26, 199410M3:47:00 PM28.450SSB
G0DMVWednesday, January 26, 199410M5:50:00 PM28.452SSB
LU5FIIWednesday, January 26, 199410M5:50:00 PM28.460SSB
VP2ECWednesday, January 26, 199410M5:51:00 PM28.472SSB
KO4VUWednesday, January 26, 199410M5:55:00 PM28.430SSB
K0HOFWednesday, January 26, 199410M6:35:00 PM28.490SSB
KA3UOLThursday, January 27, 199410M6:25:00 PM28.480SSB
7Q7RMSaturday, February 05, 199420M5:55:00 PM14.340SSB
7Q7JLSaturday, February 05, 199420M5:55:00 PM14.340SSB
G3OZFSunday, February 06, 199415M10:35:00 AM21.183SSB
VK2BIRSunday, February 06, 199420M12:20:00 PM14.270SSB
WD4HRMSunday, February 06, 199420M1:35:00 PM14.244SSB
W4XTSunday, February 06, 199420M1:35:00 PM14.244SSB
G0IASSunday, February 06, 199480M2:25:00 PM3.705SSB
V44KQSunday, February 06, 199420M3:55:00 PM14.160SSB
G2CLJ/MMSunday, February 06, 199420M4:05:00 PM14.155SSB
SKED:VK2MUFTuesday, February 08, 199415M8:45:00 AM21.165SSB
SKED:VK2MUFWednesday, February 09, 199415M8:45:00 AM21.165SSB
G4OLIFriday, February 11, 199480M1:00:00 AM3.740SSB
D2EHFriday, February 11, 199415M10:26:00 AM21.220SSB
7Q7JLFriday, February 11, 199415M2:30:00 PM21.200SSB
TU2QWFriday, February 11, 199415M2:31:00 PM21.208SSB
D2EVFriday, February 11, 199415M2:45:00 PM21.245SSB
G0NSAFriday, February 11, 199415M6:30:00 PM21.135CW
KE2NLFriday, February 11, 199420M6:50:00 PM14.185SSB
V44KQFriday, February 11, 199420M8:05:00 PM14.184SSB
ZC4MLSaturday, February 12, 199410M11:15:00 AM28.430SSB
5Z4FMSaturday, February 12, 199420M6:21:00 PM14.340SSB
7Q7JLSaturday, February 12, 199420M6:25:00 PM14.335SSB
G0JURTuesday, February 15, 199410M5:20:00 PM28.470SSB
G0SBXWednesday, February 16, 199480M7:50:00 PM3.565CW
VK2EEDFriday, February 18, 199420M9:15:00 AM14.268SSB
W2CXX/C6AFriday, February 18, 199420M7:22:00 PM14.227SSB
WR9GFriday, February 18, 199420M7:41:00 PM14.227SSB
K6HWFFriday, February 18, 199420M7:43:00 PM14.227SSB
KQ4PLFriday, February 18, 199420M7:46:00 PM14.227SSB
KB2HKFriday, February 18, 199420M7:48:00 PM14.227SSB
VP2MBOFriday, February 18, 199420M8:45:00 PM14.282SSB
YI1HXHSaturday, February 19, 199415M10:21:00 AM21.293SSB
A92FVSaturday, February 19, 199410M11:00:00 AM28.400SSB
VK6UZSaturday, February 19, 199410M11:10:00 AM28.461SSB
7Q7LASaturday, February 19, 199420M5:20:00 PM14.336SSB
5B4ZMSaturday, February 19, 199420M6:10:00 PM14.336SSB
5Z4FMSaturday, February 19, 199420M6:10:00 PM14.336SSB
ZD7VCSunday, February 20, 199410M11:55:00 AM28.470SSB
OD5SKSunday, February 20, 199410M12:35:00 PM28.520SSB
4X6PUSunday, February 20, 199410M12:45:00 PM28.488SSB
X5BYZSunday, February 20, 199420M1:01:00 PM14.192SSB
G3HQGSunday, February 20, 199480M5:35:00 PM3.700SSB
G0IASSunday, February 20, 199480M5:40:00 PM3.700SSB
G0JMUSunday, February 20, 199420M5:50:00 PM14.340SSB
5Z4FMSunday, February 20, 199420M6:30:00 PM14.340SSB
G3HDJSunday, February 20, 199420M6:40:00 PM14.340SSB
G0IASSunday, February 20, 199480M8:00:00 PM3.708SSB
LU5FIIMonday, February 21, 199410M6:20:00 PM28.470SSB
CU2YMonday, February 21, 199410M6:25:00 PM28.485SSB
G0IASThursday, February 24, 199480M10:30:00 PM3.700SSB
BV2CD/7Friday, February 25, 199410M9:20:00 AM28.443SSB
UA9SKNFriday, February 25, 199410M9:30:00 AM28.490SSB
KF2KIFriday, February 25, 199420M7:25:00 PM14.225SSB
PR7STFriday, February 25, 199420M7:40:00 PM14.224SSB
8P6AMFriday, February 25, 199420M8:40:00 PM14.254SSB
ZC4MLSaturday, February 26, 199410M10:55:00 AM28.460SSB
FH5CBSaturday, February 26, 199410M4:45:00 PM28.355SSB
FH5ETSaturday, February 26, 199415M5:08:00 PM21.310SSB
5Z4FMSaturday, February 26, 199420M5:35:00 PM14.340SSB
7Q7LASaturday, February 26, 199420M5:35:00 PM14.340SSB
G3HDJSaturday, February 26, 199420M5:35:00 PM14.340SSB
G0JMUSaturday, February 26, 199420M5:35:00 PM14.340SSB
VO1BPSaturday, February 26, 199420M8:40:00 PM14.250SSB
UA0SMFSunday, February 27, 199410M9:30:00 AM28.460SSB
G0SQISunday, February 27, 199410M11:35:00 AM28.420SSB
VK6APZSunday, February 27, 199410M11:35:00 AM28.420SSB
G0AEVSunday, February 27, 199410M12:10:00 PM28.455SSB
ZC4MLSunday, February 27, 199410M1:10:00 PM28.405SSB
YB3OSESunday, February 27, 199410M2:00:00 PM28.487SSB
C53HGSunday, February 27, 199410M4:35:00 PM28.449SSB
ZS2ABFSunday, February 27, 199420M5:20:00 PM14.347SSB
3DA0BDSunday, February 27, 199420M6:00:00 PM14.347SSB
7Q7LASunday, February 27, 199420M6:00:00 PM14.347SSB
G0IASSunday, February 27, 199420M6:10:00 PM14.347SSB
S42ABFSunday, February 27, 199420M6:23:00 PM14.347SSB
FY5FJTuesday, March 01, 199420M12:32:00 AM14.190SSB
YV5ANFTuesday, March 01, 199420M1:10:00 AM14.195SSB
G0DEKTuesday, March 01, 199480M11:20:00 AM3.573CW
VK3HHFriday, March 04, 199420M8:00:00 AM14.252SSB
VK4GFGFriday, March 04, 199420M8:40:00 AM14.252SSB
G4ZPLFriday, March 04, 199420M8:43:00 AM14.252SSB
AP2JZBSaturday, March 05, 199410M12:45:00 PM28.475SSB
K3ANSSaturday, March 05, 199415M1:40:00 PM21.250SSB
VK2CRMSunday, March 06, 199420M9:35:00 AM14.282SSB
VK2DERSunday, March 06, 199420M9:35:00 AM14.282SSB
BZ4RCISunday, March 06, 199415M9:51:00 AM21.238SSB
7X2WAKSunday, March 06, 199415M10:15:00 AM21.312SSB
YB0ARNSunday, March 06, 199410M10:21:00 AM28.462SSB
ZC4MLSunday, March 06, 199410M11:30:00 AM28.325SSB
FR/G0IXCSunday, March 06, 199410M12:55:00 PM28.475SSB
G0NXTSunday, March 06, 199410M1:20:00 PM28.480SSB
W6EENSunday, March 06, 199415M5:46:00 PM21.364SSB
N6BVSunday, March 06, 199420M8:11:00 PM14.189SSB
K3ANSSunday, March 06, 199420M8:31:00 PM14.227SSB
ZC4MLMonday, March 07, 199420M8:55:00 PM14.170SSB
VP8CPCTuesday, March 08, 199420M8:25:00 PM14.185SSB
TVI TESTTuesday, March 08, 199420M9:00:00 PM14.250SSB
VP8CPCWednesday, March 09, 199420M9:30:00 PM14.250SSB
PY0FMThursday, March 10, 199420M8:21:00 AM14.206SSB
ZL1KJThursday, March 10, 199420M8:40:00 AM14.221SSB
ZL1ANFThursday, March 10, 199420M8:45:00 AM14.255SSB
VP8CPCThursday, March 10, 199420M8:45:00 PM14.188SSB
RU6LC/0Saturday, March 12, 199420M10:03:00 AM14.260SSB
IT9KDASunday, March 13, 199420M10:10:00 AM14.238SSB
EA9PB/PSunday, March 13, 199420M10:21:00 AM14.260SSB
EA4ENK/PSunday, March 13, 199420M11:47:00 AM14.257SSB
EA6MRSunday, March 13, 199420M12:35:00 PM14.208SSB
YO9HPSunday, March 13, 199420M2:55:00 PM14.204SSB
5Z4FMSunday, March 13, 199420M6:10:00 PM14.335SSB
7Q7LASunday, March 13, 199420M6:10:00 PM14.335SSB
TVI TESTSunday, March 13, 199420M6:45:00 PM14.250SSB
VO1FGSunday, March 13, 199420M6:45:00 PM14.144SSB
G0PHEMonday, March 14, 199480M8:30:00 PM3.703SSB
G0IASMonday, March 14, 199480M8:50:00 PM3.703SSB
8Q7AATuesday, March 15, 199420M7:52:00 PM14.213SSB
VP8CPCTuesday, March 15, 199420M8:15:00 PM14.188SSB
EA5LJTuesday, March 15, 199420M8:25:00 PM14.184SSB
G4ZDKWednesday, March 16, 199420M8:40:00 AM14.253SSB
G4VBPWednesday, March 16, 199480M7:40:00 PM3.703SSB
G0IASWednesday, March 16, 199480M8:00:00 PM3.703SSB
LU1WFAThursday, March 17, 199410M6:10:00 PM28.441SSB
LW2DFHThursday, March 17, 199410M6:20:00 PM28.460SSB
ZD8ZXRThursday, March 17, 199420M7:45:00 PM14.195SSB
ZP5YDThursday, March 17, 199420M8:10:00 PM14.244SSB
VP8CPCThursday, March 17, 199420M8:45:00 PM14.183SSB
EL2LEThursday, March 17, 199420M8:52:00 PM14.270SSB
W2KSWThursday, March 17, 199420M9:55:00 PM14.208SSB
G3VUHFriday, March 18, 199420M8:30:00 AM14.153SSB
9I2ZSaturday, March 19, 199410M10:17:00 AM28.496SSB
EA6ZYSaturday, March 19, 199420M10:40:00 AM14.153SSB
5B4ZZSaturday, March 19, 199415M11:35:00 AM21.207SSB
4X4FRSaturday, March 19, 199410M12:50:00 PM28.474SSB
9J2BOSaturday, March 19, 199410M1:40:00 PM28.510SSB
VK6CHISaturday, March 19, 199420M6:09:00 PM14.260SSB
V44KMSaturday, March 19, 199420M7:36:00 PM14.171SSB
4U1UNSaturday, March 19, 199420M7:43:00 PM14.183SSB
VP9IXSaturday, March 19, 199415M8:16:00 PM21.270SSB
VP5/W2HKMSaturday, March 19, 199420M8:50:00 PM14.226SSB
TU4EISunday, March 20, 199415M10:02:00 AM21.175SSB
5N0SIKSunday, March 20, 199415M10:15:00 AM21.220SSB
JW1BJASunday, March 20, 199420M5:46:00 PM14.274SSB
7Q7LASunday, March 20, 199420M6:10:00 PM14.274SSB
5Z4FMSunday, March 20, 199420M6:10:00 PM14.274SSB
G0IASSunday, March 20, 199420M6:10:00 PM14.274SSB
VP8CLCMonday, March 21, 199410M6:30:00 PM28.450SSB
G0PGMMonday, March 21, 199410M6:40:00 PM28.450SSB
VP8CPCMonday, March 21, 199415M9:30:00 PM21.240SSB
DJ0QZ/J7Thursday, March 24, 199420M8:26:00 PM14.228SSB
WZ1YThursday, March 24, 199420M8:55:00 PM14.191SSB
W1TAK/4Thursday, March 24, 199420M9:15:00 PM14.176SSB
VQ9FMThursday, March 24, 199420M9:51:00 PM14.247SSB
HZ1ABThursday, March 24, 199420M10:50:00 PM14.250SSB
VP8CPUThursday, March 24, 199420M11:10:00 PM14.189SSB
TZ6WOThursday, March 24, 199420M11:35:00 PM14.254SSB
VK2ANSFriday, March 25, 199420M9:15:00 AM14.181SSB
K5FNRFriday, March 25, 199420M8:31:00 PM14.227SSB
PY2ASAFriday, March 25, 199420M9:55:00 PM14.186SSB
D44ABSaturday, March 26, 199415M11:41:00 AM21.160SSB
5V7GLSaturday, March 26, 199415M11:57:00 AM21.348SSB
VS6WOSunday, March 27, 199415M10:31:00 AM21.215SSB
A71CWSunday, March 27, 199415M12:11:00 PM21.337SSB
G4MPDSunday, March 27, 199480M1:15:00 PM3.781SSB
9F6LSSunday, March 27, 199420M3:31:00 PM14.195SSB
G4ONUSunday, March 27, 199480M6:00:00 PM3.703SSB
G0AHDSunday, March 27, 199480M6:00:00 PM3.703SSB
GJ4ICDSunday, March 27, 199480M6:30:00 PM3.703SSB
G0IASSunday, March 27, 199480M6:30:00 PM3.703SSB
HS0ACMonday, March 28, 199420M7:02:00 PM14.188SSB
VY2BIJMonday, March 28, 199420M7:41:00 PM14.227SSB
9Y4IBNMonday, March 28, 199420M8:51:00 PM14.227SSB
HS0ZBLTuesday, March 29, 199420M7:50:00 PM14.200SSB
RU6LSTuesday, March 29, 199420M7:55:00 PM14.183SSB
4X4FRTuesday, March 29, 199420M8:10:00 PM14.183SSB
KA1JCTuesday, March 29, 199420M8:20:00 PM14.227SSB
KL7DTuesday, March 29, 199420M8:31:00 PM14.227SSB
W9KLSTuesday, March 29, 199420M8:36:00 PM14.227SSB
KB2FGQTuesday, March 29, 199420M8:39:00 PM14.227SSB
J87BZTuesday, March 29, 199420M9:22:00 PM14.194SSB
ZL3VKWednesday, March 30, 199420M8:00:00 AM14.174SSB
G0IASWednesday, March 30, 199480M8:30:00 PM3.680SSB
G0MMIWednesday, March 30, 199480M8:30:00 PM3.680SSB
G4IRDFriday, April 01, 199410M4:30:00 PM28.460SSB
ZD8SAFriday, April 01, 199410M4:35:00 PM28.443SSB
AH8AFriday, April 01, 199420M6:16:00 PM14.227SSB
UA6CASaturday, April 02, 199415M11:20:00 AM21.228SSB
VU2TTCSaturday, April 02, 199415M11:57:00 AM21.253SSB
VU2MPSSaturday, April 02, 199415M12:17:00 PM21.277SSB
C91JSaturday, April 02, 199410M1:55:00 PM28.480SSB
ZD7WRGSaturday, April 02, 199410M2:08:00 PM28.460SSB
CT3EUSaturday, April 02, 199420M8:12:00 PM14.254SSB
9X5DXSaturday, April 02, 199420M8:35:00 PM14.195SSB
VP8CPUSaturday, April 02, 199420M9:10:00 PM14.188SSB
K2OMP/KP2Saturday, April 02, 199420M9:50:00 PM14.275SSB
N5EV/AMSunday, April 03, 199420M9:20:00 AM14.200SSB
4X4FRSunday, April 03, 199415M10:32:00 AM21.255SSB
BO0KSunday, April 03, 199415M11:42:00 AM21.195SSB
5B4KHSunday, April 03, 199415M2:17:00 PM21.290SSB
VU2RAKSunday, April 03, 199420M2:50:00 PM14.181SSB
VK4ANPSunday, April 03, 199420M3:20:00 PM14.164SSB
9M2HBSunday, April 03, 199420M4:43:00 PM14.184SSB
9M6LSSunday, April 03, 199420M4:51:00 PM14.184SSB
G3MTLSunday, April 03, 199420M4:52:00 PM14.184SSB
7Q7RMSunday, April 03, 199415M5:30:00 PM21.435SSB
5Z4FMSunday, April 03, 199415M5:45:00 PM21.435SSB
7Q7JLSunday, April 03, 199415M5:45:00 PM21.435SSB
7X2BKMonday, April 04, 199420M10:30:00 AM14.226SSB
9G1SDMonday, April 04, 199415M11:00:00 AM21.287SSB
9I2MMonday, April 04, 199415M11:23:00 AM21.295SSB
VK4ANPMonday, April 04, 199420M2:10:00 PM14.170SSB
VU2OOMonday, April 04, 199420M6:25:00 PM14.201SSB
A41LSMonday, April 04, 199420M6:55:00 PM14.207SSB
G0RVDMonday, April 04, 199415M7:30:00 PM21.205SSB
G0AHDMonday, April 04, 199420M8:10:00 PM14.185SSB
VP8CPCMonday, April 04, 199420M9:10:00 PM14.185SSB
9H4BTuesday, April 05, 199420M7:00:00 PM14.196SSB
SV/WY3VTuesday, April 05, 199420M7:25:00 PM14.205SSB
VP8CPCTuesday, April 05, 199420M9:15:00 PM14.188SSB
VP8CPUTuesday, April 05, 199420M9:15:00 PM14.188SSB
SM7BIOTuesday, April 05, 199420M9:25:00 PM14.188SSB
4S7/ON4IPAWednesday, April 06, 199420M6:55:00 PM14.222SSB
EI9FEWednesday, April 06, 199420M7:15:00 PM14.196SSB
EI5GE/MMWednesday, April 06, 199420M7:15:00 PM14.196SSB
VP8CPCWednesday, April 06, 199420M8:30:00 PM14.188SSB
ZC4RAFThursday, April 07, 199420M7:20:00 PM14.170SSB
HG5BSCSaturday, April 09, 199410M11:45:00 AM28.485SSB
S79MDSunday, April 10, 199415M4:23:00 PM21.214SSB
9K2ZZThursday, April 14, 199420M6:43:00 PM14.187SSB
VP8CPUThursday, April 14, 199420M9:00:00 PM14.181SSB
CX5CGFriday, April 15, 199415M5:50:00 PM21.255SSB
5X1BFriday, April 15, 199415M7:05:00 PM21.255SSB
ZD7WRGSaturday, April 16, 199415M5:51:00 PM21.260SSB
BV2KISaturday, April 16, 199420M6:14:00 PM14.242SSB
VR2IHSaturday, April 16, 199420M6:20:00 PM14.239SSB
JY8HLSaturday, April 16, 199420M6:45:00 PM14.215SSB
VK3EWSunday, April 17, 199420M3:05:00 PM14.225SSB
A45IJSunday, April 17, 199420M6:40:00 PM14.290SSB
G4ZPLSunday, April 17, 199420M7:20:00 PM14.290SSB
VP8CPUSunday, April 17, 199420M7:30:00 PM14.188SSB
OH0KAGMonday, April 18, 199420M6:10:00 PM14.205SSB
VP8CPCMonday, April 18, 199420M9:00:00 PM14.188SSB
G4OLIMonday, April 18, 199415M9:55:00 PM21.200SSB
9H4CMTuesday, April 19, 199420M8:50:00 PM14.188SSB
EA8/G0SUM/PWednesday, April 20, 199420M7:00:00 PM14.250SSB
9H4CMWednesday, April 20, 199420M8:00:00 PM14.188SSB
EI3GZThursday, April 21, 199480M1:05:00 AM3.781SSB
ZC4RAFThursday, April 21, 199420M7:00:00 PM14.168SSB
VU2OOThursday, April 21, 199420M7:17:00 PM14.236SSB
VE7IEDThursday, April 21, 199420M7:35:00 PM14.227SSB
ZD8JONThursday, April 21, 199420M9:40:00 PM14.194SSB
9M2SHFriday, April 22, 199415M6:10:00 PM21.245SSB
N2ONUFriday, April 22, 199420M6:42:00 PM14.227SSB
K6RUXFriday, April 22, 199420M7:37:00 PM14.227SSB
VO1IMDSaturday, April 23, 199420M12:45:00 AM14.200SSB
S21ZGSaturday, April 23, 199420M6:20:00 PM14.184SSB
YT70XSaturday, April 23, 199420M6:35:00 PM14.215SSB
XX9ASSaturday, April 23, 199415M6:47:00 PM21.198SSB
IK3SSXSaturday, April 23, 199420M7:27:00 PM14.158SSB
4X4FRSaturday, April 23, 199420M7:50:00 PM14.192SSB
OE1XRWSaturday, April 23, 199420M8:01:00 PM14.210SSB
ZB2BUSunday, April 24, 199420M9:05:00 AM14.199SSB
I2GSISunday, April 24, 199415M11:05:00 AM21.205SSB
SV2ASP/ASunday, April 24, 199420M11:07:00 AM14.242SSB
7J6CBRSunday, April 24, 199415M12:40:00 PM21.260SSB
KH2/VP9BPSunday, April 24, 199420M4:07:00 PM14.255SSB
V85SSSunday, April 24, 199420M4:41:00 PM14.244SSB
G0JMUSunday, April 24, 199415M5:30:00 PM21.440SSB
5Z4FMSunday, April 24, 199415M5:50:00 PM21.440SSB
G0IASSunday, April 24, 199480M6:40:00 PM3.703SSB
4J3MSunday, April 24, 199420M9:04:00 PM14.179SSB
CU2YKSunday, April 24, 199420M9:16:00 PM14.188SSB
J73HWSunday, April 24, 199420M9:21:00 PM14.188SSB
FS5PLMonday, April 25, 199420M6:52:00 PM14.227SSB
VU2OOTuesday, April 26, 199420M6:20:00 PM14.227SSB
VU2AUTuesday, April 26, 199420M6:20:00 PM14.183SSB
AP2AMMTuesday, April 26, 199420M6:30:00 PM14.180SSB
4F2BPTuesday, April 26, 199420M7:03:00 PM14.220SSB
EA9KBTuesday, April 26, 199420M7:26:00 PM14.220SSB
9Y4SFTuesday, April 26, 199420M8:45:00 PM14.188SSB
VE7BBHThursday, April 28, 199420M6:17:00 PM14.180SSB
DU1SANThursday, April 28, 199420M7:16:00 PM14.211SSB
VP8CPCThursday, April 28, 199420M8:10:00 PM14.188SSB
9H4CMThursday, April 28, 199420M8:10:00 PM14.188SSB
HS0/G4UAVFriday, April 29, 199420M6:15:00 PM14.188SSB
VE9ZLFriday, April 29, 199420M7:52:00 PM14.227SSB
KQ5CFriday, April 29, 199420M8:10:00 PM14.227SSB
VK3JGSaturday, April 30, 199420M7:12:00 AM14.181SSB
G0JMUSunday, May 01, 199415M5:25:00 PM21.435SSB
7Q7JLSunday, May 01, 199415M5:25:00 PM21.435SSB
7Q7LASunday, May 01, 199415M5:25:00 PM21.435SSB
G0IASSunday, May 01, 199415M5:25:00 PM21.435SSB
ZA/OK2ZWSunday, May 01, 199420M6:46:00 PM14.208SSB
ZD7WRGSunday, May 01, 199420M8:45:00 PM14.177SSB
ZD7WRGSunday, May 01, 199420M9:07:01 PM14.188SSB
S92SSSunday, May 01, 199420M9:35:06 PM14.242SSB
JW0CSunday, May 01, 199420M10:38:00 PM14.142SSB
G0IASWednesday, May 04, 199480M9:00:00 PM3.720SSB
9G1MRThursday, May 05, 199480M12:21:00 AM3.799SSB
R.F.I TESTSaturday, May 07, 199420M1:40:00 PM14.300SSB
VK2GWPSaturday, May 07, 199420M3:40:18 PM14.213SSB
JA4EKOSaturday, May 07, 199420M4:11:00 PM14.145SSB
ZS94ESunday, May 08, 199415M11:17:30 AM21.277SSB
ZS6BIBSunday, May 08, 199415M11:38:44 AM21.215SSB
A71EASunday, May 08, 199415M11:57:04 AM21.222SSB
V51CSunday, May 08, 199415M1:10:05 PM21.355SSB
VP8CPUSunday, May 08, 199420M8:00:55 PM14.188SSB
VP8CPCSunday, May 08, 199420M8:15:00 PM14.188SSB
G4XPLSunday, May 08, 199420M8:23:00 PM14.188SSB
G0HXOSunday, May 08, 199420M8:31:38 PM14.188SSB
CE4SPCMonday, May 09, 199420M10:21:02 PM14.188SSB
9M2BATuesday, May 10, 199420M6:40:00 PM14.215SSB
9Y4SFTuesday, May 10, 199420M8:33:58 PM14.215SSB
VP8CPCTuesday, May 10, 199420M8:50:55 PM14.188SSB
SV8/G0TVI/PWednesday, May 11, 199420M6:44:26 PM14.160SSB
XU/HA0HWWednesday, May 11, 199420M7:19:13 PM14.195SSB
EZ5AAThursday, May 12, 199420M6:51:12 PM14.214SSB
ZC4RAFThursday, May 12, 199420M7:11:57 PM14.165SSB
EA6/G4XKFThursday, May 12, 199420M8:01:53 PM14.172SSB
LA1CISaturday, May 14, 199420M9:08:14 AM14.190SSB
9K2HNSunday, May 15, 199415M9:56:02 AM21.265SSB
T91ENSSunday, May 15, 199415M11:00:17 AM21.198SSB
SV8/G0TVI/PMonday, May 16, 199420M7:49:00 PM14.162SSB
RV6ACMMonday, May 16, 199420M9:13:15 PM14.219SSB
VE3CMVMonday, May 16, 199420M9:28:36 PM14.219SSB
G4OLIWednesday, May 18, 199480M12:50:00 AM3.750SSB
5Z4FMFriday, May 20, 199415M5:45:00 PM21.435SSB
G0IASFriday, May 20, 199480M7:45:00 PM3.707SSB
T94ONFriday, May 20, 199420M7:58:00 PM14.225SSB
G4NHQFriday, May 20, 199480M8:10:00 PM3.707SSB
TK/IK4NZDSaturday, May 21, 199420M9:22:08 AM14.201SSB
GI0PFBSaturday, May 21, 199420M10:27:58 AM14.186SSB
OZ2ZZZSaturday, May 21, 199410M10:59:00 AM28.480SSB
LY1TRSaturday, May 21, 199410M11:31:08 AM28.512SSB
CQ CALLSaturday, May 21, 199410M12:04:53 PM28.030CW
W3FXSaturday, May 21, 199415M12:27:00 PM21.204SSB
YE3ISaturday, May 21, 199415M1:24:13 PM21.260SSB
5H3DSSunday, May 22, 199415M11:51:39 AM21.245SSB
JH1HEJSunday, May 22, 199415M12:26:17 PM21.242SSB
HZ1ABSunday, May 22, 199415M12:54:17 PM21.170SSB
CN8STTuesday, May 24, 199420M7:58:00 PM14.188SSB
7Q7LAWednesday, May 25, 199415M5:25:00 PM21.435SSB
5Z4FMWednesday, May 25, 199415M5:28:00 PM21.435SSB
TA2IJWednesday, May 25, 199420M7:27:21 PM14.240SSB
G4OLIFriday, May 27, 199480M12:12:00 AM3.672SSB
KG4CQSaturday, May 28, 199420M7:27:35 PM14.181SSB
G0FFBSaturday, May 28, 199420M8:22:46 PM14.275SSB
GB8RCSunday, May 29, 199420M10:04:12 AM14.235SSB
VK6ZXSunday, May 29, 199420M1:01:07 PM14.212SSB
OK1AJZMonday, May 30, 199420M12:13:13 PM14.280SSB
GM0AGNMonday, May 30, 199420M12:22:53 PM14.257SSB
SV9/HA6ZV/PMonday, May 30, 199420M12:34:03 PM14.212SSB
PI5EHVMonday, May 30, 199420M12:45:07 PM14.200SSB
RA3APKMonday, May 30, 199420M2:59:40 PM14.220SSB
ZA1BWednesday, June 01, 199420M6:20:04 PM14.195SSB
OH5KFJWednesday, June 01, 199410M6:46:48 PM28.450SSB
OH6LNIWednesday, June 01, 199410M7:02:41 PM28.425SSB
ZD8JONWednesday, June 01, 199420M8:03:32 PM14.187SSB
ZD8ZXRWednesday, June 01, 199420M8:09:46 PM14.187SSB
4U1ITUSunday, June 05, 199420M2:08:08 PM14.247SSB
VU2SMNSunday, June 05, 199420M2:38:03 PM14.280SSB
G4OLIMonday, June 06, 199415M10:29:18 PM21.210SSB
KD4GZV/HK6Tuesday, June 07, 199420M9:15:33 PM14.215SSB
JY5FAThursday, June 09, 199420M5:25:11 PM14.206SSB
5N0MVEThursday, June 09, 199420M6:08:12 PM14.240SSB
VU2RXThursday, June 09, 199420M6:36:12 PM14.190SSB
9H4CMThursday, June 09, 199420M6:55:35 PM14.190SSB
ZC4RAFThursday, June 09, 199420M7:31:27 PM14.190SSB
UA6LUQThursday, June 09, 199420M7:47:30 PM14.169SSB
9K2/N2YAZThursday, June 09, 199420M7:50:26 PM14.169SSB
GX4NOKThursday, June 09, 199420M8:53:30 PM14.183SSB
CO6APThursday, June 09, 199420M9:14:40 PM14.227SSB
KB9EKOThursday, June 09, 199420M9:34:54 PM14.227SSB
XL7EGKThursday, June 09, 199420M11:01:27 PM14.227SSB
SM0OWXFriday, June 10, 199410M9:15:00 AM28.450SSB
ZD7CTOFriday, June 10, 199420M8:39:33 PM14.190SSB
EA4ADNSaturday, June 11, 199415M10:34:48 AM21.210SSB
VP8CPCSaturday, June 11, 199420M8:06:00 PM14.188SSB
IK0OERSunday, June 12, 199415M10:15:08 AM21.230SSB
A41LDSunday, June 12, 199415M10:49:07 AM21.250SSB
A41LSSunday, June 12, 199415M10:53:17 AM21.250SSB
TT8/F5OIJSunday, June 12, 199415M11:51:11 AM21.300SSB
OM3EYTuesday, June 14, 199420M9:22:09 PM14.207SSB
VE1ZPTuesday, June 14, 199420M10:16:02 PM14.187SSB
G4OLITuesday, June 14, 199420M11:05:00 PM14.187SSB
EA3FEBWednesday, June 15, 199410M9:23:00 AM28.500SSB
EI4DWWednesday, June 15, 199410M6:06:55 PM28.460SSB
G0DNVWednesday, June 15, 199410M6:13:14 PM28.460SSB
G0TXKWednesday, June 15, 199410M6:15:58 PM28.400SSB
VP8CPCThursday, June 16, 199420M7:53:01 PM14.188SSB
OM9CASaturday, June 18, 199415M2:41:00 PM21.250SSB
G4OLISaturday, June 18, 199415M4:00:00 PM21.280SSB
ZS5NKSunday, June 19, 199415M11:43:02 AM21.282SSB
RA3L/G4XLATuesday, June 21, 199420M7:21:01 PM14.305SSB
VK4TQTuesday, June 21, 199420M8:55:00 PM14.213SSB
LU7CKTuesday, June 21, 199420M9:04:57 PM14.190SSB
G0IASTuesday, June 21, 199480M9:10:13 PM3.789SSB
JY8ZCTuesday, June 21, 199420M9:10:15 PM14.184SSB
9J2SZWednesday, June 22, 199415M6:12:39 PM21.195SSB
G0IASWednesday, June 22, 199415M7:00:18 PM21.440SSB
VK2WSThursday, June 23, 199420M10:17:00 PM14.139SSB
VK2QKThursday, June 23, 199420M10:33:00 PM14.139SSB
5N9ZRCSaturday, June 25, 199415M4:26:51 PM21.195SSB
5Z4FMSaturday, June 25, 199420M5:29:37 PM14.335SSB
7X2LSSaturday, June 25, 199410M8:49:20 PM28.490SSB
IK1LGUSaturday, June 25, 199410M9:05:06 PM28.470SSB
ZL4KFSaturday, June 25, 199420M10:12:19 PM14.139SSB
CQ CALLTuesday, June 28, 199420M9:27:34 PM14.139SSB
VK2QKTuesday, June 28, 199420M9:53:42 PM14.167SSB
TL8SCTuesday, June 28, 199420M10:14:05 PM14.173SSB
PJ7/DL1BLKTuesday, June 28, 199420M10:27:24 PM14.202SSB
R.I.S CHECKWednesday, June 29, 199420M4:10:00 PM14.180SSB
PY0TUPThursday, June 30, 199420M7:48:55 PM14.195SSB
CQ2IFriday, July 01, 199420M2:16:56 PM14.260SSB
9K2ZZFriday, July 01, 199420M8:31:34 PM14.084RTTY
ER1LWFriday, July 01, 199420M9:10:00 PM14.090RTTY
TI2JJPFriday, July 01, 199420M10:41:32 PM14.203SSB
IS0HTSSaturday, July 02, 199415M4:41:57 PM21.251SSB
1A0KMSaturday, July 02, 199420M4:57:50 PM14.198SSB
G0IASSaturday, July 02, 199480M6:15:32 PM3.789SSB
6V1ASaturday, July 02, 199415M7:37:44 PM21.260SSB
ZC4JBSaturday, July 02, 199415M8:24:55 PM21.225SSB
G0IASTuesday, July 05, 199480M9:35:00 PM3.635SSB
VK2EPTTuesday, July 05, 199420M10:10:28 PM14.187SSB
0S1AThursday, July 07, 199420M7:05:00 PM14.195SSB
G3MTLThursday, July 07, 199420M7:47:22 PM14.184SSB
5Z4FMThursday, July 07, 199420M7:48:04 PM14.184SSB
7X2ZOThursday, July 07, 199420M8:04:01 PM14.184SSB
J28RPThursday, July 07, 199420M8:09:00 PM14.184SSB
EA3ACXThursday, July 07, 199420M9:59:32 PM14.237SSB
VK4ANFThursday, July 07, 199420M10:13:55 PM14.184SSB
V21AKThursday, July 07, 199420M10:37:42 PM14.184SSB
VK3EWThursday, July 07, 199420M11:16:13 PM14.184SSB
VK5WPThursday, July 07, 199420M11:45:00 PM14.184SSB
VY2ROMonday, July 11, 199420M7:36:22 PM14.242SSB
CT1BWOMonday, July 11, 199420M8:15:30 PM14.175SSB
JH7LRSMonday, July 11, 199420M8:27:47 PM14.175SSB
VK2CLBMonday, July 11, 199420M10:15:00 PM14.132SSB
AP2AMMThursday, July 14, 199420M6:52:44 PM14.200SSB
ZD7SASThursday, July 14, 199420M7:07:37 PM14.237SSB
UK8QUThursday, July 14, 199420M8:09:11 PM14.203SSB
9K2ZCThursday, July 14, 199420M8:27:16 PM14.155SSB
DL1GQMonday, July 18, 199420M6:55:00 PM14.085RTTY
IK5GUQMonday, July 18, 199420M7:15:00 PM14.085RTTY
VK2WSMonday, July 18, 199420M10:15:17 PM14.139SSB
KP4DKEMonday, July 18, 199420M10:37:24 PM14.139SSB
K3KUZMonday, July 18, 199420M10:50:00 PM14.184SSB
9A/OE5BBL/MThursday, July 21, 199420M7:39:43 PM14.235SSB
4X1MOThursday, July 21, 199420M8:11:05 PM14.240SSB
CT9EXPThursday, July 21, 199420M9:00:21 PM14.189SSB
VK2QKThursday, July 21, 199420M10:05:00 PM14.146SSB
VP2EPThursday, July 21, 199420M10:12:56 PM14.217SSB
YW0RCVThursday, July 21, 199420M10:27:28 PM14.195SSB
PY4OYSunday, July 24, 199420M8:24:08 PM14.185SSB
SV2BXASunday, July 24, 199420M9:45:57 PM14.185SSB
G4OLISunday, July 24, 199415M11:25:14 PM21.190SSB
CO3JAThursday, July 28, 199420M12:08:36 AM14.205SSB
YV5BTSThursday, July 28, 199420M12:18:06 AM14.205SSB
HB9AZXSaturday, July 30, 199420M3:10:00 PM14.084RTTY
IK5EEASaturday, July 30, 199420M3:35:00 PM14.086RTTY
4X6UOSaturday, July 30, 199420M3:58:00 PM14.086RTTY
G0IASSaturday, July 30, 199480M6:51:17 PM3.580RTTY
UN8LAMonday, August 01, 199420M9:33:04 AM14.222SSB
HB0/LA9EXMonday, August 01, 199420M10:17:00 AM14.210SSB
SP3KWA/3Monday, August 01, 199420M10:45:39 AM14.218SSB
VE3OGZMonday, August 01, 199420M11:10:29 AM14.185SSB
9Q5TRMonday, August 01, 199420M7:19:35 PM14.195SSB
EX0AThursday, August 11, 199420M6:31:28 PM14.254SSB
JW/DL3KGThursday, August 11, 199420M6:47:51 PM14.216SSB
TU5CEThursday, August 11, 199420M7:06:32 PM14.192SSB
EV5WZThursday, August 11, 199420M7:19:13 PM14.198SSB
TU4EIThursday, August 11, 199420M8:11:41 PM14.184SSB
I1ARZThursday, August 11, 199420M8:17:37 PM14.184SSB
I4ZATThursday, August 11, 199420M8:28:58 PM14.184SSB
IK3TXWThursday, August 11, 199420M8:35:47 PM14.184SSB
5U7YMonday, August 15, 199420M7:51:02 PM14.266SSB
SM0OWXMonday, August 15, 199410M8:33:50 PM28.465SSB
UA2AOMonday, August 15, 199410M8:43:56 PM28.470SSB
K1MFZThursday, August 18, 199420M9:22:08 PM14.188SSB
ZB2JOThursday, August 18, 199420M9:46:20 PM14.260SSB
W3SONThursday, August 18, 199420M10:01:05 PM14.188SSB
AA1BUSaturday, August 20, 199420M12:20:15 AM14.216SSB
EA3DJFSaturday, August 20, 199420M10:06:29 AM14.250SSB
EA5OL/PSaturday, August 20, 199420M10:42:58 AM14.260SSB
CQ7PSaturday, August 20, 199420M10:45:00 AM14.266SSB
I1A/OSG1Saturday, August 20, 199420M10:53:06 AM14.193SSB
F5VAPSaturday, August 20, 199420M11:11:14 AM14.220SSB
DL/OE8GWK/PSaturday, August 20, 199420M11:19:19 AM14.220SSB
V85AMSaturday, August 20, 199420M1:20:38 PM14.220SSB
3XY0ASunday, August 21, 199415M2:24:14 PM21.220SSB
3X0DEXSunday, August 21, 199415M2:26:03 PM21.220SSB
C53HGSunday, August 21, 199420M5:02:00 PM14.184SSB
VP8BKTSunday, August 21, 199420M5:14:00 PM14.184SSB
9A2RASunday, August 21, 199420M7:13:22 PM14.243SSB
4X4FRThursday, August 25, 199420M8:03:43 PM14.267SSB
9G1BJThursday, August 25, 199420M8:47:25 PM14.220SSB
5Z4FMSunday, August 28, 199415M5:35:00 PM21.435SSB
WN9JATSunday, August 28, 199420M8:17:15 PM14.206SSB
WZ1YSunday, August 28, 199420M8:46:04 PM14.209SSB
WB4SRHSunday, August 28, 199420M8:55:40 PM14.260SSB
DF8DUSunday, August 28, 199415M9:30:31 PM21.233SSB
SV5TSThursday, September 01, 199420M6:58:28 PM14.268SSB
ZP6XRThursday, September 01, 199420M7:31:42 PM14.219SSB
ZP6MSThursday, September 01, 199420M9:16:02 PM14.248SSB
N7VEWSaturday, September 03, 199420M1:33:00 AM14.236SSB
I1A/1PSaturday, September 03, 199420M9:36:02 AM14.192SSB
7Q7RMSaturday, September 03, 199420M6:08:42 PM14.333SSB
5Z4FMSaturday, September 03, 199420M6:10:00 PM14.333SSB
G0IASSaturday, September 03, 199480M6:55:00 PM3.706SSB
G0JMUSaturday, September 03, 199480M6:55:00 PM3.706SSB
ZD7WRGTuesday, September 06, 199420M10:06:53 PM14.213SSB
PJ7/WB5ASPThursday, September 08, 199420M8:21:03 PM14.176SSB
HB0/DL3HRAThursday, September 08, 199420M10:05:13 PM14.216SSB
OS7NQThursday, September 08, 199420M10:34:46 PM14.175SSB
7Q7JLSaturday, September 10, 199415M2:32:42 PM21.305SSB
OE6FJ/MSaturday, September 10, 199415M2:44:48 PM21.310SSB
G0IASSaturday, September 10, 199420M5:52:08 PM14.333SSB
5Z4FMSaturday, September 10, 199420M5:56:05 PM14.333SSB
VP8CPCSaturday, September 10, 199420M6:34:02 PM14.188SSB
7Q7RMTuesday, September 13, 199420M4:52:41 PM14.333SSB
G0IASTuesday, September 13, 199420M4:53:22 PM14.333SSB
7Q7UNTuesday, September 13, 199420M6:25:37 PM14.333SSB
R6/G0AMYTuesday, September 13, 199420M6:30:25 PM14.261SSB
ZA/G3MHVFriday, September 16, 199420M6:57:19 PM14.197SSB
GU3EJLFriday, September 16, 199420M10:42:23 PM14.226SSB
3Z0UNSaturday, September 17, 199420M2:22:00 PM14.252SSB
5Z4FMSunday, September 18, 199420M6:45:00 PM14.333SSB
G0IASSunday, September 18, 199420M6:50:00 PM14.333SSB
7Q7RMSunday, September 18, 199420M6:50:00 PM14.333SSB
5Z4FMSunday, September 18, 199420M7:20:00 PM14.188SSB
ZD7WRGSunday, September 18, 199420M7:40:00 PM14.188SSB
DJ7GMSunday, September 18, 199420M7:45:00 PM14.188SSB
W4UWCSaturday, September 24, 199417M1:13:00 PM18.136SSB
PJ8ADSaturday, September 24, 199417M1:20:00 PM18.141SSB
5U7YSaturday, September 24, 199415M4:26:00 PM21.245SSB
YC1GCPSunday, September 25, 199415M1:10:00 PM21.250SSB
7Q7RMMonday, September 26, 199415M6:30:00 PM21.435SSB
G0IASMonday, September 26, 199415M6:30:00 PM21.435SSB
7Q7LAMonday, September 26, 199415M6:30:00 PM21.435SSB
G0IASTuesday, September 27, 199420M6:30:00 PM14.330SSB
7Q7JLTuesday, September 27, 199420M6:30:00 PM14.330SSB
7Q7RMTuesday, September 27, 199420M6:30:00 PM14.330SSB
G0IASThursday, September 29, 199415M5:30:27 PM21.435SSB
5Z4FMThursday, September 29, 199420M6:50:02 PM14.331SSB
9H4CMThursday, September 29, 199420M7:08:45 PM14.180SSB
SV3AQRThursday, September 29, 199420M7:18:06 PM14.190SSB
HS0ZBIThursday, September 29, 199420M7:29:51 PM14.165SSB
HS0/G4UAVThursday, September 29, 199420M7:35:00 PM14.165SSB
7Q7RMThursday, September 29, 199415M10:16:02 PM21.435SSB
ZL3AATFriday, September 30, 199420M7:45:00 AM14.236SSB
G4OBKFriday, September 30, 199417M9:30:00 AM18.155SSB
A22MNSaturday, October 01, 199415M3:28:50 PM21.330SSB
9A900PAXSaturday, October 01, 199420M4:10:00 PM14.235SSB
9A1CDHSaturday, October 01, 199415M4:10:00 PM21.287SSB
VP8BKTSaturday, October 01, 199415M4:32:00 PM21.273SSB
ZS1DZSaturday, October 01, 199415M4:49:10 PM21.277SSB
ZS1SLVSaturday, October 01, 199415M5:04:52 PM21.435SSB
J69BSaturday, October 01, 199415M5:55:17 PM21.257SSB
9H4CMSaturday, October 01, 199420M6:29:08 PM14.179SSB
VE8RCSSaturday, October 01, 199420M6:37:45 PM14.197SSB
VE3ADSaturday, October 01, 199420M6:58:45 PM14.197SSB
DU9RGSunday, October 02, 199420M8:51:10 AM14.197SSB
OZ/DL2RMXSunday, October 02, 199420M9:06:02 AM14.263SSB
VK2ANSSunday, October 02, 199415M9:51:09 AM21.238SSB
VK2MUFSunday, October 02, 199415M10:02:12 AM21.167SSB
I2LXASunday, October 02, 199417M12:20:00 PM18.156SSB
DL9FCSunday, October 02, 199417M12:25:00 PM18.156SSB
G0RUASunday, October 02, 199417M12:30:00 PM18.156SSB
KC1SFSunday, October 02, 199417M1:15:00 PM18.156SSB
W7INE/MMSunday, October 02, 199417M1:20:00 PM18.146SSB
G0IASSunday, October 02, 199480M2:37:00 PM3.696SSB
7Q7RMTuesday, October 04, 199420M5:40:00 PM14.332SSB
G0IASTuesday, October 04, 199420M5:40:00 PM14.332SSB
JY5FJTuesday, October 04, 199420M5:40:00 PM14.332SSB
4X4DNTuesday, October 04, 199420M5:40:00 PM14.332SSB
ZL2RETuesday, October 04, 199420M8:45:00 PM14.188SSB
G3MTLTuesday, October 04, 199420M8:56:19 PM14.188SSB
VP8CPCTuesday, October 04, 199420M8:56:56 PM14.188SSB
ZD7CTOTuesday, October 04, 199420M8:57:59 PM14.188SSB
5Z4FMThursday, October 06, 199420M5:35:00 PM14.333SSB
5Z4WDThursday, October 06, 199420M5:35:00 PM14.333SSB
9H1JL/MThursday, October 06, 199420M5:35:00 PM14.333SSB
G0IASThursday, October 06, 199420M5:35:00 PM14.333SSB
VP8CPCThursday, October 06, 199420M8:15:00 PM14.180SSB
9K2ZZFriday, October 07, 199420M8:25:00 AM14.195SSB
ZB2JOFriday, October 07, 199420M5:30:00 PM14.188SSB
UX2MMSaturday, October 08, 199420M11:12:27 AM14.201SSB
9H3TSSaturday, October 08, 199420M11:34:10 AM14.164SSB
9H3TRSaturday, October 08, 199420M11:39:40 AM14.164SSB
W2YDSaturday, October 08, 199417M3:00:00 PM18.127SSB
G0RUASaturday, October 08, 199417M3:45:00 PM18.132SSB
G0HDNSunday, October 09, 199417M12:20:00 PM18.163SSB
EI8EMSunday, October 09, 199417M12:25:00 PM18.146SSB
5B4/G3HFGTuesday, October 11, 199417M8:25:00 AM18.164SSB
9H1JL/MTuesday, October 11, 199420M5:30:00 PM14.330SSB
7Q7RMTuesday, October 11, 199420M5:30:00 PM14.330SSB
ZD7CTOTuesday, October 11, 199420M8:23:17 PM14.188SSB
EA8BYRWednesday, October 12, 199412M5:26:00 PM24.930SSB
G0IASWednesday, October 12, 199480M7:23:00 PM3.790SSB
UE9WAAThursday, October 13, 199417M8:25:00 AM18.140SSB
IK7SLTThursday, October 13, 199417M5:30:00 PM18.140SSB
EA6/DL7AIVFriday, October 14, 199420M5:22:00 PM14.325SSB
KR4BNFriday, October 14, 199420M5:30:00 PM14.328SSB
W4JQXFriday, October 14, 199420M5:35:00 PM14.328SSB
LX1UNSaturday, October 15, 199480M12:35:00 AM3.785SSB
GB2GPSaturday, October 15, 199480M12:45:00 AM3.780SSB
9N1KYSunday, October 16, 199420M3:30:58 PM14.188SSB
3Z0PLKSunday, October 16, 199420M4:13:51 PM14.198SSB
YI1SASSunday, October 16, 199420M4:33:38 PM14.244SSB
KW7YSunday, October 16, 199420M4:53:46 PM14.158SSB
UA9ABPTuesday, October 18, 199420M8:31:00 AM14.244SSB
7Q7LATuesday, October 18, 199420M5:23:00 PM14.330SSB
3B8DBTuesday, October 18, 199420M5:35:00 PM14.330SSB
RK3XWAWednesday, October 19, 199420M8:25:00 AM14.240SSB
EA3ANGWednesday, October 19, 199420M8:25:00 AM14.255SSB
5Z4FMWednesday, October 19, 199420M5:30:00 PM14.330SSB
7Q7RMWednesday, October 19, 199420M5:30:00 PM14.330SSB
LY3GKThursday, October 20, 199420M8:20:00 AM14.238SSB
SM0HWKThursday, October 20, 199420M8:30:00 AM14.238SSB
EA1THThursday, October 20, 199420M8:35:00 AM14.238SSB
EW6DXThursday, October 20, 199420M5:36:50 PM14.330SSB
YU7AECFriday, October 21, 199420M8:29:00 AM14.238SSB
5Z4FMFriday, October 21, 199420M5:10:00 PM14.330SSB
7Q7RMFriday, October 21, 199420M5:10:00 PM14.330SSB
7Q7LAFriday, October 21, 199420M5:15:00 PM14.330SSB
G0JMUSaturday, October 22, 199420M5:34:00 PM14.330SSB
G0IASSaturday, October 22, 199420M5:34:00 PM14.330SSB
7Q7LASaturday, October 22, 199420M5:35:00 PM14.330SSB
UA0APWednesday, October 26, 199420M9:07:32 AM14.215SSB
KB7SLAThursday, October 27, 199420M6:17:00 PM14.227SSB
VO1COPThursday, October 27, 199420M6:30:00 PM14.198SSB
VP5/KQ4GCThursday, October 27, 199420M6:35:00 PM14.189SSB
V47NSSunday, October 30, 199420M11:05:38 AM14.135SSB
ZL4DJTuesday, November 01, 199417M9:25:00 AM18.157SSB
VE9KENTuesday, November 01, 199417M5:54:00 PM18.160SSB
ZL2ANPThursday, November 03, 199417M9:20:00 AM18.160SSB
ZL4DJThursday, November 03, 199417M9:25:00 AM18.157SSB
VE1KEPThursday, November 03, 199417M6:15:00 PM18.130SSB
ZL4DJFriday, November 04, 199417M9:25:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJSaturday, November 05, 199417M9:25:00 AM18.166SSB
EA5/G3WMZSunday, November 06, 199417M12:15:00 PM18.146SSB
N1JRZSunday, November 06, 199417M12:30:00 PM18.156SSB
EW8VDSunday, November 06, 199420M12:53:36 PM14.237SSB
OH5LAQSunday, November 06, 199420M12:58:00 PM14.184SSB
7X2YLSunday, November 06, 199420M3:13:34 PM14.184SSB
J52AKSunday, November 06, 199420M3:46:31 PM14.184SSB
SU2MTSunday, November 06, 199420M5:04:54 PM14.184SSB
ZS5JWOSunday, November 06, 199420M5:10:29 PM14.184SSB
VE3OGZMonday, November 28, 199420M6:20:00 PM14.199SSB
V2/VE3ODCTuesday, November 29, 199420M6:05:00 PM14.178SSB
J87FTTuesday, November 29, 199420M6:15:00 PM14.195SSB
VK4MZWednesday, November 30, 199417M9:25:00 AM18.140SSB
G0RUAWednesday, November 30, 199417M9:30:00 AM18.144SSB
VK2DPSThursday, December 01, 199417M9:20:00 AM18.150SSB
UY8LLFriday, December 02, 199417M9:13:00 AM18.130SSB
ZL4DJFriday, December 02, 199417M9:25:00 AM18.158SSB
TL8JLSaturday, December 03, 199420M4:36:31 PM14.184SSB
ZL4DJSunday, December 04, 199417M9:47:19 AM18.157SSB
VK2PKBSunday, December 04, 199415M10:16:08 AM21.198SSB
VK6LCSunday, December 04, 199420M2:19:56 PM14.184SSB
VK7EKSunday, December 04, 199420M2:38:10 PM14.184SSB
H5ANXSunday, December 04, 199420M3:21:29 PM14.184SSB
6O0ATuesday, December 06, 199420M6:25:00 PM14.275SSB
VK4GYSunday, December 11, 199420M10:20:00 AM14.142SSB
VK3BCYSunday, December 11, 199420M10:47:16 AM14.142SSB
W2ONVSunday, December 11, 199420M12:42:35 PM14.178SSB
EA1EZYSunday, December 11, 199420M1:30:00 PM14.090RTTY
AK1LSunday, December 11, 199415M3:38:54 PM21.258SSB
LZ1WRTuesday, December 13, 199417M2:50:00 PM18.151SSB
VE3YJTuesday, December 13, 199417M3:10:00 PM18.164SSB
ZL1AXBThursday, December 15, 199417M9:20:00 AM18.152SSB
LZ1RThursday, December 15, 199417M9:30:00 AM18.152SSB
RZ1CXOSaturday, December 17, 199420M10:59:56 AM14.256SSB
EA3ANGSaturday, December 17, 199420M12:06:23 PM14.205SSB
CN2SMSunday, December 18, 199420M10:32:45 AM14.195SSB
9H4CMSunday, December 18, 199420M10:59:04 AM14.180SSB
VK5YMSunday, December 18, 199415M12:01:38 PM21.220SSB
G0OMSSunday, December 18, 199415M12:21:21 PM21.230SSB
FY5KESunday, December 18, 199415M1:02:33 PM21.261SSB
ZS6RVGSunday, December 18, 199415M1:31:24 PM21.226SSB
XO1COPSunday, December 18, 199420M5:47:33 PM14.260SSB
VK5NFJSaturday, December 24, 199415M11:56:25 AM21.180SSB
VK6HQSaturday, December 24, 199415M1:22:39 PM21.191SSB
YB5AQGSaturday, December 24, 199420M3:47:45 PM14.184SSB
VK6DTSaturday, December 24, 199420M3:49:55 PM14.184SSB
VK6BKMonday, December 26, 199415M12:42:48 PM21.191SSB
VK5NDDTuesday, December 27, 199415M11:29:52 AM21.170SSB
VK5PAETuesday, December 27, 199415M11:58:00 AM21.197SSB
VK5NOCTuesday, December 27, 199415M11:58:00 AM21.197SSB
VK6PFITuesday, December 27, 199415M12:34:00 PM21.188SSB
VK6JZATuesday, December 27, 199415M1:28:04 PM21.185SSB
VK6NDESaturday, December 31, 199415M11:42:58 AM21.198SSB
CT3FTSaturday, December 31, 199415M12:08:37 PM21.184SSB
VE3UWC/4USaturday, December 31, 199420M3:55:00 PM14.227SSB
G0IASSaturday, December 31, 199420M4:58:55 PM14.330SSB
ZS5RFSaturday, December 31, 199420M5:39:12 PM14.330SSB
GM3KHHSunday, January 01, 199580M2:15:00 AM3.741SSB
UT2ETThursday, January 05, 199517M9:25:00 AM18.138SSB
G4PJYThursday, January 05, 199517M9:34:00 AM18.138SSB
VP29EIThursday, January 05, 199520M6:14:00 PM14.260SSB
SM6TIAFriday, January 06, 199517M9:22:00 AM18.153SSB
ZL4DJMonday, January 09, 199517M9:28:00 AM18.158SSB
KS9CMonday, January 09, 199520M6:16:00 PM14.170SSB
ZL4DJThursday, January 12, 199517M9:23:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJThursday, January 12, 199517M9:27:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJFriday, January 13, 199517M9:23:00 AM18.158SSB
5N8NDPSaturday, January 14, 199520M3:06:43 PM14.184SSB
TA3GSaturday, January 14, 199520M3:07:48 PM14.184SSB
HA9SUSunday, January 15, 199520M10:52:11 AM14.265SSB
W7HXSunday, January 15, 199520M6:18:15 PM14.171SSB
UX1LTTuesday, January 17, 199517M9:30:00 AM18.158SSB
RZ1AXNSaturday, January 21, 199520M11:43:47 AM14.260SSB
SM1BIQSaturday, January 21, 199520M1:06:54 PM14.260SSB
4S7NRSaturday, January 21, 199520M3:55:14 PM14.184SSB
ET3BTSaturday, January 21, 199520M4:26:49 PM14.184SSB
TJ1AGSaturday, January 21, 199520M4:27:55 PM14.184SSB
7Q7JLSaturday, January 21, 199520M6:53:40 PM14.170SSB
VE2AVNSaturday, January 21, 199520M7:20:58 PM14.180SSB
SV6DBESunday, January 22, 199520M10:45:00 AM14.195SSB
J3/AA1IZSunday, January 22, 199520M11:44:27 AM14.260SSB
CO7JCSunday, January 22, 199520M12:10:37 PM14.252SSB
UR5IFBSunday, January 22, 199520M12:30:09 PM14.265SSB
SP5MXASunday, January 22, 199520M12:36:22 PM14.265SSB
HA5FWSunday, January 22, 199520M12:37:50 PM14.265SSB
7P8EGMonday, January 23, 199520M6:12:00 PM14.330SSB
ZS5RFMonday, January 23, 199520M6:14:00 PM14.330SSB
7Q7LAMonday, January 23, 199520M6:14:00 PM14.330SSB
ZL4DJTuesday, January 24, 199517M9:30:00 AM18.158SSB
W3GXWTuesday, January 24, 199520M5:30:00 PM14.265SSB
7Q7LATuesday, January 24, 199520M5:45:00 PM14.330SSB
ZL4DJWednesday, January 25, 199517M9:28:00 AM18.158SSB
VE9STThursday, January 26, 199520M6:09:00 PM14.265SSB
ZS5RFThursday, January 26, 199520M6:22:00 PM14.330SSB
ZL4QYFriday, January 27, 199517M9:58:00 AM18.166SSB
ZL4DJFriday, January 27, 199517M10:10:00 AM18.166SSB
9H1AMFriday, January 27, 199517M10:50:00 AM18.158SSB
EA8BYRFriday, January 27, 199517M10:55:00 AM18.158SSB
9H3KFriday, January 27, 199517M11:05:00 AM18.158SSB
SP5MXASaturday, January 28, 199520M11:12:00 AM14.265SSB
SP6TPMSaturday, January 28, 199520M11:15:00 AM14.265SSB
HA5FWSaturday, January 28, 199520M11:17:00 AM14.265SSB
HA8IBSaturday, January 28, 199520M11:20:00 AM14.265SSB
YL2TWSaturday, January 28, 199520M11:22:00 AM14.265SSB
RV9DCSaturday, January 28, 199520M11:25:00 AM14.265SSB
HA9SUSaturday, January 28, 199520M11:30:00 AM14.265SSB
UA3DQHSaturday, January 28, 199520M11:35:00 AM14.265SSB
SP5MXASaturday, January 28, 199520M11:56:00 AM14.265SSB
SP6TPMSaturday, January 28, 199520M11:57:00 AM14.265SSB
HA5FWSaturday, January 28, 199520M11:58:00 AM14.265SSB
HA8IBSaturday, January 28, 199520M11:59:00 AM14.265SSB
HA9SUSaturday, January 28, 199520M12:00:00 PM14.265SSB
GM3DPLSaturday, January 28, 199540M12:37:00 PM7.083SSB
EI2AWSaturday, January 28, 199540M12:46:00 PM7.077SSB
4X4JUSaturday, January 28, 199520M12:55:00 PM14.265SSB
TA2DSSaturday, January 28, 199520M12:57:00 PM14.265SSB
G0HDNSaturday, January 28, 199580M3:45:00 PM3.727SSB
G0AGFSaturday, January 28, 199580M3:45:00 PM3.727SSB
CM6RJSunday, January 29, 199515M1:14:24 PM21.260SSB
V85BJSunday, January 29, 199520M2:04:00 PM14.184SSB
EX2MSunday, January 29, 199520M2:06:00 PM14.184SSB
5H3SPSunday, January 29, 199520M8:02:17 PM14.184SSB
5Z4FMSunday, January 29, 199520M8:16:40 PM14.244SSB
LZ1KCPMonday, January 30, 199517M9:20:00 AM18.135SSB
C31SGSaturday, February 04, 199520M12:00:34 PM14.179SSB
7Q7LASaturday, February 04, 199520M5:40:00 PM14.330SSB
7Q7RMSaturday, February 04, 199520M5:40:00 PM14.330SSB
G0IASSaturday, February 04, 199520M5:40:00 PM14.330SSB
VP8CQSSaturday, February 04, 199520M8:22:00 PM14.195SSB
FJ/OZ7SMTuesday, February 07, 199520M8:45:00 PM14.260SSB
G3NKQWednesday, February 08, 199517M10:02:00 AM18.158SSB
JH6OHP/4Thursday, February 09, 199517M9:30:00 AM18.158SSB
G4HMEThursday, February 09, 199517M9:37:00 AM18.158SSB
VE1DOTThursday, February 09, 199520M6:20:00 PM14.187SSB
VP8CPCThursday, February 09, 199520M9:03:33 PM14.225SSB
ZL4WAFriday, February 10, 199517M9:35:00 AM18.158SSB
4K7DWZSaturday, February 11, 199520M11:49:44 AM14.242SSB
3XY0A/PSaturday, February 11, 199520M12:13:03 PM14.263SSB
SM0VDZSaturday, February 11, 199520M1:26:00 PM14.184SSB
AP2EHSaturday, February 11, 199520M1:52:00 PM14.184SSB
A45XJSaturday, February 11, 199520M1:54:00 PM14.184SSB
OD5OJSaturday, February 11, 199520M2:33:00 PM14.184SSB
RFI TESTSaturday, February 11, 199520M7:00:13 PM14.300SSB
EA3ANGSunday, February 12, 199520M10:44:46 AM14.208SSB
VK2BOTSunday, February 12, 199520M12:38:00 PM14.195SSB
ZL3/G3LQPWednesday, February 15, 199520M9:34:00 AM14.260SSB
ZS5RFWednesday, February 15, 199520M6:12:00 PM14.333SSB
K1NJEWednesday, February 15, 199520M6:33:00 PM14.294SSB
AA1LPWednesday, February 15, 199520M6:39:00 PM14.294SSB
UA1MUThursday, February 16, 199520M9:24:00 AM14.143SSB
VK6ABSThursday, February 16, 199520M9:35:00 AM14.140SSB
ST2AAFriday, February 17, 199517M9:28:00 AM18.110SSB
SV5BYRSaturday, February 18, 199512M11:18:48 AM24.960SSB
YC0YSVSaturday, February 18, 199515M12:24:04 PM21.310SSB
9H4CMSaturday, February 18, 199515M1:18:00 PM21.250SSB
KC1IKSaturday, February 18, 199515M1:30:03 PM21.250SSB
KB2NJZ/4XSaturday, February 18, 199510M2:27:23 PM28.480SSB
G0IASTuesday, February 21, 199520M5:45:00 PM14.330SSB
7Q7RMTuesday, February 21, 199520M5:45:00 PM14.330SSB
ZS5JTuesday, February 21, 199520M6:25:00 PM14.200SSB
ZS5RFTuesday, February 21, 199520M8:59:25 PM14.330SSB
ZL1AXBWednesday, February 22, 199517M9:24:00 AM18.153SSB
ZL1BCGThursday, February 23, 199517M9:27:00 AM18.163SSB
N1IOMThursday, February 23, 199517M5:55:00 PM18.137SSB
KC4ESCThursday, February 23, 199517M6:10:00 PM18.137SSB
W7LXRThursday, February 23, 199517M6:35:00 PM18.125SSB
W7LAHFriday, February 24, 199517M6:20:00 PM18.155SSB
N9ZLAFriday, February 24, 199517M6:25:00 PM18.155SSB
KS9CFriday, February 24, 199517M6:40:00 PM18.155SSB
UN7BDSaturday, February 25, 199515M11:46:56 AM21.200SSB
4N7RNSaturday, February 25, 199520M1:09:10 PM14.184SSB
IK6HIJSunday, February 26, 199517M11:45:00 AM18.156SSB
3A2LZSunday, February 26, 199520M3:44:51 PM14.184SSB
VK6ZXSunday, February 26, 199520M3:47:09 PM14.184SSB
VK4SJSunday, February 26, 199520M3:49:40 PM14.184SSB
C94BASunday, February 26, 199520M5:46:00 PM14.184SSB
3B8GFSunday, February 26, 199520M5:47:00 PM14.184SSB
S21ASunday, February 26, 199520M5:58:00 PM14.184SSB
ZL4DJMonday, February 27, 199517M9:22:00 AM18.156SSB
KP2/KE2VBTuesday, February 28, 199517M6:11:00 PM18.148SSB
AB4QITuesday, February 28, 199517M6:30:00 PM18.154SSB
SU2MTThursday, March 02, 199520M6:30:00 PM14.330SSB
ZS5TFThursday, March 02, 199520M6:30:00 PM14.330SSB
G0AHDThursday, March 02, 199520M6:30:00 PM14.330SSB
G0IASThursday, March 02, 199520M6:30:00 PM14.330SSB
5Z4FMThursday, March 02, 199520M6:30:00 PM14.330SSB
K1OX/MFriday, March 03, 199520M6:25:00 PM14.190SSB
AB4PW/MMFriday, March 03, 199520M6:35:00 PM14.190SSB
KF0RQ/MFriday, March 03, 199520M6:35:00 PM14.190SSB
9K2QASunday, March 05, 199520M3:37:42 PM14.184SSB
9K2ICSunday, March 05, 199520M3:38:27 PM14.184SSB
A92EVSunday, March 05, 199520M3:39:11 PM14.184SSB
9M2SHSunday, March 05, 199520M3:59:19 PM14.184SSB
HS0ZAQSunday, March 05, 199520M4:39:36 PM14.184SSB
S79SSunday, March 05, 199520M4:40:23 PM14.184SSB
3B8GFSunday, March 05, 199520M4:47:00 PM14.184SSB
ZB2IWTuesday, March 07, 199517M6:17:00 PM18.147SSB
5R8EHTuesday, March 07, 199517M6:20:00 PM18.125SSB
K1ZDITuesday, March 07, 199517M6:33:00 PM18.156SSB
ZL4DJThursday, March 09, 199520M9:21:00 AM14.293SSB
9H4ACThursday, March 09, 199520M5:50:00 PM14.143SSB
W7TSQThursday, March 09, 199517M6:25:00 PM18.137SSB
UA6JDFriday, March 10, 199517M9:20:00 AM18.156SSB
4X4HQSunday, March 12, 199520M3:05:00 PM14.184SSB
9G1BJSunday, March 12, 199520M3:10:00 PM14.184SSB
ZS95RWFSunday, March 12, 199520M3:22:00 PM14.184SSB
Z21JESunday, March 12, 199520M4:40:00 PM14.184SSB
7Q7LASunday, March 12, 199520M5:39:44 PM14.330SSB
G0IASSunday, March 12, 199520M5:40:19 PM14.330SSB
G3HQGSunday, March 12, 199520M5:41:18 PM14.330SSB
4X4FRSunday, March 12, 199520M5:42:13 PM14.330SSB
5Z4FMThursday, March 16, 199520M7:04:51 PM14.330SSB
ZF2JC/ZF8Friday, March 17, 199520M8:32:07 PM14.260SSB
4N73NSaturday, March 18, 199520M1:41:00 PM14.261SSB
AA4V/1X7Saturday, March 18, 199520M1:47:38 PM14.260SSB
9K2QASaturday, March 18, 199520M2:12:02 PM14.260SSB
A45XJSaturday, March 18, 199520M2:12:44 PM14.260SSB
9M2CWSaturday, March 18, 199520M2:57:50 PM14.135SSB
VK6JJSunday, March 19, 199515M11:06:42 AM21.330SSB
UY5YYSunday, March 19, 199515M11:11:35 AM21.330SSB
RJ4WSunday, March 19, 199515M11:18:25 AM21.216SSB
D68QMSunday, March 19, 199515M12:53:17 PM21.295SSB
ZP5MALSunday, March 19, 199515M1:04:05 PM21.239SSB
TT8ABSunday, March 19, 199520M3:05:48 PM14.184SSB
SU2MTSunday, March 19, 199520M4:09:00 PM14.184SSB
5Z4FMSunday, March 19, 199520M5:56:20 PM14.330SSB
G0IASSunday, March 19, 199520M5:56:44 PM14.330SSB
WB2KSKSunday, March 19, 199520M7:53:10 PM14.261SSB
N7MLMonday, March 20, 199520M7:32:04 PM14.188SSB
P43AMonday, March 20, 199520M8:22:26 PM14.184SSB
HK6HFYMonday, March 20, 199520M9:14:24 PM14.204SSB
VK4LVTuesday, March 21, 199520M9:22:00 AM14.157SSB
ZL2BKITuesday, March 21, 199520M9:22:00 AM14.290SSB
EA7/G0RIMTuesday, March 21, 199520M9:29:00 AM14.293SSB
VE4FFThursday, March 23, 199520M9:34:11 PM14.154SSB
N2SNThursday, March 23, 199520M9:45:58 PM14.154SSB
CP/LU5VCThursday, March 23, 199520M9:56:46 PM14.200SSB
TI3CJLThursday, March 23, 199520M11:00:03 PM14.155SSB
ES7FQSaturday, March 25, 199520M10:40:37 AM14.312SSB
XX9XSaturday, March 25, 199515M11:12:58 AM21.265SSB
G0HDNSunday, March 26, 199540M12:57:49 PM7.072SSB
GM4DCLSunday, March 26, 199540M1:10:44 PM7.072SSB
VK2BUMSunday, March 26, 199515M1:51:41 PM21.390SSB
ZS5JRThursday, March 30, 199520M7:13:12 PM14.184SSB
7X2ZOThursday, March 30, 199520M7:19:49 PM14.184SSB
VP8CPCThursday, March 30, 199520M7:31:26 PM14.184SSB
HK3MCMSaturday, April 01, 199540M12:55:00 AM7.096SSB
4L7CSaturday, April 01, 199540M1:05:00 AM7.087SSB
9M0ASaturday, April 01, 199520M6:15:54 PM14.195SSB
5H1CK/ASaturday, April 01, 199520M6:34:09 PM14.260SSB
5X4DSunday, April 02, 199515M9:47:20 AM21.305SSB
7Q7RMSunday, April 02, 199520M6:00:00 PM14.324SSB
5Z4FMSunday, April 02, 199520M6:00:00 PM14.324SSB
LY3BHSunday, April 02, 199515M8:21:00 PM21.000SSB
WL7HPMonday, April 03, 199520M5:40:28 PM14.181SSB
VK8JMMonday, April 03, 199520M6:05:02 PM14.184SSB
S0RASDMonday, April 03, 199520M7:59:00 PM14.199SSB
PP7GAGMonday, April 03, 199520M9:01:15 PM14.255SSB
VP8CPCMonday, April 03, 199520M9:16:06 PM14.255SSB
VP8MLMonday, April 03, 199520M9:24:47 PM14.255SSB
J20SFFriday, April 14, 199520M6:06:00 PM14.130SSB
7Q7RMFriday, April 14, 199520M6:30:00 PM14.330SSB
G0IASFriday, April 14, 199520M6:30:00 PM14.330SSB
YO/GW4ZUS/PFriday, April 14, 199520M6:30:00 PM14.330SSB
5Z4FMFriday, April 14, 199520M6:30:00 PM14.330SSB
G0IASTuesday, April 18, 199520M5:23:35 PM14.330SSB
9N1RHMSaturday, April 22, 199520M3:43:05 PM14.184SSB
ZL4WASaturday, April 22, 199520M4:47:00 PM14.184SSB
4S7DASaturday, April 22, 199520M4:50:00 PM14.184SSB
J55UABSaturday, May 06, 199520M11:02:00 AM14.195SSB
4N7RNSunday, May 07, 199520M1:20:00 PM14.184SSB
9M8DJSunday, May 07, 199520M4:26:00 PM14.192SSB
5Z4FMSunday, May 07, 199520M6:02:00 PM14.330SSB
CT7BSunday, May 07, 199520M7:41:00 PM14.260SSB
R8VEMonday, May 08, 199520M8:35:00 AM14.280SSB
5Z4FMMonday, May 22, 199520M9:05:00 PM14.067CW
5Z4FMTuesday, May 23, 199520M5:21:00 PM14.067SSB
G3HDJWednesday, May 24, 199520M8:30:00 AM14.153SSB
5Z4FMWednesday, May 24, 199520M5:10:00 PM14.067CW
7Q7LATuesday, June 06, 199520M5:25:00 PM14.330SSB
SV9/G0NJZ/MWednesday, June 21, 199517M8:30:00 AM18.163SSB
IK2IFZWednesday, July 12, 199540M6:35:00 PM7.065SSB
SM4FQWThursday, July 13, 199517M6:20:00 PM18.140SSB
OH6LXIThursday, July 13, 199517M6:25:00 PM18.140SSB
YI0EBFriday, July 14, 199517M6:20:00 PM18.120SSB
EX0AFriday, July 14, 199517M6:25:00 PM18.124SSB
T77CWednesday, July 26, 199520M6:25:00 PM14.330SSB
ZC4CThursday, August 17, 199520M11:22:00 AM14.260SSB
ZB2FXFriday, September 01, 199517M3:15:00 PM18.134SSB
SV1DKLSaturday, September 09, 199517M1:10:00 PM18.117SSB
UA3XDSSaturday, September 09, 199517M1:20:00 PM18.125SSB
IK6ZDRSaturday, September 09, 199517M1:25:00 PM18.125SSB
I6KYLSaturday, September 09, 199517M1:35:00 PM18.125SSB
RU6LSSaturday, September 09, 199517M1:45:00 PM18.125SSB
9H1JL/MSunday, September 10, 199517M12:15:00 PM18.135SSB
G0NJZ/MSunday, September 10, 199517M12:23:00 PM18.135SSB
7Q7RMTuesday, September 12, 199520M6:25:00 PM14.330SSB
Z21CSTuesday, September 12, 199517M6:30:00 PM18.145SSB
S51GLThursday, September 14, 199517M9:20:00 AM18.156SSB
Z21CSThursday, September 14, 199517M6:20:00 PM18.138SSB
HB9JAPSaturday, September 16, 199517M1:37:00 PM18.160SSB
4X6TTMonday, September 18, 199517M5:40:00 PM18.151SSB
KJ6FL/1Monday, September 18, 199517M6:10:00 PM18.125SSB
W1UGJMonday, September 18, 199517M6:15:00 PM18.145SSB
YV5EUXMonday, September 18, 199517M6:25:00 PM18.122SSB
TA2ZPWednesday, September 20, 199517M5:44:00 PM18.121SSB
NF9VWednesday, September 20, 199517M6:09:00 PM18.118SSB
KB8PWIWednesday, September 20, 199517M6:16:00 PM18.150SSB
N9QFKWednesday, September 20, 199517M6:20:00 PM18.150SSB
Z21CSWednesday, September 20, 199517M6:24:00 PM18.150SSB
LZ1VPThursday, September 21, 199517M9:04:00 AM18.156SSB
UA9SKNThursday, September 21, 199517M9:08:00 AM18.156SSB
VP5/PA3EWPThursday, September 21, 199517M6:16:00 PM18.152SSB
W2AYSThursday, September 21, 199517M6:24:00 PM18.156SSB
NC8J/MThursday, September 21, 199517M6:33:00 PM18.156SSB
R3/WA2NZAFriday, October 20, 199520M11:25:00 AM14.188SSB
I3UBL/8Friday, October 20, 199520M11:40:00 AM14.245SSB
I2ROOSaturday, October 28, 199517M12:34:00 PM18.126SSB
WR9ASaturday, October 28, 199517M12:41:00 PM18.126SSB
VE3LOESaturday, October 28, 199517M12:45:00 PM18.126SSB
G4YITSaturday, October 28, 199517M4:04:00 PM18.154SSB
AA3DEMonday, October 30, 199517M6:29:00 PM18.156SSB
V26RMonday, October 30, 199517M6:36:00 PM18.125SSB
ZL4DJTuesday, October 31, 199517M9:40:00 AM18.159SSB
VE2ELWFriday, November 03, 199517M2:35:00 PM18.140SSB
WA1EKVFriday, November 03, 199517M2:40:00 PM18.140SSB
TU2DPFriday, November 03, 199520M4:05:00 PM14.184SSB
D44ABFriday, November 03, 199520M4:10:00 PM14.184SSB
G0MRL/MFriday, November 03, 199520M4:15:00 PM14.184SSB
EA5GHJFriday, November 03, 199520M5:00:00 PM14.330SSB
FG5HRMonday, November 06, 199520M6:05:00 PM14.224SSB
9L1PGMonday, November 06, 199520M6:15:00 PM14.195SSB
VE7IMMonday, November 06, 199520M6:20:00 PM14.181SSB
G3BSOTuesday, November 07, 199517M9:25:00 AM18.156SSB
G2HOPThursday, November 09, 199517M6:30:00 PM18.156SSB
N1QWAThursday, November 16, 199517M1:57:00 PM18.145SSB
OK2BNGThursday, November 16, 199517M4:58:00 PM18.156SSB
K1ZFEThursday, November 16, 199517M5:05:00 PM18.156SSB
CT1/G0JPXSaturday, November 18, 199517M12:39:00 PM18.156SSB
ZL4DJTuesday, November 21, 199517M9:21:00 AM18.158SSB
WB8QFBTuesday, November 21, 199520M6:34:00 PM14.167SSB
ZL4DJWednesday, November 22, 199517M10:02:00 AM18.158SSB
LU2NIWednesday, November 22, 199517M11:14:00 AM18.158SSB
4L1BWWednesday, November 22, 199517M11:18:00 AM18.158SSB
KB6SXWednesday, November 22, 199520M6:36:00 PM14.206SSB
ZL4DJThursday, November 23, 199517M9:22:00 AM18.157SSB
ZL4DJFriday, November 24, 199517M9:30:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJMonday, November 27, 199517M9:30:00 AM18.158SSB
IK6BOBMonday, November 27, 199540M6:40:00 PM7.057SSB
UA3QTRMonday, November 27, 199540M11:37:00 PM7.057SSB
ZL4DJWednesday, November 29, 199517M9:24:00 AM18.158SSB
HZ1ABFriday, December 01, 199517M9:24:00 AM18.150SSB
RA3SDWednesday, December 06, 199517M9:22:00 AM18.140SSB
RN3QOThursday, December 07, 199517M9:31:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJMonday, December 11, 199517M9:22:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJTuesday, December 12, 199517M9:23:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJWednesday, December 13, 199517M9:25:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJThursday, December 14, 199517M9:25:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJFriday, December 15, 199517M9:22:00 AM18.158SSB
TL8MSSaturday, December 16, 199517M11:35:00 AM18.127SSB
CT1/G0JPX/PSaturday, December 16, 199517M12:22:00 PM18.142SSB
LZ1NDSaturday, December 16, 199517M12:49:00 PM18.130SSB
EA8DVFriday, December 22, 199517M9:12:00 AM18.145SSB
ZL4DJTuesday, December 26, 199517M10:34:00 AM18.158SSB
UT8IOTuesday, December 26, 199517M11:01:00 AM18.143SSB
RA4LETuesday, December 26, 199517M11:09:00 AM18.150SSB
CU7BATuesday, December 26, 199517M11:35:00 AM18.150SSB
IK8ERF/QRPTuesday, December 26, 199517M11:40:00 AM18.150SSB
SV1DKLTuesday, December 26, 199517M11:47:00 AM18.150SSB
SV/AA0BCTuesday, December 26, 199517M11:55:00 AM18.150SSB
VK2LXWednesday, December 27, 199520M9:58:00 AM14.253SSB
PA3FUIThursday, December 28, 199520M6:12:00 PM14.218SSB
LX1HDThursday, December 28, 199520M6:12:00 PM14.215SSB
SO8HWThursday, December 28, 199520M6:20:00 PM14.218SSB
DJ6RQThursday, December 28, 199520M6:26:00 PM14.218SSB
SM7BFSThursday, December 28, 199520M6:30:00 PM14.218SSB
RA3ZAJFriday, December 29, 199520M9:10:00 AM14.293SSB
ZL2FFFriday, December 29, 199520M9:23:00 AM14.235SSB
5A1A/LZFriday, December 29, 199520M3:03:00 PM14.240SSB
WB8QFBFriday, December 29, 199520M3:23:00 PM14.182SSB
VK7TSSaturday, December 30, 199517M11:54:00 AM18.143SSB
A47RSSaturday, December 30, 199517M12:20:00 PM18.164SSB
G3NXSSaturday, December 30, 199517M12:20:00 PM18.164SSB
ZL4DJTuesday, January 02, 199617M9:22:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJWednesday, January 03, 199617M9:44:00 AM18.158SSB
9G5BQWednesday, January 03, 199617M11:21:00 AM18.133SSB
OM7DXThursday, January 04, 199617M1:55:00 PM18.125SSB
DL5SZGThursday, January 04, 199617M2:02:00 PM18.127SSB
K0HASaturday, January 06, 199617M3:44:00 PM18.122SSB
K1CSBSaturday, January 06, 199617M4:12:00 PM18.128SSB
RA0ALTuesday, January 09, 199617M9:22:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJWednesday, January 10, 199617M9:24:00 AM18.158SSB
LZ1KVZWednesday, January 10, 199617M11:12:00 AM18.140SSB
UA3ADKWednesday, January 10, 199617M11:22:00 AM18.140SSB
ZL4DJThursday, January 11, 199617M9:21:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJFriday, January 12, 199617M9:21:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJFriday, January 19, 199617M9:22:00 AM18.160SSB
ZL4DJTuesday, January 23, 199617M9:25:00 AM18.158SSB
5B4/G0COLWednesday, January 24, 199620M1:11:53 PM14.278SSB
ZL4DJTuesday, January 30, 199617M9:22:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJWednesday, January 31, 199617M9:22:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJThursday, February 01, 199617M9:23:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJFriday, February 02, 199617M9:20:00 AM18.158SSB
9K2HNSaturday, February 03, 199617M11:21:00 AM18.140SSB
LA5SJASaturday, February 03, 199617M11:29:00 AM18.157SSB
UA3BLSaturday, February 03, 199617M11:34:00 AM18.164SSB
RU3BLSaturday, February 03, 199617M11:39:00 AM18.164SSB
UA3PMSaturday, February 03, 199617M11:44:00 AM18.164SSB
LY3KLSaturday, February 03, 199617M11:49:00 AM18.164SSB
ZA1MHSaturday, February 03, 199617M11:59:00 AM18.164SSB
UT9IMMonday, February 05, 199617M9:22:00 AM18.158SSB
9K2/KD4ZDPMonday, February 05, 199617M10:24:00 AM18.136SSB
TA2ZPWednesday, February 07, 199617M3:57:00 PM18.128SSB
VK2LXWednesday, February 14, 199620M9:53:00 AM14.172SSB
9H4CMSaturday, February 17, 199617M12:01:00 PM18.147SSB
ZL4DJWednesday, February 28, 199617M10:23:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJThursday, February 29, 199617M9:22:00 AM18.158SSB
ZL4DJFriday, March 01, 199617M9:21:00 AM18.158SSB
UT0CCSaturday, March 02, 199617M11:22:00 AM18.157SSB
ZP6VTSaturday, March 02, 199617M11:46:00 AM18.135SSB
G3HDJSaturday, March 02, 199617M12:12:00 PM18.128SSB
G3NXSSaturday, March 02, 199617M12:33:00 PM18.128SSB
G0OMSSaturday, March 02, 199617M12:33:00 PM18.128SSB
RW9ABMonday, March 04, 199617M9:15:00 AM18.153SSB
JI7DUDMonday, March 04, 199617M9:22:00 AM18.144SSB
R1FJZTuesday, March 05, 199617M9:27:00 AM18.145SSB
ZL4DJWednesday, March 06, 199617M9:28:00 AM18.158SSB
UR8QRFriday, March 08, 199617M9:22:00 AM18.145SSB
ZL1AXBFriday, March 08, 199617M9:23:00 AM18.147SSB
ZL4DJTuesday, March 12, 199617M9:23:00 AM18.158SSB
G3XFATuesday, March 12, 199617M9:38:00 AM18.158SSB
LZ1KVZTuesday, March 12, 199617M9:38:00 AM18.158SSB
LZ2VUTuesday, March 12, 199617M11:33:00 AM18.142SSB
4L7AAFriday, March 15, 199617M10:42:00 AM18.137SSB
CT3/PA3GIO/MTuesday, March 19, 199617M5:44:00 PM18.127SSB
RV9AZFriday, March 22, 199617M9:14:00 AM18.127SSB
Z21CSFriday, March 29, 199617M11:12:00 AM18.125SSB
KP4IXMonday, April 01, 199617M3:58:00 PM18.122SSB
SV7CLIMonday, April 01, 199617M4:12:00 PM18.161SSB
KC4VVMonday, April 01, 199640M4:33:00 PM7.070SSB
G4TTXTuesday, April 02, 199617M7:02:20 PM18.158SSB
S02RFriday, April 05, 199617M3:41:00 PM18.145SSB
OD5RQFriday, April 05, 199617M3:57:00 PM18.120SSB
G3RED/MWednesday, April 10, 199620M9:29:00 AM14.197SSB
RX3APWednesday, April 10, 199620M9:34:00 AM14.197SSB
VK6MVThursday, April 11, 199620M9:25:00 AM14.219SSB
9V1WWTuesday, April 16, 199620M6:16:00 PM14.190SSB
HS1NGRTuesday, April 16, 199620M6:33:00 PM14.179SSB
9H4CMWednesday, April 17, 199620M9:12:00 AM14.180SSB
ZB2FXThursday, April 18, 199620M9:18:00 AM14.205SSB
IT9VJQThursday, April 18, 199620M6:12:00 PM14.205SSB
VE3LUAFriday, April 19, 199620M6:21:00 PM14.185SSB
3V8BBFriday, April 19, 199620M6:31:00 PM14.189SSB
AD96KWFriday, April 19, 199620M6:37:00 PM14.247SSB
IY1MRSaturday, April 20, 199620M10:27:00 AM14.175SSB
G0BNRSaturday, April 20, 199620M11:02:00 AM14.294SSB
G7HPFSaturday, April 20, 199620M11:02:00 AM14.294SSB
WL7HPMonday, April 22, 199620M9:22:00 AM14.180SSB
G3JHSWednesday, April 24, 199617M11:05:00 AM18.145SSB
BV5BGThursday, April 25, 199620M6:17:00 PM14.200SSB
WL7HPFriday, April 26, 199620M8:22:00 AM14.182SSB
IL3/IK4THFFriday, April 26, 199620M9:11:00 AM14.260SSB
7X2DGThursday, May 02, 199617M5:25:00 PM18.140SSB
IK8UDIThursday, May 02, 199617M5:33:00 PM18.140SSB
9G1AJFriday, May 03, 199617M5:37:00 PM18.132SSB
W6SUNSaturday, May 04, 199617M5:32:00 PM18.156SSB
JA3BOAMonday, May 06, 199617M9:55:00 AM18.148SSB
5B4/G0EOMMonday, May 06, 199617M7:04:00 PM18.100SSB
IK5ZWNWednesday, May 08, 199610M5:35:00 PM28.460SSB
EW8VDFriday, May 10, 199617M8:17:00 AM18.131SSB
7K2PMJSunday, May 12, 199617M10:56:00 AM18.113SSB
S53XSunday, May 12, 199617M11:04:00 AM18.138SSB
PJ2MISunday, May 12, 199617M11:07:00 AM18.130SSB
OE8GEKSunday, May 12, 199617M11:35:00 AM18.131SSB
OE6CSD/MSunday, May 12, 199617M11:50:00 AM18.131SSB
EA5GIWTuesday, May 14, 199617M8:25:00 AM18.143SSB
EA9OBTuesday, May 14, 199617M5:45:00 PM18.135SSB
IS0IBYWednesday, May 15, 199617M9:35:00 AM18.117SSB
YO2LEAWednesday, May 15, 199617M9:45:00 AM18.135SSB
CN8NLWednesday, May 15, 199617M5:17:00 PM18.150SSB
HB9TLThursday, May 16, 199617M5:39:00 PM18.141SSB
ES1QDFriday, May 17, 199617M8:16:00 AM18.130SSB
TR8VPFriday, May 17, 199617M5:57:00 PM18.120SSB
LA8YJAMonday, May 20, 199617M5:22:00 PM18.120SSB
DJ5JTMonday, May 20, 199617M5:27:00 PM18.145SSB
4U/DA1KYTuesday, May 21, 199617M8:12:00 AM18.146SSB
F/DJ6EATuesday, May 21, 199617M5:04:00 PM18.135SSB
N2WCQ/6W1Wednesday, May 22, 199620M5:26:00 PM14.257SSB
EA5/DK2IL/MFriday, May 24, 199617M12:45:00 PM18.144SSB
DL3CHThursday, May 30, 199617M4:33:00 PM18.125SSB
OE2WRThursday, May 30, 199617M4:35:00 PM18.125SSB
TU4FFThursday, May 30, 199617M4:46:00 PM18.118SSB
CT3/DL2SCMFriday, May 31, 199617M5:24:00 PM18.135SSB
W7ZQMonday, June 03, 199617M3:55:00 PM18.150SSB
7Q7JLMonday, June 03, 199617M6:09:00 PM18.120SSB
SP9TCCTuesday, June 04, 199617M9:10:00 AM18.145SSB
EA7WMWednesday, June 12, 199617M6:25:00 PM18.125SSB
YO4FPFFriday, June 14, 199617M9:14:00 AM18.140SSB
DL6SXFriday, June 14, 199617M9:17:00 AM18.132SSB
IJ9/IT9HLRSaturday, June 15, 199617M11:17:00 AM18.128SSB
EA1THSaturday, June 15, 199617M11:24:00 AM18.148SSB
GM0MUNSunday, June 16, 199617M1:59:00 PM18.121SSB
TI4CFSaturday, June 22, 199617M4:13:45 PM18.130SSB
UA2FCISunday, June 23, 199617M8:15:01 PM18.142SSB
LY2ZZMonday, June 24, 199617M9:17:00 AM18.128SSB
OD5RQMonday, June 24, 199617M6:11:00 PM18.165SSB
4L4MMMonday, June 24, 199617M7:43:35 PM18.140SSB
G3XFAMonday, June 24, 199617M7:44:14 PM18.140SSB
CY0AATuesday, June 25, 199617M6:01:00 PM18.120SSB
CT9FThursday, June 27, 199620M9:21:00 AM14.255SSB
KP4DKEThursday, June 27, 199617M10:11:21 PM18.147SSB
4L5AMonday, July 01, 199617M6:03:00 PM18.131SSB
OH0/OH1JZMonday, July 01, 199617M6:11:00 PM18.123SSB
F6AJJMonday, July 01, 199617M6:25:00 PM18.158SSB
W7INE/MMTuesday, July 02, 199617M6:25:00 PM18.158SSB
DL8DVTuesday, July 02, 199617M6:40:00 PM18.158SSB
IK5SESTuesday, July 02, 199617M6:50:00 PM18.158SSB
HB0/DL2SBYTuesday, July 02, 199617M6:53:29 PM18.144SSB
IZ2ACZTuesday, July 02, 199617M6:55:00 PM18.158SSB
IK1XHSTuesday, July 02, 199617M8:09:00 PM18.082CW
IK1XSHTuesday, July 02, 199617M8:26:25 PM18.082CW
ZD8JHHTuesday, July 02, 199617M9:23:46 PM18.140SSB
FY5GFTuesday, July 02, 199617M9:36:48 PM18.147SSB
SM7DLZWednesday, July 03, 199620M9:22:00 AM14.212SSB
ZD7HIFriday, July 05, 199617M7:04:41 PM18.122SSB
OH0/OH1JZFriday, July 05, 199612M7:55:54 PM24.940SSB
9A8PSunday, July 07, 199617M7:32:56 PM18.134SSB
LU4DNKMonday, July 08, 199617M6:15:00 PM18.125SSB
OZ9ABWednesday, July 10, 199617M9:30:00 AM18.139SSB
OY6FRAThursday, July 11, 199620M9:21:00 AM14.207SSB
8P6DUMonday, July 15, 199617M8:46:49 PM18.153SSB
VE7GDJSaturday, July 27, 199620M5:05:00 PM14.135SSB
TA2IBSunday, July 28, 199617M7:28:01 PM18.149SSB
8R1AK/PSunday, July 28, 199617M8:15:56 PM18.124SSB
ID9/IK2GWHMonday, July 29, 199617M8:45:51 PM18.141SSB
TU2ZRWednesday, July 31, 199617M9:07:44 PM18.112SSB
IK3VIAThursday, August 01, 199620M1:15:33 PM14.263SSB
SM0RSVSaturday, August 03, 199617M8:35:00 PM18.158SSB
JY5HFSaturday, August 03, 199617M8:57:04 PM18.150SSB
HAM4FBWednesday, August 07, 199617M9:41:00 AM18.145SSB
DL3NBW/MSaturday, August 10, 199617M10:22:00 AM18.122SSB
T77CSunday, August 11, 199617M9:20:18 AM18.145SSB
GM4ZJISunday, August 11, 199617M10:32:11 AM18.150SSB
SP7KKX/PSunday, August 11, 199617M10:41:42 AM18.153SSB
T77CMonday, August 12, 199617M8:42:17 PM18.071CW
7X5JFThursday, August 15, 199617M7:35:29 PM18.136SSB
G3IUEWednesday, August 21, 199617M10:24:00 AM18.158SSB
DF7NXFriday, August 23, 199617M9:25:00 AM18.158SSB
SM6DRMSunday, August 25, 199617M11:26:22 AM18.148SSB
9J2DRWednesday, August 28, 199617M1:04:00 PM18.133SSB
AP2NWednesday, August 28, 199617M1:49:00 PM18.144SSB
JG3AVSMonday, September 02, 199617M1:40:00 PM18.143SSB
JG7TXXMonday, September 02, 199617M1:50:00 PM18.130SSB
7M3JAEMonday, September 02, 199617M2:01:00 PM18.137SSB
JA2KSITuesday, September 03, 199617M1:55:00 PM18.147SSB
9H1MF/PWednesday, September 04, 199617M9:40:00 AM18.158SSB
SV0ACWednesday, September 04, 199617M9:54:00 AM18.158SSB
HZ1ABThursday, September 05, 199617M9:20:00 AM18.132SSB
CN8NMThursday, September 05, 199617M1:30:00 PM18.143SSB
A92GDThursday, September 05, 199617M1:41:00 PM18.135SSB
YV7/AH6OMThursday, September 05, 199617M9:30:48 PM18.130SSB
ZG2BUFriday, September 06, 199620M1:45:00 PM14.217SSB
W4GUJFriday, September 06, 199620M1:52:00 PM14.247SSB
OZ/DL1EBR/PFriday, September 06, 199617M6:30:42 PM18.130SSB
ZG2FXSaturday, September 07, 199617M9:36:15 AM18.140SSB
CU7SSaturday, September 07, 199617M11:55:00 AM18.121SSB
9H1DESaturday, September 07, 199617M12:35:00 PM18.148SSB
G4ACSMonday, September 09, 199617M1:57:00 PM18.138SSB
W6JERMonday, September 09, 199617M9:03:00 PM18.137SSB
G0UAQ/MWednesday, September 11, 199617M1:55:00 PM18.114SSB
TK/DJ5MXWednesday, September 11, 199617M2:02:00 PM18.150SSB
GB60BBCThursday, September 12, 199617M10:02:00 AM18.150SSB
5X1TThursday, September 12, 199617M6:46:00 PM18.145SSB
ID9/I2VGWFriday, September 13, 199620M9:36:00 AM14.263SSB
CQ9MWFriday, September 13, 199620M1:21:00 PM14.260SSB
GW0JZQFriday, September 13, 199680M1:54:00 PM3.726SSB
W0MSTuesday, September 17, 199617M4:33:00 PM18.126SSB
SV8/I2YYOThursday, September 19, 199620M2:01:00 PM14.260SSB
J79QAThursday, September 19, 199617M8:52:30 PM18.130SSB
EK8WBFriday, September 20, 199617M1:31:00 PM18.120SSB
KC3VOFriday, September 20, 199617M2:10:00 PM18.125SSB
AC6AAFriday, September 20, 199617M6:25:00 PM18.115SSB
J59KXSunday, September 22, 199617M11:01:49 AM18.130SSB
IC8/DL6MD/PThursday, September 26, 199617M1:46:00 PM18.120SSB
ZL4DJFriday, September 27, 199617M9:31:00 AM18.158SSB
W2FJFriday, September 27, 199617M1:30:00 PM18.160SSB
W3KDDFriday, September 27, 199617M1:45:00 PM18.153SSB
AP2JZBFriday, September 27, 199617M1:55:00 PM18.152SSB
UA4WCNMonday, September 30, 199617M9:20:00 AM18.158SSB
VK4AFOMonday, September 30, 199620M2:09:00 PM14.254SSB
EA8/G0ZEETuesday, October 01, 199620M1:56:00 PM14.207SSB
FM/PA3FQAWednesday, October 02, 199617M7:17:12 PM18.135SSB
ZS8IRThursday, October 03, 199617M7:58:52 PM18.143SSB
VP8MLThursday, October 03, 199617M8:23:12 PM18.130SSB
5N0MVESaturday, October 12, 199617M5:31:32 PM18.126SSB
TZ6VVSaturday, October 12, 199617M5:51:46 PM18.148SSB
K3TFSunday, October 20, 199620M2:10:00 PM14.072RTTY
AP2JZBSunday, October 27, 199617M12:02:26 PM18.152SSB
9H4CMSunday, October 27, 199617M12:16:43 PM18.145SSB
WB4GTWSunday, October 27, 199617M12:50:09 PM18.141SSB
T9/OI6XYSaturday, November 02, 199617M10:20:00 AM18.128SSB
EW1AAASaturday, November 02, 199617M10:25:00 AM18.128SSB
IK2VFRSaturday, November 02, 199617M10:35:00 AM18.128SSB
I0CEQSaturday, November 02, 199617M11:03:00 AM18.128SSB
A92GDSunday, November 03, 199617M9:11:29 AM18.103RTTY
IV3IIMSunday, November 03, 199617M10:50:00 AM18.107RTTY
OH2DWSunday, November 03, 199617M10:55:00 AM18.105RTTY
5N3TDRSaturday, November 16, 199617M12:37:17 PM18.106SSB
KI4PSSunday, November 17, 199617M1:54:00 PM18.145SSB
K3KLISunday, November 17, 199617M2:02:00 PM18.145SSB
ZL4DJTuesday, November 19, 199617M9:33:00 AM18.158SSB
XZ1NTuesday, November 19, 199617M9:51:00 AM18.142SSB
EA9IETuesday, November 19, 199617M9:56:00 AM18.127SSB
G3XAVTuesday, November 19, 199617M3:41:00 PM18.115SSB
NC4ZTuesday, November 19, 199617M3:49:00 PM18.115SSB
ZL4DJWednesday, November 27, 199617M9:35:00 AM18.167SSB
RA3DIYWednesday, November 27, 199617M11:02:00 AM18.152SSB
ER2DXSaturday, November 30, 199617M2:03:00 PM18.120SSB
Z21KMSaturday, November 30, 199617M3:30:00 PM18.150SSB
DK4KKSaturday, November 30, 199617M4:56:04 PM18.108SSB
N1LJATuesday, December 03, 199617M4:20:00 PM18.150SSB
K0MQWednesday, December 18, 199617M3:37:00 PM18.130SSB
PY2XBThursday, December 19, 199617M10:18:00 AM18.128SSB
WA1FCNSaturday, December 21, 199617M4:56:35 PM18.106RTTY
G4TNLSaturday, December 28, 199617M11:28:14 AM18.100RTTY
EA9AZSunday, December 29, 199620M2:58:40 PM14.091RTTY
N8NRSaturday, January 04, 199720M4:28:16 PM14.090RTTY
ZL4DJMonday, January 06, 199717M9:18:00 AM18.158SSB
K4FDPMonday, January 06, 199717M1:55:00 PM18.160SSB
G0TQJMonday, January 06, 199717M2:13:00 PM18.147SSB
ZL4DJTuesday, January 07, 199717M9:21:00 AM18.158SSB
KE4SCYTuesday, January 07, 199717M2:10:00 PM18.155SSB
LZ1KOTuesday, January 07, 199717M2:22:00 PM18.162SSB
N4TJWednesday, January 08, 199717M1:51:00 PM18.143SSB
C6CDQWednesday, January 08, 199717M2:11:00 PM18.143SSB
LZ1NDThursday, January 09, 199717M2:11:00 PM18.115SSB
K4RVNTuesday, January 14, 199717M1:52:00 PM18.131SSB
NM1BTuesday, January 14, 199717M2:11:00 PM18.131SSB
K1IETuesday, January 14, 199717M2:16:00 PM18.100SSB
SU3AMWednesday, January 15, 199717M1:56:00 PM18.150SSB
ZS5DFMFriday, January 17, 199717M12:42:00 PM18.142SSB
KB2UAETuesday, January 21, 199717M12:55:00 PM18.124SSB
VK0IRFriday, January 24, 199717M1:31:00 PM18.151SSB
AE2BFriday, January 24, 199717M1:47:00 PM18.125SSB
J41AGTuesday, January 28, 199717M1:45:00 PM18.139SSB
DL3IITuesday, January 28, 199780M10:40:00 PM3.500CW
A61AJThursday, January 30, 199717M1:33:00 PM18.150SSB
CP6EBFriday, January 31, 199717M2:51:00 PM18.129SSB
VK9NSThursday, February 06, 199720M9:18:00 AM14.222SSB
ZY0SKThursday, February 13, 199717M1:52:00 PM18.150SSB
KC5WABTuesday, February 18, 199717M1:43:00 PM18.150SSB
PJ2MIWednesday, March 05, 199717M1:36:00 PM18.135SSB
VO1CALWednesday, March 05, 199717M2:05:00 PM18.159SSB
PZ1ELWednesday, March 12, 199717M1:52:00 PM18.137SSB
J37ALWednesday, March 12, 199717M2:08:00 PM18.151SSB
W9WPVMonday, March 31, 199717M2:01:00 PM18.147SSB
3B8/DL6UAATuesday, April 01, 199720M5:47:00 PM14.193SSB
OD5NJWednesday, April 02, 199717M4:55:00 PM18.142SSB
9V1AGMonday, May 26, 199717M2:56:00 PM18.120SSB
S21YEMonday, May 26, 199717M3:09:00 PM18.129SSB
5B4AFSWednesday, May 28, 199717M12:41:00 PM18.160SSB
K4TZTuesday, June 03, 199717M1:59:00 PM18.132SSB
K1ZFETuesday, June 03, 199717M2:04:00 PM18.138SSB
W1RVFTuesday, June 03, 199717M2:04:00 PM18.133SSB
LX1MGTuesday, June 03, 199717M2:15:00 PM18.138SSB
SN0IHSTuesday, June 03, 199717M6:40:00 PM18.130SSB
SV8/DK2OC/PSunday, June 15, 199717M1:55:00 PM18.138SSB
G3CNOSunday, June 15, 199717M2:03:00 PM18.160SSB
EA8AUPSaturday, June 28, 199720M6:00:00 PM14.000SSB
K0RKSunday, July 06, 199720M1:55:00 AM14.167SSB
GB4SCRSunday, July 06, 199780M1:24:00 PM3.724SSB
MW0AXSMonday, July 07, 199780M10:08:36 PM3.784SSB
OA176QVMonday, July 07, 199720M11:44:50 PM14.213SSB
HP3/WT4KMonday, July 07, 199720M11:55:06 PM14.182SSB
KD8JN/4Tuesday, July 08, 199720M12:07:43 AM14.260SSB
YV5AIETuesday, July 08, 199720M10:46:39 PM14.074RTTY
KG4AUTuesday, July 08, 199720M11:27:21 PM14.226SSB
5Z4FMWednesday, July 09, 199720M7:38:00 PM14.325SSB
YV5AIEThursday, July 10, 199720M12:29:21 AM14.076RTTY
VK2CPThursday, July 10, 199720M1:04:58 AM14.175SSB
AH7AThursday, July 10, 199720M9:03:54 AM14.184SSB
OJ0/N4GNFriday, July 11, 199720M9:09:21 AM14.195SSB
NU1AWSaturday, July 12, 199720M11:31:28 PM14.160SSB
G/F6BFH/PSunday, July 13, 199720M10:43:00 AM14.260SSB
5A1ASunday, July 13, 199720M8:14:50 PM14.216SSB
YI9VKSunday, July 13, 199720M8:23:04 PM14.187SSB
OZ1SDBMonday, July 14, 199720M12:19:57 AM14.190SSB
SV8/ON5CT/PMonday, July 14, 199720M9:41:58 PM14.255SSB
ES0IMonday, July 14, 199720M9:56:39 PM14.262SSB
I9/IT9YREMonday, July 14, 199720M10:17:07 PM14.258SSB
V63KUMonday, July 14, 199720M10:24:28 PM14.181SSB
DS5USHMonday, July 14, 199720M10:52:00 PM14.252SSB
XT2DPTuesday, July 15, 199710M9:02:37 PM28.470SSB
ZD7WRGWednesday, July 16, 199720M7:52:57 PM14.193SSB
GM4DZXWednesday, July 16, 199720M8:33:25 PM14.267SSB
OX/DL6QKWednesday, July 16, 199720M9:55:22 PM14.260SSB
JA1JRKWednesday, July 16, 199720M10:29:22 PM14.212SSB
C21NJThursday, July 17, 199720M8:27:58 AM14.190SSB
LA4CMThursday, July 17, 199720M8:39:00 AM14.205SSB
F/ON4ATWThursday, July 17, 199720M7:11:20 PM14.256SSB
GM0HTGThursday, July 17, 199720M7:26:09 PM14.264SSB
LA/SM3TLGThursday, July 17, 199710M7:44:06 PM28.500SSB
W0TEThursday, July 17, 199720M11:03:31 PM14.227SSB
TI9JJPThursday, July 17, 199720M11:16:59 PM14.227SSB
ES1OX/1Friday, July 18, 199720M7:59:20 AM14.260SSB
9M8ZZFriday, July 18, 199720M8:36:04 AM14.260SSB
YI9SKFriday, July 18, 199720M9:10:25 PM14.252SSB
F5TBF/PSaturday, July 19, 199720M8:06:01 PM14.260SSB
6W1QVSaturday, July 19, 199710M9:14:31 PM28.506SSB
SP2LLW/1Sunday, July 20, 199720M5:42:15 PM14.260SSB
EA6AEISunday, July 20, 199720M8:11:56 PM14.260SSB
IJ7/IK7XNFFriday, August 01, 199720M9:41:21 PM14.263SSB
GW0SLMSaturday, August 02, 199720M1:17:35 AM14.262SSB
VE3PRUSaturday, August 02, 199720M1:21:05 AM14.262SSB
LA/DK4UN/PSaturday, August 02, 199720M1:25:00 PM14.258SSB
K0XNSaturday, August 02, 199720M2:59:00 PM14.268SSB
LA8LASaturday, August 02, 199720M4:30:00 PM14.268SSB
5H1FSSaturday, August 02, 199720M9:35:00 PM14.260SSB
W7DR/VE7Saturday, August 02, 199720M10:06:00 PM14.260SSB
W5IJUSaturday, August 02, 199720M11:34:00 PM14.256SSB
GM0RTA/PMonday, August 04, 199720M9:12:14 PM14.264SSB
MU0ASP/PMonday, August 04, 199720M10:19:06 PM14.260SSB
G0ANA/PMonday, August 04, 199720M10:59:26 PM14.265SSB
FO5QBTuesday, August 05, 199720M9:10:35 AM14.213SSB
PY6JJTuesday, August 05, 199720M8:28:36 PM14.247SSB
4M0IWednesday, August 06, 199720M1:06:05 AM14.200SSB
A35MJWednesday, August 06, 199720M9:25:49 AM14.252SSB
IB0JNWednesday, August 06, 199720M10:12:16 PM14.268SSB
ED5HQThursday, August 07, 199720M6:24:35 PM14.260SSB
TA/DJ8QP/PThursday, August 07, 199720M7:02:42 PM14.257SSB
4U1WBThursday, August 07, 199720M11:42:38 PM14.211SSB
N1WONFriday, August 08, 199720M12:46:45 AM14.260SSB
WB2ELWFriday, August 08, 199720M12:47:35 AM14.268SSB
VE3HBFFriday, August 08, 199720M12:48:09 AM14.278SSB
HI3/KB2UCOFriday, August 08, 199720M10:43:41 PM14.260SSB
HO6VSaturday, August 09, 199720M1:26:13 AM14.260SSB
LA/DK4UN/PSaturday, August 09, 199720M9:02:25 AM14.263SSB
FW5IWSaturday, August 09, 199720M9:49:00 AM14.175SSB
OZ6XYSaturday, August 09, 199720M9:49:31 AM14.175SSB
KH0ISaturday, August 09, 199720M2:10:00 PM14.187SSB
GB2MRISaturday, August 09, 199720M3:50:52 PM14.262SSB
VK6LCSaturday, August 09, 199720M5:52:06 PM14.267SSB
FM5DPSunday, August 10, 199720M12:32:27 AM14.197SSB
GW4KCT/PSunday, August 10, 199780M10:11:12 AM3.753SSB
3F1PMonday, August 11, 199720M12:44:46 AM14.262SSB
DL2EHPTuesday, August 12, 199720M7:00:45 PM14.218SSB
GB5MLWednesday, August 13, 199720M8:37:26 PM14.190SSB
CU9BWednesday, August 13, 199720M9:36:51 PM14.254SSB
ED6EIMFriday, August 15, 199720M7:27:31 PM14.204SSB
EA1BD/PFriday, August 15, 199720M8:52:30 PM14.265SSB
CE0ZISFriday, August 15, 199715M9:05:41 PM21.244SSB
DK5LF/PSaturday, August 16, 199720M12:22:00 AM14.260SSB
LA4GYSaturday, August 16, 199720M12:59:43 AM14.260SSB
DL0SY/PSaturday, August 16, 199720M1:14:48 AM14.258SSB
OH8TASaturday, August 16, 199720M10:42:02 AM14.265SSB
GM6UW/PSaturday, August 16, 199780M9:35:22 PM3.772SSB
GM6UW/PSaturday, August 16, 199720M9:42:05 PM14.257SSB
VE6BVSaturday, August 16, 199720M10:08:09 PM14.147SSB
K6LLSunday, August 17, 199720M12:21:12 AM14.227SSB
YB9ASSunday, August 17, 199715M2:07:23 PM21.278SSB
E22AAASunday, August 17, 199715M2:41:31 PM21.297SSB
YC0HDI/1Sunday, August 17, 199715M2:52:23 PM21.257SSB
W2NTJ/VE8Sunday, August 17, 199720M9:00:19 PM14.172SSB
V31JPMonday, August 18, 199720M12:20:29 AM14.240SSB
IA5/IK1VCIWednesday, August 20, 199720M8:12:00 AM14.260SSB
W0BOBWednesday, August 20, 199717M3:42:00 PM18.139SSB
K5MSWednesday, August 20, 199717M3:59:00 PM18.138SSB
SV1QN/8Friday, August 22, 199720M7:28:19 PM14.258SSB
9V1AGSaturday, August 23, 199720M4:48:43 PM14.193SSB
JH8BOESunday, August 24, 199720M9:23:17 AM14.264SSB
F9DX/PSunday, August 24, 199715M9:38:53 AM21.260SSB
EA5CCDSunday, August 24, 199720M9:45:01 AM14.260SSB
TM0ISLSunday, August 24, 199720M9:50:52 AM14.255SSB
3W6KASunday, August 24, 199720M2:53:18 PM14.201SSB
VK9NSSunday, August 24, 199720M10:44:25 PM14.260SSB
PP5OWSunday, August 24, 199720M10:45:29 PM14.263SSB
OY3JESunday, August 24, 199710M11:24:51 PM28.480SSB
M0BEWMonday, August 25, 199710M12:15:00 AM28.455SSB
GM0ILBMonday, August 25, 199710M12:40:40 AM28.455SSB
N4VRRMonday, August 25, 199720M2:46:33 PM14.260SSB
HS0/IK4MRHMonday, August 25, 199720M3:00:29 PM14.260SSB
DL7VCD/PMonday, August 25, 199720M3:03:20 PM14.272SSB
JT1KAAMonday, August 25, 199720M7:18:17 PM14.188SSB
KM4RXMonday, August 25, 199720M10:09:38 PM14.260SSB
KB3OM/VO1Monday, August 25, 199720M11:06:54 PM14.260SSB
K3TL/PMonday, August 25, 199720M11:13:26 PM14.255SSB
R1FJRTuesday, August 26, 199720M8:22:00 AM14.193SSB
K7ZZ/KL7Tuesday, August 26, 199720M6:03:00 PM14.215SSB
VE7JIUWednesday, August 27, 199720M1:00:00 AM14.190SSB
OH6MILFriday, August 29, 199720M6:39:00 PM14.260SSB
YS1EJFriday, August 29, 199720M10:35:00 PM14.257SSB
5A28Friday, August 29, 199720M11:10:14 PM14.253SSB
EA7ATM/PSaturday, August 30, 199720M9:00:00 AM14.258SSB
ZY6XCSaturday, August 30, 199720M11:52:26 PM14.260SSB
VE7FGYSunday, August 31, 199720M11:22:44 PM14.264SSB
XE2MZASunday, August 31, 199720M11:55:01 PM14.247SSB
KG2KJSunday, August 31, 199720M11:58:31 PM14.247SSB
N0JTMonday, September 01, 199720M12:06:14 AM14.247SSB
ZK2PJMonday, September 01, 199720M8:01:36 AM14.216SSB
VE7KRCMonday, September 01, 199720M11:22:37 PM14.255SSB
1B/KF4OQMTuesday, September 02, 199720M6:55:06 PM14.325SSB
5B4/M0AYLTuesday, September 02, 199720M6:55:59 PM14.325SSB
XE3RTTuesday, September 02, 199720M11:23:32 PM14.179SSB
AD4YMTuesday, September 02, 199720M11:38:55 PM14.167SSB
T32BIWednesday, September 03, 199720M7:39:47 AM14.203SSB
IT9HBK/IF9Thursday, September 04, 199720M5:40:00 PM14.260SSB
J28YC/PThursday, September 04, 199720M5:48:00 PM14.252SSB
ID8/IK8WEJSaturday, September 06, 199720M12:40:21 PM14.250SSB
KL7AK/PSaturday, September 06, 199720M9:21:00 PM14.260SSB
VK6ISLSunday, September 07, 199720M8:50:35 AM14.260SSB
GM0AXY/PSunday, September 07, 199780M10:08:01 AM3.772SSB
GM0AXY/PSunday, September 07, 199720M2:46:30 PM14.260SSB
JT1BLSunday, September 07, 199720M4:56:02 PM14.184SSB
VU3SIOSunday, September 07, 199720M5:28:09 PM14.325SSB
5Z4RLSunday, September 07, 199720M7:55:00 PM14.067CW
IG9/I2VGWTuesday, September 09, 199720M5:58:22 PM14.258SSB
9Y4/PA3EWPWednesday, September 10, 199715M9:07:05 PM21.297SSB
XE3/K4MQGWednesday, September 10, 199720M9:58:31 PM14.260SSB
6Y5DASunday, September 14, 199720M11:07:51 PM14.125SSB
FG/F2HEMonday, September 15, 199720M10:34:37 PM14.194SSB
VK1NKTuesday, September 16, 199720M7:33:34 AM14.207SSB
VK6WRTuesday, September 16, 199720M8:14:06 AM14.184SSB
VK1TXTuesday, September 16, 199717M1:57:00 PM18.130SSB
TK/DJ5MXWednesday, September 17, 199740M8:55:00 PM7.064SSB
FK8GTThursday, September 18, 199720M8:07:56 AM14.178SSB
ZD9ILThursday, September 18, 199720M8:09:04 AM14.186SSB
FG5FUThursday, September 18, 199720M7:04:48 PM14.065CW
VK9WMFriday, September 19, 199715M7:44:00 AM21.295SSB
ZD9BVSaturday, September 20, 199720M7:02:21 PM14.184SSB
IA1/IK2DUWSunday, September 21, 199720M8:59:17 AM14.259SSB
QRO TESTSunday, September 21, 199720M4:41:00 PM14.260SSB
9G1YRSunday, September 21, 199720M6:30:00 PM14.325SSB
ET3SIDSunday, September 21, 199720M6:30:00 PM14.325SSB
VP8CTRSunday, September 21, 199715M7:25:00 PM21.285SSB
CQ FOR ZK1Friday, September 26, 199720M7:55:00 AM14.195SSB
AA5AT/PMonday, September 29, 199720M8:47:11 PM14.260SSB
KF4MKBMonday, September 29, 199720M9:18:31 PM14.227SSB
W6POKMonday, September 29, 199720M9:30:11 PM14.227SSB
C6AGRMonday, September 29, 199720M9:42:50 PM14.227SSB
WA0KHNMonday, September 29, 199720M9:49:05 PM14.227SSB
WA2GMTMonday, September 29, 199720M9:52:55 PM14.227SSB
N1SVBMonday, September 29, 199720M9:57:02 PM14.227SSB
KI0HFMonday, September 29, 199720M10:01:53 PM14.227SSB
KO5UMonday, September 29, 199720M10:07:21 PM14.227SSB
K4MLDMonday, September 29, 199720M10:12:22 PM14.227SSB
W4EMDMonday, September 29, 199720M10:12:52 PM14.227SSB
KM4KMonday, September 29, 199720M10:17:25 PM14.227SSB
LA8NGATuesday, September 30, 199720M7:20:00 PM14.260SSB
VE3SYFriday, October 03, 199720M9:10:35 PM14.143SSB
3D2DISaturday, October 04, 199720M8:10:00 AM14.237SSB
V31ZASaturday, October 04, 199720M9:21:42 PM14.228SSB
VP9KKSunday, October 05, 199715M2:25:11 PM21.258SSB
FR5HASunday, October 05, 199720M5:21:18 PM14.192SSB
ZW1ASunday, October 05, 199710M5:22:02 PM28.465SSB
LA2VYSunday, October 05, 199720M7:10:00 PM14.071CW
6Y5AKSunday, October 05, 199720M7:13:15 PM14.148SSB
LA1HTuesday, October 07, 199720M9:33:23 AM14.260SSB
BV5GQTuesday, October 07, 199715M10:02:25 AM21.290SSB
JH6HXHTuesday, October 07, 199715M10:21:21 AM21.260SSB
UN0NTuesday, October 07, 199715M10:43:05 AM21.275SSB
RA3ASJTuesday, October 07, 199715M10:48:55 AM21.270SSB
CE7AOYTuesday, October 07, 199710M4:17:27 PM28.465SSB
T5ECTuesday, October 07, 199720M5:59:00 PM14.325SSB
EM1HOWednesday, October 08, 199720M7:43:46 PM14.193SSB
ZW2EFriday, October 10, 199720M6:47:18 PM14.260SSB
SV8/DL8MCASunday, October 12, 199720M8:00:55 AM14.255SSB
5Z4RLSunday, October 12, 199720M6:39:16 PM14.325SSB
ZL4ASMonday, October 13, 199720M8:04:43 AM14.160SSB
R0/UR8LVTuesday, October 14, 199720M8:18:41 AM14.256SSB
W3YNTuesday, October 14, 199720M4:08:43 PM14.265SSB
VE7DXQTuesday, October 14, 199720M7:50:29 PM14.194SSB
XF3/EA3AOKThursday, October 16, 199720M8:12:25 PM14.260SSB
P29ASSaturday, October 18, 199715M8:25:57 AM21.310SSB
TG9NXSunday, October 19, 199715M2:26:51 PM21.275SSB
N4BQW/KH5Sunday, October 19, 199720M5:15:56 PM14.195SSB
CW5RSunday, October 19, 199715M6:29:16 PM21.296SSB
K2OLG/MMonday, October 20, 199720M7:45:51 PM14.260SSB
R0/US3IUTuesday, October 21, 199720M7:45:28 AM14.257SSB
ZL7AAWednesday, October 22, 199720M8:31:44 AM14.195SSB
OH1LU/PWednesday, October 22, 199720M1:57:00 PM14.260SSB
DL7DF/HR3Wednesday, October 22, 199715M3:44:00 PM21.295SSB
VE7ATKWednesday, October 22, 199720M3:44:00 PM14.143SSB
VE4TOWednesday, October 22, 199720M3:44:00 PM14.143SSB
KA1CQPWednesday, October 22, 199720M6:36:40 PM14.071CW
VE3SYWednesday, October 22, 199720M8:15:00 PM14.143SSB
W4CJK/C6AWednesday, October 22, 199720M9:47:44 PM14.198SSB
YC9MKFThursday, October 23, 199710M8:09:41 AM28.495SSB
FM5BHThursday, October 23, 199720M7:08:10 PM14.159SSB
VP5/W3KTThursday, October 23, 199720M7:32:41 PM14.165SSB
V31MXThursday, October 23, 199720M8:55:53 PM14.142SSB
FP/KG8COThursday, October 23, 199720M9:19:47 PM14.182SSB
HK8JEHFriday, October 24, 199720M12:03:08 AM14.237SSB
J38EAFriday, October 24, 199720M12:09:17 AM14.183SSB
FS/K9AAFriday, October 24, 199720M12:38:04 AM14.195SSB
HC5GLFriday, October 24, 199720M12:51:29 AM14.148SSB
VE3EJ/HC8Friday, October 24, 199717M12:52:00 PM18.137SSB
PJ9BSaturday, October 25, 199720M8:36:52 PM14.143SSB
VR97BSunday, October 26, 199715M10:01:53 AM21.412SSB
KH0ISunday, October 26, 199720M11:20:17 AM14.290SSB
LW8EXFSunday, October 26, 199710M4:01:51 PM28.394SSB
ET3AAMonday, October 27, 199720M1:02:09 AM14.229SSB
IH9/IT9FXYTuesday, October 28, 199720M8:21:15 AM14.260SSB
CY0DXWednesday, October 29, 199720M12:45:30 PM14.255SSB
9J2CEWednesday, October 29, 199720M5:31:16 PM14.325SSB
FM5GUThursday, October 30, 199740M12:40:24 AM7.045SSB
RA3MQSaturday, November 01, 199715M11:12:00 AM21.260SSB
YC5OKASaturday, November 01, 199715M11:18:00 AM21.260SSB
VK8KTCSaturday, November 01, 199715M11:30:00 AM21.260SSB
ER1VPSaturday, November 01, 199715M11:40:00 AM21.260SSB
UU4JAUSaturday, November 01, 199715M11:45:00 AM21.260SSB
LA8NGASaturday, November 01, 199715M11:55:00 AM21.260SSB
UR3CERSaturday, November 01, 199715M12:00:00 PM21.260SSB
PY6ZYSaturday, November 01, 199715M12:05:00 PM21.260SSB
IT9FEASaturday, November 01, 199715M12:10:00 PM21.260SSB
K5TBZSaturday, November 01, 199715M12:15:00 PM21.260SSB
7X2DBSaturday, November 01, 199720M4:50:00 PM14.150SSB
VE1SRDSaturday, November 01, 199715M5:05:00 PM21.208SSB
VK2PKBMonday, November 03, 199715M9:09:35 AM21.270SSB
CY0DXWednesday, November 05, 199715M4:47:31 PM21.262SSB
VE7QCRWednesday, November 05, 199720M6:12:23 PM14.260SSB
5T5UThursday, November 06, 199720M8:20:27 AM14.193SSB
JX3EXSunday, November 09, 199715M12:12:00 PM21.305SSB
FT5ZGSunday, November 09, 199720M3:33:06 PM14.278SSB
UN9PQTuesday, November 11, 199717M1:45:00 PM18.120SSB
WA2UGTThursday, November 20, 199717M2:05:00 PM18.160SSB
K2OLG/MThursday, November 20, 199720M7:04:00 PM14.260SSB
JI6KVRFriday, November 21, 199715M8:32:08 AM21.260SSB
ZD9ILFriday, November 21, 199715M8:50:44 AM21.260SSB
VE3OWVFriday, November 21, 199717M1:50:00 PM18.150SSB
S92ATFriday, November 21, 199720M8:37:45 PM14.175SSB
VK9LXSaturday, November 22, 199720M10:18:00 AM14.199SSB
9G1YRSaturday, November 22, 199720M5:29:04 PM14.325SSB
HF0POLSaturday, November 22, 199720M11:46:04 PM14.279SSB
4S7BRGSunday, November 23, 199740M6:53:07 PM7.045SSB
VK4NECWednesday, November 26, 199715M11:04:30 AM21.260SSB
VK2JHWWednesday, November 26, 199715M11:24:26 AM21.260SSB
VK5MAPWednesday, November 26, 199715M11:36:06 AM21.260SSB
VK3KCPWednesday, November 26, 199715M11:36:45 AM21.260SSB
5A2AWednesday, November 26, 199720M2:58:57 PM14.195SSB
3V8BBWednesday, November 26, 199720M3:08:37 PM14.170SSB
K6MBWednesday, November 26, 199715M3:44:26 PM21.207SSB
KU4HZWednesday, November 26, 199715M4:27:15 PM21.275SSB
3E1DXWednesday, November 26, 199715M4:41:34 PM21.255SSB
L20XSIThursday, November 27, 199720M9:33:09 PM14.020CW
ZP27TFriday, November 28, 199720M12:37:34 AM14.201SSB
ZD8VFriday, November 28, 199720M1:19:12 AM14.191SSB
VK2DSGSaturday, November 29, 199717M10:57:54 AM18.133SSB
PA3BLS/PSunday, November 30, 199720M11:35:00 AM14.260SSB
ZS97GSHWednesday, December 03, 199720M8:40:56 PM14.263SSB
SP4HJOThursday, December 04, 199740M1:09:00 AM7.047SSB
W1EORSaturday, December 06, 199720M5:16:50 PM14.077TOR
VE2DXSunday, December 07, 199715M1:02:45 PM21.260SSB
W3DASunday, December 07, 199715M2:09:05 PM21.294SSB
K8CSGSunday, December 07, 199715M3:13:00 PM21.268SSB
VE3DHESunday, December 07, 199715M3:19:00 PM21.268SSB
WA5TYJSunday, December 07, 199715M3:34:00 PM21.268SSB
W6FLKSunday, December 07, 199715M3:45:00 PM21.268SSB
AA4PVSunday, December 07, 199715M3:55:00 PM21.268SSB
VE4AOZSunday, December 07, 199715M4:01:00 PM21.268SSB
KL7JWednesday, December 10, 199712M11:11:17 AM24.920SSB
KK5NOWednesday, December 10, 199715M3:30:00 PM21.273SSB
VE1OMIWednesday, December 10, 199715M3:34:00 PM21.289SSB
K5GWWWednesday, December 10, 199715M3:48:00 PM21.289SSB
VE3MLKWednesday, December 10, 199715M4:44:00 PM21.252SSB
VP8ONFriday, December 12, 199720M2:09:56 AM14.180SSB
C6AJRFriday, December 12, 199720M7:43:00 PM14.257SSB
9U5CWSaturday, December 13, 199715M11:04:00 AM21.270SSB
IK6QGESunday, December 14, 199720M10:33:00 AM14.000SSB
HK3JJH/0ASunday, December 14, 199720M2:50:09 PM14.260SSB
KB8DTZSunday, December 14, 199720M3:59:00 PM14.227SSB
W6IMASunday, December 14, 199720M4:10:00 PM14.227SSB
YJ0AIOMonday, December 15, 199720M8:26:33 AM14.195SSB
JA6CMMonday, December 15, 199720M8:53:53 AM14.255SSB
3V8BBFriday, December 19, 199720M4:11:48 PM14.248SSB
GU3EJLFriday, December 19, 199720M5:46:02 PM14.227SSB
OE8PRKSaturday, December 20, 199720M10:58:00 AM14.072CW
HV4NACSaturday, December 20, 199720M11:50:00 AM14.190SSB
W2KGESaturday, December 20, 199720M5:11:00 PM14.227SSB
KD4NKWSaturday, December 20, 199720M5:13:00 PM14.227SSB
KC8BQNSaturday, December 20, 199720M5:15:00 PM14.227SSB
KD5BFJSaturday, December 20, 199720M5:16:00 PM14.227SSB
W0GLGSaturday, December 20, 199720M5:17:00 PM14.227SSB
KB6VIRSaturday, December 20, 199720M5:18:00 PM14.227SSB
W0KXZSaturday, December 20, 199720M5:28:00 PM14.227SSB
E22AADSunday, December 21, 199715M10:42:47 AM21.253SSB
VU2JPSSunday, December 21, 199715M12:35:35 PM21.230SSB
KI0KD/MSunday, December 21, 199720M4:40:00 PM14.227SSB
K8EUXSunday, December 21, 199720M5:30:00 PM14.227SSB
W6COSSunday, December 21, 199720M5:30:00 PM14.227SSB
K9VIQSunday, December 21, 199720M5:31:00 PM14.227SSB
WA2USJSunday, December 21, 199720M5:37:00 PM14.227SSB
6Y5WJSunday, December 21, 199720M5:45:00 PM14.227SSB
WA0ZDESunday, December 21, 199720M5:47:00 PM14.227SSB
KD4NKWSunday, December 21, 199720M5:51:00 PM14.227SSB
KC2AVJSunday, December 21, 199720M5:53:00 PM14.227SSB
N3HSASunday, December 21, 199720M5:55:00 PM14.227SSB
W2INESunday, December 21, 199720M6:01:00 PM14.227SSB
N9JVCSunday, December 21, 199720M6:04:00 PM14.227SSB
K0HUUSunday, December 21, 199720M6:06:00 PM14.227SSB
JE2UFFTuesday, December 23, 199720M9:12:00 AM14.083RTTY
VP8CXVTuesday, December 23, 199720M11:56:00 PM14.184SSB
HA5TLFriday, December 26, 199720M1:36:06 PM14.072CW
SM0ASAFriday, December 26, 199720M1:45:59 PM14.072CW
R1ANZFriday, December 26, 199717M2:04:00 PM18.124SSB
OH2NPEFriday, December 26, 199720M3:11:31 PM14.072CW
W8GIOFriday, December 26, 199720M3:26:00 PM14.227SSB
W7FDRFriday, December 26, 199720M4:22:57 PM14.227SSB
W1OJBFriday, December 26, 199720M4:33:45 PM14.227SSB
KS7CFriday, December 26, 199720M4:35:12 PM14.227SSB
K8DZO/MFriday, December 26, 199720M4:41:04 PM14.227SSB
WB6HTCFriday, December 26, 199720M4:41:28 PM14.227SSB
K6RUXFriday, December 26, 199720M4:49:25 PM14.227SSB
VE9JKFriday, December 26, 199720M4:53:06 PM14.227SSB
AD0NFriday, December 26, 199720M4:53:35 PM14.227SSB
WA6JAFriday, December 26, 199720M4:55:31 PM14.227SSB
W6DCKFriday, December 26, 199720M4:55:58 PM14.227SSB
K0ARRFriday, December 26, 199720M4:56:15 PM14.227SSB
KB7OVBFriday, December 26, 199720M5:01:25 PM14.227SSB
7Q7SBTuesday, December 30, 199720M10:16:00 PM14.259SSB
VP8CXVTuesday, December 30, 199720M11:39:48 PM14.206SSB
KC4AAAWednesday, December 31, 199720M7:31:45 PM14.160SSB
K7OE/AMTuesday, January 06, 199820M7:05:28 PM14.325SSB
F5FUTuesday, January 06, 199820M9:33:40 PM14.072CW
ZD8TThursday, January 08, 199820M11:57:06 PM14.197SSB
K4TZFriday, January 09, 199817M1:30:00 PM18.132SSB
F3YHSaturday, January 10, 19982M6:29:11 PM144.325FM
LZ1ZJSunday, January 11, 199820M12:44:00 PM14.073CW
VK2CAPSunday, January 11, 199820M1:13:00 PM14.073CW
G3NIDSunday, January 11, 199820M6:40:00 PM14.073CW
WB1BVQ/MTuesday, January 13, 199820M6:12:00 PM14.260SSB
VE7TBWednesday, January 14, 199820M8:47:58 PM14.188SSB
XW30AFriday, January 16, 199815M8:48:00 AM21.085RTTY
VK6APHFriday, January 16, 199817M1:55:00 PM18.160SSB
KT4SHFriday, January 16, 199817M2:03:00 PM18.147SSB
LU1ZCSaturday, January 17, 199820M1:59:24 AM14.260SSB
T88TTSaturday, January 17, 199815M9:00:00 AM21.225SSB
TM5CROSaturday, January 17, 199820M9:06:07 AM14.199SSB
SM7DLZSaturday, January 17, 199820M9:24:00 AM14.258SSB
UN7JCSaturday, January 17, 199815M9:53:02 AM21.266SSB
4S7ABSaturday, January 17, 199815M11:03:44 AM21.260SSB
9M2KQSaturday, January 17, 199815M11:54:38 AM21.220SSB
3B8CFSaturday, January 17, 199815M12:06:22 PM21.278SSB
P43HOTSaturday, January 17, 199815M12:20:01 PM21.315SSB
TF3GCSaturday, January 17, 199815M1:40:22 PM21.262SSB
W2SF/PSaturday, January 17, 199815M1:48:41 PM21.260SSB
FG5FCSaturday, January 17, 199820M9:37:33 PM14.182SSB
7Q7HBSunday, January 18, 199815M12:45:00 PM21.325SSB
G0WFH/MSunday, January 18, 199815M3:44:52 PM21.285SSB
KH6KHGSunday, January 18, 199820M6:45:42 PM14.217SSB
AH6NJSunday, January 18, 199820M7:08:03 PM14.213SSB
HI3HNWednesday, January 21, 199820M10:28:55 PM14.072CW
VK4YIFriday, January 23, 199820M9:00:35 AM14.260SSB
ZS6RVG/7P8Friday, January 23, 199820M7:47:58 PM14.084RTTY
KC4SUS/MSaturday, January 24, 199820M3:44:25 PM14.260SSB
J37LKSaturday, January 24, 199820M4:14:43 PM14.260SSB
9V1RHSunday, January 25, 199815M10:37:00 AM21.260SSB
XT2DPSunday, January 25, 199815M12:13:00 PM21.267SSB
ZS6RVG/7P8Sunday, January 25, 199815M12:28:46 PM21.325SSB
JW0MSunday, January 25, 199817M1:27:09 PM18.145SSB
HK0TCNSunday, January 25, 199815M3:43:28 PM21.200SSB
N9PMSunday, January 25, 199820M5:03:15 PM14.227SSB
JH3QFL/6Monday, January 26, 199820M9:04:06 AM14.260SSB
J6/W2LUWednesday, January 28, 199820M12:07:00 AM14.196SSB
VK7CKWednesday, January 28, 199820M10:09:19 AM14.156SSB
VK7EKWednesday, January 28, 199820M10:23:28 AM14.156SSB
GD4PTVWednesday, January 28, 199815M10:25:00 AM21.290SSB
W7FJESaturday, January 31, 199820M5:45:16 PM14.227SSB
N3RVISaturday, January 31, 199820M6:03:00 PM14.227SSB
7Z1IS/PSunday, February 01, 199815M10:43:23 AM21.265SSB
KP4VPSunday, February 01, 199815M1:50:01 PM21.085RTTY
SV1TP/PSunday, February 01, 199817M2:26:06 PM18.129SSB
YS1XSunday, February 01, 199815M3:08:36 PM21.267SSB
OD5PNSunday, February 01, 199815M3:23:47 PM21.089RTTY
OA4DHWSunday, February 01, 199815M3:40:30 PM21.088RTTY
KH6/W7GMHMonday, February 09, 199820M6:51:34 PM14.192SSB
V31NXMonday, February 09, 199820M8:11:21 PM14.260SSB
V31UYMonday, February 09, 199820M8:32:21 PM14.260SSB
KP2/K0TGTuesday, February 10, 199820M9:31:43 PM14.202SSB
9M0CWednesday, February 11, 199820M3:50:11 PM14.195SSB
VK8AN/6Thursday, February 12, 199820M9:07:00 AM14.260SSB
C91LCK/PFriday, February 13, 199815M4:08:37 PM21.260SSB
N0NRIFriday, February 13, 199815M5:11:53 PM21.250SSB
KA9DNOFriday, February 13, 199815M5:41:52 PM21.250SSB
WI2BFriday, February 13, 199815M5:45:33 PM21.250SSB
CX7BFSaturday, February 14, 199820M9:05:00 PM14.079RTTY
HH2PKSaturday, February 14, 199820M9:08:00 PM14.085RTTY
LT1FSaturday, February 14, 199820M9:18:00 PM14.089RTTY
LU6FJZSaturday, February 14, 199820M9:28:00 PM14.086RTTY
ZX2ASaturday, February 14, 199820M9:42:00 PM14.088RTTY
I4GHWSaturday, February 14, 199820M9:44:00 PM14.095RTTY
KH6/W7GMHSunday, February 15, 199820M7:04:08 PM14.199SSB
9M0CTuesday, February 17, 199815M9:11:35 AM21.295SSB
VP2VFTuesday, February 17, 199820M7:49:37 PM14.220SSB
PQ8MM/PSaturday, February 21, 199820M12:16:14 PM14.260SSB
DU8ARKSaturday, February 21, 199815M12:51:43 PM21.260SSB
GM4CHX/PSaturday, February 21, 199880M2:37:07 PM3.772SSB
5X1TSunday, February 22, 199812M10:31:37 AM24.935SSB
FT5XNSunday, February 22, 199820M4:47:10 PM14.143SSB
FT5WGSunday, February 22, 199820M4:59:16 PM14.277SSB
VY2FSTuesday, February 24, 199820M7:12:00 PM14.260SSB
K2OLG/MTuesday, February 24, 199820M8:09:55 PM14.260SSB
N4BQW/KH5KThursday, February 26, 199820M6:30:00 PM14.195SSB
KH6/W7GMHThursday, February 26, 199820M7:56:57 PM14.188SSB
VE6AKLThursday, February 26, 199820M7:59:27 PM14.188SSB
PJ9/VE3VROFriday, February 27, 199820M7:11:00 PM14.260SSB
WA2BJNFriday, February 27, 199820M8:11:00 PM14.261SSB
KH2JUSaturday, February 28, 199815M10:27:10 AM21.320SSB
VP8CXVSunday, March 01, 199810M2:37:00 PM28.497SSB
HK0/KB5GLLThursday, March 05, 199817M1:37:00 PM18.125SSB
RA1QOSunday, March 08, 199820M7:08:00 PM14.082RTTY
KG4OXMonday, March 09, 199820M7:44:26 PM14.158SSB
ZS26BITuesday, March 10, 199815M2:01:00 PM21.260SSB
CE8ABFWednesday, March 11, 199820M8:43:06 PM14.195SSB
DU1KTThursday, March 12, 199817M2:01:00 PM18.150SSB
HK3JJH/1Monday, March 16, 199820M8:55:07 PM14.260SSB
W2SISMonday, March 16, 199820M9:26:00 PM14.227SSB
XE1OTMonday, March 16, 199820M9:36:23 PM14.227SSB
KB9KCWMonday, March 16, 199820M9:38:42 PM14.227SSB
W2BVMonday, March 16, 199820M9:41:56 PM14.227SSB
KD3ADWMonday, March 16, 199820M9:49:54 PM14.227SSB
WB4HSAMonday, March 16, 199820M9:50:59 PM14.227SSB
KB7RDKMonday, March 16, 199820M9:53:07 PM14.227SSB
5W0SZThursday, March 19, 199820M9:41:48 AM14.195SSB
OX3LGThursday, March 19, 199820M9:14:00 PM14.260SSB
5W0VDFriday, March 20, 199820M8:14:46 AM14.155SSB
ZK1DIFriday, March 20, 199820M8:41:21 AM14.195SSB
G0UIQFriday, March 20, 199817M1:55:00 PM18.135SSB
N4DEMFriday, March 20, 199817M1:55:00 PM18.135SSB
EA8TESaturday, March 21, 199810M1:44:28 PM29.600FM
V44KJSaturday, March 21, 199810M1:53:42 PM29.600FM
SV1COASaturday, March 21, 199810M1:56:19 PM29.600FM
PP5WNSaturday, March 21, 199810M2:01:59 PM29.580FM
9H1ZXSaturday, March 21, 199810M2:31:45 PM29.635FM
CU2DGSaturday, March 21, 199810M2:44:20 PM29.540FM
9G1YRSaturday, March 21, 199810M3:02:17 PM28.521SSB
9G1YRSaturday, March 21, 199810M3:04:13 PM28.521FM
EA8BISaturday, March 21, 199810M3:14:10 PM29.585FM
LU1DOSaturday, March 21, 199810M4:44:58 PM29.500FM
AA1AC/1Sunday, March 22, 199820M1:12:00 PM14.261SSB
VP5/KN4UGSunday, March 22, 199815M3:07:00 PM21.260SSB
N5VLSunday, March 22, 199815M6:52:02 PM21.258SSB
K7CFSunday, March 22, 199815M7:18:24 PM21.308SSB
EK6CCMonday, March 23, 199817M1:37:00 PM18.130SSB
N9YCW/4Monday, March 23, 199820M10:23:09 PM14.260SSB
3D2CBThursday, March 26, 199820M8:52:16 AM14.200SSB
A43DIFriday, March 27, 199815M9:12:00 AM21.222SSB
3D2KTSaturday, March 28, 199817M11:42:00 AM18.075CW
9X0ASunday, March 29, 199810M10:06:20 AM28.480SSB
V73UXSunday, March 29, 199815M11:23:22 AM21.211SSB
H44RYSunday, March 29, 199815M12:16:38 PM21.294SSB
3DA5ASunday, March 29, 199810M2:27:25 PM28.455SSB
3D2WCSunday, March 29, 199815M2:36:12 PM21.237SSB
6V1CSunday, March 29, 199810M3:15:09 PM28.473SSB
ZK2FTTuesday, March 31, 199820M7:58:29 AM14.195SSB
3B8/DL6UAAThursday, April 02, 199820M7:36:28 PM14.195SSB
K4RGS/MFriday, April 03, 199820M1:17:25 AM14.223SSB
HK3JJH/0MSaturday, April 04, 199820M10:27:50 PM14.261SSB
OH1LU/PSunday, April 05, 199820M10:23:27 AM14.260SSB
N0ISLSunday, April 05, 199820M9:01:56 PM14.227SSB
WD4ALQSunday, April 05, 199820M9:04:16 PM14.227SSB
W3NLBSunday, April 05, 199820M9:15:37 PM14.227SSB
KF4OPMSunday, April 05, 199820M9:17:17 PM14.227SSB
KF4LMWSunday, April 05, 199820M9:28:11 PM14.227SSB
W5AD/MSunday, April 05, 199820M9:35:48 PM14.227SSB
KE4TFFSunday, April 05, 199820M9:39:37 PM14.227SSB
KA3NRXSunday, April 05, 199820M9:41:27 PM14.227SSB
KG9EQ/MSunday, April 05, 199820M9:44:41 PM14.227SSB
AC4DISunday, April 05, 199820M9:47:33 PM14.227SSB
PT7KSGFriday, April 10, 199810M1:38:00 PM28.506SSB
ZF1UKFriday, April 10, 199815M9:28:05 PM21.240SSB
JT1YSaturday, April 11, 199815M10:05:00 AM21.285SSB
PY2JM/PSaturday, April 11, 199820M9:49:39 PM14.260SSB
DS2BGVWednesday, April 15, 199820M7:25:04 PM14.200SSB
YS1ECBWednesday, April 15, 199820M10:45:15 PM14.200SSB
UA0KCL/0Thursday, April 16, 199820M7:01:44 PM14.260SSB
ZY5YZFriday, April 17, 199815M7:12:01 PM21.260SSB
SM2/ON4BDSFriday, April 17, 199820M7:35:23 PM14.260SSB
JI3DST/0Saturday, April 18, 199815M9:05:11 AM21.326SSB
BV4QCTuesday, April 21, 199817M1:04:00 PM18.145SSB
4N9BWWednesday, April 22, 199820M7:03:30 AM14.260SSB
FO0FRWednesday, April 22, 199820M8:14:09 AM14.195SSB
A35FTWednesday, April 22, 199820M8:27:00 AM14.195SSB
DJ9INSaturday, April 25, 199840M3:11:14 PM7.089SSB
DA0IMDSaturday, April 25, 199840M3:11:14 PM7.089SSB
W4IAXSaturday, April 25, 199820M5:44:59 PM14.261SSB
AP2JZBSunday, May 03, 199817M3:43:56 PM18.126SSB
4S7BRGMonday, May 04, 199820M6:38:15 PM14.217SSB
CT1/DJ0MW/PWednesday, May 06, 199820M7:32:41 PM14.260SSB
KA1IQWednesday, May 06, 199817M8:13:14 PM18.158SSB
EA5BREWednesday, May 06, 199817M8:13:45 PM18.158SSB
G4TTXWednesday, May 06, 199817M8:39:13 PM18.150SSB
8Q7JJWednesday, May 06, 199817M9:17:00 PM18.137SSB
VP9KK/MWednesday, May 06, 199817M10:59:37 PM18.150SSB
EP3HRThursday, May 07, 199817M7:23:37 AM18.155SSB
3B7RFThursday, May 07, 199817M5:52:11 PM18.145SSB
T94LWThursday, May 07, 199817M7:55:52 PM18.120SSB
KG2FDThursday, May 07, 199817M8:33:45 PM18.140SSB
3B7RFFriday, May 08, 199817M5:07:00 PM18.145SSB
4S7BRGFriday, May 08, 199817M6:50:22 PM18.115SSB
F5KDC/PFriday, May 08, 199820M7:05:36 PM14.260SSB
3B7RFSaturday, May 09, 199812M1:55:00 PM24.900SSB
VP8/G4VFU/MMMonday, May 11, 199817M8:39:39 PM18.151SSB
AA2GDTuesday, May 12, 199817M8:32:25 PM18.114SSB
EI9FNSunday, May 31, 199817M9:20:57 PM18.127SSB
W8ERNTuesday, June 02, 199817M11:55:36 PM18.127SSB
K1MFZTuesday, June 02, 199817M11:59:30 PM18.127SSB
N2FF/MWednesday, June 03, 199817M12:01:43 AM18.127SSB
N2LRWWednesday, June 03, 199817M12:18:11 AM18.140SSB
FG/JA2EZDWednesday, June 03, 199817M11:45:09 PM18.115SSB
IL3/IV3WMISunday, June 07, 199820M9:05:43 AM14.264SSB
JA2BZYSunday, June 07, 199820M3:20:44 PM14.264SSB
TI/N7CQQSunday, June 07, 199817M11:06:55 PM18.155SSB
N2FDISunday, June 07, 199817M11:10:09 PM18.151SSB
BV5BGMonday, June 08, 199817M6:59:29 PM18.151SSB
VK3RMMonday, June 08, 199817M11:39:40 PM18.147SSB
KC8HCVTuesday, June 09, 199817M12:12:31 AM18.158SSB
N9IGTTuesday, June 09, 199817M12:15:51 AM18.158SSB
VP2MRWednesday, June 10, 199815M7:57:32 PM21.271SSB
CE1LDS/2Wednesday, June 10, 199815M10:11:28 PM21.260SSB
FM5WEWednesday, June 10, 199817M10:48:41 PM18.158SSB
J73VEWednesday, June 10, 199817M11:21:48 PM18.120SSB
AP2AGJThursday, June 11, 199817M7:04:45 PM18.120SSB
W9WPVThursday, June 11, 199817M11:47:43 PM18.120SSB
JA1JRKFriday, June 12, 199817M7:25:55 PM18.132SSB
W6PUFriday, June 12, 199817M7:49:47 PM18.129SSB
W1SYATuesday, June 16, 199817M10:52:03 PM18.145SSB
VE2MA/VY2Tuesday, June 16, 199820M11:16:50 PM14.260SSB
TF/DL2NWK/PWednesday, June 17, 199817M5:41:59 PM18.140SSB
ZF1DGWednesday, June 17, 199817M11:04:03 PM18.161SSB
GM3SYOThursday, June 18, 199817M11:47:46 PM18.160SSB
VE2RPFriday, June 19, 199817M12:14:31 AM18.159SSB
SV3/DL1BBK/PFriday, June 19, 199820M8:06:52 AM14.260SSB
G0WWRSaturday, June 20, 199817M11:10:00 PM18.158SSB
G3SEDSunday, June 21, 199817M12:20:00 AM18.130SSB
K1KESunday, June 21, 199817M11:45:33 PM18.130SSB
G0XAM/MMMonday, June 22, 199817M7:00:38 PM18.127SSB
4X4FRTuesday, June 23, 199817M6:52:45 PM18.144SSB
S07WWTuesday, June 23, 199817M6:55:59 PM18.130SSB
K3LGCTuesday, June 23, 199817M7:58:16 PM18.158SSB
EJ7NETThursday, June 25, 199820M8:34:00 PM14.260SSB
J69ANThursday, June 25, 199817M10:06:00 PM18.128SSB
GW4GTEThursday, June 25, 199817M10:39:46 PM0.000SSB
EA1XFThursday, June 25, 199817M11:09:28 PM18.152SSB
ED1INOSaturday, June 27, 199820M9:00:30 AM14.260SSB
9A4EMSaturday, June 27, 199820M3:22:00 PM14.000CW
CU7BASunday, June 28, 199817M10:26:25 AM18.145SSB
CT3FESunday, June 28, 199817M10:26:42 AM18.145SSB
V73UXSunday, June 28, 199817M10:37:49 AM18.145SSB
TM1CMFSunday, June 28, 199817M6:02:56 PM18.138SSB
DS5USHSunday, June 28, 199817M6:10:31 PM18.150SSB
LA/DF8YO/MSunday, June 28, 199820M7:17:35 PM14.247SSB
SM/DK4WD/PSunday, June 28, 199820M7:33:16 PM14.255SSB
SM/DK4UN/PMonday, June 29, 199820M6:11:00 PM14.252SSB
SM/DK4WD/PMonday, June 29, 199820M6:21:56 PM14.259SSB
JW/F5BUMonday, June 29, 199820M7:04:19 PM14.200SSB
OZ1CHL/PMonday, June 29, 199820M7:15:22 PM14.266SSB
JW0LMonday, June 29, 199820M7:25:17 PM14.260SSB
JH8BKVTuesday, June 30, 199817M7:55:00 AM18.145SSB
JM2CFITuesday, June 30, 199817M8:00:00 AM18.145SSB
JR1EAX/1Tuesday, June 30, 199815M6:01:00 PM21.260SSB
3C5DXTuesday, June 30, 199820M6:27:00 PM14.195SSB
SU1SKWednesday, July 01, 199817M6:05:15 PM18.150SSB
JR5XPGWednesday, July 01, 199817M6:10:17 PM18.126SSB
VO1XCWednesday, July 01, 199817M6:58:00 PM18.107CW
KH6WUWednesday, July 01, 199815M9:32:23 PM21.271SSB
VE5RACWednesday, July 01, 199815M9:49:30 PM21.217SSB
W7AWednesday, July 01, 199817M10:27:01 PM18.155SSB
KL7ACThursday, July 02, 199817M7:28:37 AM18.135SSB
C6A25GRThursday, July 02, 199817M10:52:02 PM18.140SSB
9A/ON5JEFriday, July 03, 199820M8:21:29 PM14.259SSB
KW1DXFriday, July 03, 199820M11:44:27 PM14.260SSB
ON4CHTSunday, July 05, 199820M7:04:00 PM14.325SSB
5Z4FMMonday, July 06, 199817M8:22:40 PM18.125CW
5Z4FMMonday, July 06, 199817M9:55:32 PM18.125SSB
LA/DK4UN/PTuesday, July 07, 199820M6:56:37 PM14.262SSB
UR0VX/PTuesday, July 07, 199820M7:06:30 PM14.259SSB
TF8GXWednesday, July 08, 199820M12:57:49 AM14.260SSB
SP0303JGWednesday, July 08, 199820M12:59:00 AM14.260SSB
VE2/F6HKAFriday, July 10, 199820M7:05:31 PM14.260SSB
ZL8RSFriday, July 10, 199817M7:33:04 PM18.142SSB
JA7BEWFriday, July 10, 199817M7:52:05 PM18.142SSB
JH4TEWFriday, July 10, 199817M7:56:18 PM18.158SSB
YW5LBFriday, July 10, 199820M9:48:30 PM14.260SSB
YW5LBFriday, July 10, 199815M10:09:58 PM21.295SSB
GS3EEO/PFriday, July 10, 199820M10:27:16 PM14.263SSB
Z32LSSaturday, July 11, 199817M8:19:03 AM18.132SSB
DL1JEQ/PSaturday, July 11, 199820M9:21:46 AM14.260SSB
MM0/DJ6AUSaturday, July 11, 199817M10:59:02 AM18.137SSB
GB0GPSaturday, July 11, 199817M8:05:03 PM18.155SSB
VP2EYSunday, July 12, 199817M12:53:10 PM18.121SSB
TY1IJSunday, July 12, 199817M4:36:00 PM18.133SSB
VE2/F6ELESunday, July 12, 199820M6:55:38 PM14.260SSB
VE2CY/PMonday, July 13, 199820M8:07:51 PM14.257SSB
IL7/IK3RIYMonday, July 13, 199820M8:26:51 PM14.022CW
W5KDMonday, July 13, 199820M9:14:06 PM14.145SSB
N6DKPMonday, July 13, 199817M9:14:52 PM18.100SSB
BI4CTuesday, July 14, 199820M7:14:32 PM14.260SSB
EI7BATuesday, July 14, 199817M10:32:46 PM18.158SSB
VK3EQTuesday, July 14, 199817M11:02:44 PM18.158SSB
5W1SAWednesday, July 15, 199817M7:50:38 AM18.144SSB
TF8GXWednesday, July 15, 199817M8:02:42 AM18.158SSB
WH0AAVWednesday, July 15, 199817M4:35:00 PM18.100SSB
GS0NHR/PWednesday, July 15, 199820M9:34:00 PM14.259SSB
EI4VVF/PSaturday, July 18, 199820M8:02:00 AM14.264SSB
VE2/F6ELESaturday, July 18, 199820M3:44:42 PM14.263SSB
CY9AOESaturday, July 18, 199815M8:21:36 PM21.260SSB
RA0FUSunday, July 19, 199817M9:48:39 AM18.126SSB
YC8VIPSunday, July 19, 199815M2:32:34 PM21.282SSB
IM0/I2CMASunday, July 19, 199820M5:51:00 PM14.256SSB
SP2QCW/1Sunday, July 19, 199820M8:07:59 PM14.258SSB
DK2GM/PSunday, July 19, 199820M9:16:25 PM14.267SSB
ON4NASunday, July 19, 199820M9:18:30 PM14.267SSB
VK9NSSunday, July 19, 199817M9:59:04 PM18.145SSB
KH8/N5OLSMonday, July 20, 199817M7:36:20 AM18.148SSB
V63AOMonday, July 20, 199817M7:54:34 AM18.148SSB
LA/DK4WD/PMonday, July 20, 199820M6:42:34 PM14.260SSB
JR2KDNMonday, July 20, 199817M9:08:44 PM18.158SSB
JE2EIH/MMonday, July 20, 199817M9:35:36 PM18.158SSB
JA2CGMonday, July 20, 199817M9:44:50 PM18.158SSB
NH2AMonday, July 20, 199817M9:57:09 PM18.158SSB
W2NTJ/VE8Monday, July 20, 199817M11:53:27 PM18.125SSB
GU0MEUFriday, July 24, 199817M8:10:26 AM18.128SSB
AB4PWFriday, July 24, 199820M7:53:46 PM14.265SSB
ZX7XXFriday, July 24, 199820M7:55:07 PM14.265SSB
WB4FNH/PSaturday, July 25, 199820M12:50:37 AM14.261SSB
BO0KSaturday, July 25, 199815M9:25:48 AM21.253SSB
EA5AOR/EA3Saturday, July 25, 199815M11:14:48 AM21.263SSB
TF7GXSaturday, July 25, 199820M11:42:16 AM14.265SSB
9A8PSaturday, July 25, 199820M12:45:53 PM14.283SSB
7N2UTOSaturday, July 25, 199815M1:08:48 PM21.320SSB
ED2IZASaturday, July 25, 199820M1:13:29 PM14.294SSB
RA1QQ/1Sunday, July 26, 199820M6:05:54 PM14.257SSB
KF4IZESunday, August 02, 199817M12:05:00 AM18.118SSB
GB98RHSunday, August 02, 199817M5:34:03 PM18.140SSB
KL7/W6IXPSunday, August 02, 199820M5:50:11 PM14.260SSB
IT9BLB/IH9Sunday, August 02, 199817M8:44:31 PM18.128SSB
OX3LGSunday, August 02, 199820M10:24:16 PM14.260SSB
VK4JPSunday, August 02, 199817M11:32:20 PM18.165SSB
WB4ZWSSunday, August 02, 199817M11:38:21 PM18.165SSB
AB5VWSunday, August 02, 199817M11:43:39 PM18.165SSB
KD4CESunday, August 02, 199817M11:45:42 PM18.165SSB
HL50C/2Monday, August 03, 199820M5:48:08 PM14.260SSB
AH4/WA6FVWednesday, August 05, 199820M9:06:00 AM14.195SSB
QRO TESTWednesday, August 05, 199817M9:41:22 AM18.130SSB
SV8/F2VXWednesday, August 05, 199820M12:45:15 PM14.260SSB
SM4DDS/6Wednesday, August 05, 199820M2:26:29 PM14.258SSB
TK/F5UQNWednesday, August 05, 199820M5:30:00 PM14.260SSB
OX3LGWednesday, August 05, 199817M7:06:24 PM18.140SSB
TL5AThursday, August 06, 199810M7:30:30 PM28.493SSB
VK2ARJThursday, August 06, 199817M11:11:00 PM18.100SSB
F8BMI/PSaturday, August 08, 199840M3:58:15 PM7.060SSB
A35NQMonday, August 10, 199817M8:04:53 AM18.131SSB
VE3SWTuesday, August 11, 199817M11:00:08 PM18.166SSB
JR4GPAWednesday, August 12, 199817M10:18:03 PM18.132SSB
JA5XAEWednesday, August 12, 199817M11:12:52 PM18.116SSB
JR7JPCWednesday, August 12, 199817M11:24:26 PM18.116SSB
VK3IMWednesday, August 12, 199817M11:35:42 PM18.116SSB
WL7HEThursday, August 13, 199817M11:45:25 PM18.163SSB
IM0/IK2WANSaturday, August 15, 199820M11:29:21 AM14.264SSB
MJ0ASPSaturday, August 15, 199820M11:52:09 AM14.260SSB
EA1GA/PSaturday, August 15, 199820M1:18:37 PM14.258SSB
VK6AGISaturday, August 15, 199880M11:01:00 PM3.799SSB
DL2NWR/PSunday, August 16, 199815M2:06:59 PM21.260SSB
LU8EEMSunday, August 16, 199880M11:09:10 PM3.800SSB
BI5PSunday, August 16, 199820M11:22:53 PM14.030CW
ZK1SCQMonday, August 17, 199820M7:59:07 AM14.263SSB
UA0IAS/0Tuesday, August 18, 199820M8:11:18 AM14.263SSB
9M2TOTuesday, August 18, 199817M5:48:00 PM18.100SSB
NU2L/VE8Tuesday, August 18, 199820M7:16:00 PM14.263SSB
M0BYAThursday, August 20, 199817M8:33:26 PM18.158SSB
5V7FAFriday, August 21, 199817M6:10:00 PM18.160SSB
BI7WSaturday, August 22, 199820M3:50:36 PM14.260SSB
IL4/IK2XDE/PMonday, August 24, 199820M9:40:00 PM14.260SSB
RK3DZJ/1Friday, August 28, 199820M7:54:50 AM14.260SSB
IL4/IK2JYTFriday, August 28, 199820M1:04:48 PM14.260SSB
SV8/IK3GESFriday, August 28, 199820M3:36:13 PM14.265SSB
GB5FISaturday, August 29, 199880M9:33:20 AM3.771SSB
FP/N9PDSaturday, August 29, 199817M9:38:40 AM18.115SSB
6W1RDSunday, August 30, 199817M7:36:58 PM18.150SSB
RV0AMSunday, August 30, 199820M11:19:29 PM14.267SSB
3D2DXMonday, August 31, 199820M8:36:38 AM14.194SSB
VK3AJJ/PMonday, August 31, 199820M8:39:51 AM14.258SSB
D44BCMonday, August 31, 199817M8:24:29 PM18.125SSB
UN9FBTuesday, September 01, 199817M3:37:18 PM18.145SSB
YB0JIVTuesday, September 01, 199817M3:44:42 PM18.145SSB
IM0JZJTuesday, September 01, 199817M4:34:09 PM18.152SSB
ZS6GFTuesday, September 01, 199817M6:24:23 PM18.152SSB
HL2DNNWednesday, September 02, 199817M1:47:44 PM18.140SSB
6Y5/PA3EWPWednesday, September 02, 199817M10:57:16 PM18.114SSB
3D2DXThursday, September 03, 199817M8:17:46 AM18.135SSB
SM0OIG/5Thursday, September 03, 199820M8:48:30 AM14.266SSB
3D2DXFriday, September 04, 199815M8:49:57 AM21.295SSB
ZL2AAGFriday, September 04, 199817M9:38:15 AM18.118SSB
ZA0ISFriday, September 04, 199817M4:25:22 PM18.160SSB
KL1VFriday, September 04, 199817M9:30:00 PM18.135SSB
V63KASaturday, September 05, 199817M12:28:42 PM18.138SSB
9A/S52DG/PSaturday, September 05, 199817M3:29:10 PM18.157SSB
A45ZNSaturday, September 05, 199815M5:47:17 PM21.320SSB
LZ/PA0HELSaturday, September 05, 199815M5:47:42 PM21.320SSB
CX3ALSaturday, September 05, 199817M9:37:59 PM18.123SSB
LU3HBOSaturday, September 05, 199817M10:38:07 PM18.158SSB
PA3BBPSaturday, September 05, 199817M11:08:17 PM18.131SSB
KR3VSaturday, September 05, 199817M11:12:06 PM18.131SSB
K6PZSaturday, September 05, 199817M11:16:12 PM18.131SSB
KB8JDSaturday, September 05, 199817M11:19:39 PM18.131SSB
W7ZQSaturday, September 05, 199817M11:25:48 PM18.131SSB
KK6KVSaturday, September 05, 199817M11:28:45 PM18.131SSB
VE7XNSaturday, September 05, 199817M11:30:25 PM18.131SSB
HK3ORVTuesday, September 08, 199817M11:48:30 PM18.140SSB
W4SEXTuesday, September 08, 199817M11:59:47 PM18.140SSB
F6CBL/PFriday, September 11, 199840M7:10:23 PM7.060SSB
WV2B/CY9Friday, September 11, 199820M7:13:48 PM14.200SSB
FK8VHTSaturday, September 12, 199817M9:13:48 AM18.080CW
KP4UASaturday, September 12, 199817M11:03:55 AM18.145SSB
SV2ASP/ASaturday, September 12, 199817M3:14:23 PM18.076CW
HB0/G0WNDSaturday, September 12, 199817M5:24:41 PM18.160SSB
GB4LISunday, September 13, 199817M8:10:55 PM18.145SSB
GB4LISunday, September 13, 199880M8:11:19 PM3.758SSB
IE9/IN3XUGTuesday, September 15, 199820M5:43:00 PM14.258SSB
JA5QJD/6Tuesday, September 15, 199820M5:58:21 PM14.263SSB
S07WWThursday, September 17, 199812M3:31:00 PM24.945SSB
WF1NSunday, September 20, 199815M1:02:29 PM21.260SSB
3D2DX/PMonday, September 21, 199820M7:35:07 AM14.195SSB
W5BOS/7Tuesday, September 22, 199815M7:18:36 PM21.040CW
W5BOS/7Tuesday, September 22, 199815M7:46:54 PM21.260SSB
E31AAWednesday, September 23, 199820M12:37:06 AM14.195SSB
EA6/G0CQDWednesday, September 23, 199817M6:32:06 PM18.111SSB
GB2IOGThursday, September 24, 199817M7:09:52 PM18.150SSB
TK/DJ5MXFriday, September 25, 199820M6:02:07 PM14.260SSB
KK7JPMonday, September 28, 199815M8:06:52 PM21.259SSB
ZD9/ZS1BTuesday, September 29, 199810M6:55:03 PM28.460SSB
JA2DZQ/2Wednesday, September 30, 199815M10:07:12 AM21.262SSB
VK4MRTWednesday, September 30, 199815M10:21:35 AM21.266SSB
VK4SMWednesday, September 30, 199815M10:24:56 AM21.266SSB
CE0ZISWednesday, September 30, 199817M8:35:11 PM18.140SSB
K4SAK/7Thursday, October 01, 199817M7:45:57 PM18.125SSB
AA3KRThursday, October 01, 199817M7:47:54 PM18.125SSB
N1WIBThursday, October 01, 199817M7:58:49 PM18.125SSB
S92YVFriday, October 02, 199817M7:57:58 AM18.115SSB
TM2FFriday, October 02, 199840M9:24:27 AM7.096SSB
VE1MTSaturday, October 03, 199820M4:11:34 PM14.260SSB
4U1UNSaturday, October 03, 199817M4:26:28 PM18.135SSB
W1NLKSaturday, October 03, 199820M5:16:52 PM14.260SSB
FS5PL/PSaturday, October 03, 199815M6:37:34 PM21.316SSB
H76CTuesday, October 06, 199815M6:39:05 PM21.260SSB
9Y4GRTuesday, October 06, 199820M8:27:18 PM14.250SSB
KB4USWTuesday, October 06, 199817M8:41:58 PM18.158SSB
H76CWednesday, October 07, 199820M9:37:25 PM14.257SSB
RZ9OUSunday, October 11, 199817M1:02:26 PM18.104RTTY
OH0MFPSunday, October 11, 199817M1:02:57 PM18.104RTTY
VY1BEMonday, October 12, 199815M7:06:38 PM21.299SSB
KH4/W4ZYVTuesday, October 13, 199820M8:21:17 PM14.258SSB
FO0SUCThursday, October 15, 199820M7:55:52 AM14.260SSB
8R1AKThursday, October 15, 199810M7:23:04 PM28.488SSB
W8UPYThursday, October 15, 199817M8:08:58 PM18.158SSB
VK2AXBThursday, October 15, 199817M8:31:59 PM18.158SSB
UA0IAS/0Friday, October 16, 199820M7:40:47 AM14.262SSB
KH0/N3JJSaturday, October 17, 199810M8:54:03 AM28.494SSB
HL1ORPSaturday, October 17, 199810M9:08:46 AM28.447SSB
JJ3TTHSaturday, October 17, 199810M9:14:33 AM28.447SSB
UA0ZBK/0Saturday, October 17, 199810M9:15:34 AM28.447SSB
JA6BZASaturday, October 17, 199810M9:24:37 AM28.447SSB
JA6VQASaturday, October 17, 199810M9:30:52 AM28.447SSB
5R8FUSunday, October 18, 199810M10:56:13 AM28.482SSB
5Z4ICSunday, October 18, 199810M11:03:58 AM28.380SSB
LX/G0MMISunday, October 18, 199810M11:09:43 AM28.519SSB
VK6APHSunday, October 18, 199810M11:49:12 AM28.555SSB
S21JSunday, October 18, 199810M11:53:31 AM28.488SSB
YC9BUSunday, October 18, 199815M3:04:00 PM21.260SSB
YC1BOTSunday, October 18, 199815M3:16:44 PM21.272SSB
YC9LQASunday, October 18, 199815M3:19:35 PM21.260SSB
VK5MAPSunday, October 18, 199815M3:23:00 PM21.272SSB
K9AW/DU6Sunday, October 18, 199820M3:41:19 PM14.013CW
N6VV/PSunday, October 18, 199820M3:57:41 PM14.044CW
W4FJJSunday, October 18, 199817M4:50:53 PM18.158SSB
VE7GDJSunday, October 18, 199817M4:52:47 PM18.152SSB
5Z4ICSunday, October 18, 199815M6:02:00 PM21.325SSB
HF0POLSunday, October 18, 199817M8:15:56 PM18.081CW
HP1/DL9RCFWednesday, October 21, 199817M6:07:00 PM18.155SSB
7K3EOP/1Friday, October 23, 199820M7:29:51 AM14.256SSB
8Q7IOFriday, October 23, 199817M8:04:38 AM18.145SSB
E31AASaturday, October 24, 199810M12:09:10 PM28.504SSB
PJ9BSaturday, October 24, 199820M9:02:31 PM14.126SSB
G0RIZ/MMSunday, October 25, 199817M8:52:44 AM18.147SSB
DK8YY/HI8Saturday, October 31, 199817M5:47:24 PM18.143SSB
9Y4/DL4MDOSaturday, October 31, 199817M6:47:11 PM18.150SSB
E30GAFriday, November 06, 199817M6:49:00 PM18.145SSB
S21KSaturday, November 07, 199815M2:21:16 PM21.210SSB
VK9XTLSaturday, November 07, 199817M2:51:36 PM18.137SSB
JD1BIAFriday, November 13, 199815M8:46:10 AM21.265SSB
BQ9PSaturday, November 14, 199810M9:54:48 AM28.495SSB
KH6FHXWednesday, November 18, 199817M7:12:42 PM18.164SSB
EY8CQThursday, November 19, 199817M9:03:00 AM18.145SSB
9A1CZZ/PSaturday, November 21, 199820M11:17:52 AM14.260SSB
PA3FDO/PSunday, November 22, 199820M11:11:59 AM14.259SSB
V31JUSunday, November 22, 199817M5:56:26 PM18.141SSB
5R8PRTuesday, November 24, 199820M4:49:00 PM14.260SSB
XU1ASaturday, November 28, 199810M10:21:55 AM28.500SSB
5V7FASaturday, November 28, 199810M2:07:17 PM28.527SSB
7Q7AHSaturday, November 28, 199820M5:22:07 PM14.325SSB
FT5ZHSunday, November 29, 199815M4:28:16 PM21.295SSB
GI0WLWSaturday, December 12, 199817M10:22:11 AM18.157SSB
OZ9DXSunday, December 13, 199820M12:10:00 PM14.071CW
DL6NANThursday, December 24, 199820M11:15:59 AM14.091RTTY
VK3RDThursday, December 24, 199817M12:21:02 PM18.143SSB
C31OFSaturday, December 26, 199817M10:46:55 AM18.131SSB
PY0FTSunday, December 27, 199817M10:55:40 AM18.135SSB
PA3FDO/PSunday, December 27, 199840M6:06:07 PM7.053SSB
WB0DASMonday, December 28, 199815M3:12:00 PM21.073CW
PA3CFGMonday, December 28, 199815M3:25:00 PM21.073CW
W3CZCMonday, December 28, 199815M3:40:00 PM21.073CW
N4FPMMonday, December 28, 199815M4:00:00 PM21.073CW
K6SMFMonday, December 28, 199817M4:57:51 PM18.134SSB
JA5AUCTuesday, December 29, 199817M12:21:20 AM18.128SSB
JE1SYNTuesday, December 29, 199817M12:43:12 AM18.145SSB
3DA6ZTuesday, December 29, 199817M6:15:00 PM18.144SSB
UA0MF/AWednesday, December 30, 199820M7:40:32 PM14.237SSB
RA9LI/PSunday, January 03, 199920M10:50:00 AM14.260SSB
ZL9CIThursday, January 07, 199920M6:39:48 PM14.195SSB
ZL9CIFriday, January 15, 199917M9:03:07 AM18.145SSB
ZY7FOSunday, January 17, 199915M2:45:23 PM21.255SSB
VK9CASunday, January 17, 199917M3:51:35 PM18.115SSB
E30LASaturday, January 30, 199915M10:06:40 AM21.255SSB
CX7BFSaturday, January 30, 199915M1:00:55 PM21.077CW
EM1LV/PSaturday, January 30, 199920M8:33:00 PM14.260SSB
EL2WWSunday, January 31, 199917M9:46:19 AM18.131SSB
GB0RWSSunday, January 31, 199920M10:03:22 AM14.316SSB
YL2ASunday, January 31, 199917M10:33:42 AM18.162SSB
SM/DL2MXWednesday, February 03, 199920M8:45:38 AM14.260SSB
E30MAWednesday, February 03, 199915M8:56:16 AM21.260SSB
FO0XUUWednesday, February 03, 199920M9:14:53 AM14.192SSB
W2TLCWednesday, February 03, 199920M7:32:18 PM14.071CW
UN9FBSaturday, February 13, 199917M11:39:11 AM18.140SSB
9V1BGSunday, February 14, 199920M4:23:39 PM14.183SSB
VK9YYTuesday, February 16, 199920M7:44:40 PM14.190SSB
5Z4LIWednesday, February 17, 199920M8:25:15 PM14.325SSB
VE2CAWednesday, February 17, 199920M8:48:09 PM14.325SSB
E44DXThursday, February 18, 199920M12:13:07 AM14.190SSB
HP4/F5PACFriday, February 19, 199920M7:38:00 PM14.260SSB
BD7JGSaturday, February 20, 199910M11:16:36 AM28.470SSB
5Z4LISaturday, February 20, 199910M11:55:00 AM28.400SSB
JA5CKD/6Saturday, February 20, 199917M12:26:07 PM18.078CW
5Z4LISaturday, February 20, 199917M1:22:43 PM18.160SSB
KB5GL/5Saturday, February 20, 199915M2:18:13 PM21.260SSB
5Z4LISaturday, February 20, 199915M3:18:32 PM21.262SSB
VK6ISLSaturday, February 20, 199920M3:30:00 PM14.261SSB
P49MSunday, February 21, 199917M7:35:49 PM18.142SSB
E4/JA1UTTuesday, February 23, 199917M9:09:18 AM18.140SSB
HP2/F5PACTuesday, February 23, 199920M6:52:49 PM14.260SSB
VP2V/K1DWWednesday, February 24, 199920M7:26:20 PM14.075RTTY
E44/JA8RUZSunday, February 28, 199915M10:28:09 AM21.272SSB
HK3JJH/4Tuesday, March 02, 199920M8:03:24 PM14.261SSB
J8OCWednesday, March 03, 199910M6:50:27 PM28.498SSB
FM5GUWednesday, March 03, 199910M6:57:21 PM28.517SSB
C98CXThursday, March 04, 199917M6:28:27 PM18.157SSB
T30RSaturday, March 06, 199917M11:20:51 AM18.069CW
VI3GPSaturday, March 06, 199917M11:35:38 AM18.136SSB
J45RDSSaturday, March 06, 199917M3:09:18 PM18.138SSB
OD5RISaturday, March 06, 199917M3:27:43 PM18.132SSB
FS/PA3GIO/PSunday, March 07, 199917M4:12:00 PM18.128SSB
3V8BBSunday, March 07, 199917M4:16:00 PM18.115SSB
CE0AATuesday, March 09, 199917M9:51:00 PM18.137SSB
CE0AAThursday, March 11, 199915M10:09:00 PM21.290SSB
CE0AAFriday, March 12, 199910M7:28:00 PM28.500SSB
KH6LEMFriday, March 12, 199917M7:44:00 PM18.123SSB
K2KJIFriday, March 12, 199917M7:57:00 PM18.123SSB
9M6CTSaturday, March 13, 199917M3:50:00 PM18.120SSB
5T5USaturday, March 13, 199917M5:25:00 PM18.142SSB
5Z4ICSaturday, March 13, 199920M5:37:00 PM14.325SSB
WA5TYJSunday, March 14, 199920M12:18:39 AM14.188SSB
TR0A/PSunday, March 14, 199915M3:28:00 PM21.163SSB
HK3JJH/0Sunday, March 14, 199917M7:26:00 PM18.161SSB
VK6EWIMonday, March 15, 199920M9:13:00 AM14.262SSB
VE8XYLWednesday, March 17, 199920M10:12:00 PM14.170SSB
V31GIFriday, March 19, 199917M9:35:42 PM18.117SSB
N4BHMFriday, March 19, 199917M10:11:20 PM18.158SSB
W4NIMSaturday, March 20, 199920M10:42:00 AM14.260SSB
VK3DQSSaturday, March 20, 199920M10:55:00 AM14.265SSB
OE6MKGSaturday, March 20, 199920M11:15:22 AM14.260SSB
AA3IZSaturday, March 20, 199920M11:19:50 AM14.265SSB
JI3DST/4Saturday, March 20, 199915M12:07:48 PM21.261SSB
T88HYSaturday, March 20, 199917M5:13:45 PM18.074CW
VP6PACSaturday, March 20, 199910M8:35:40 PM28.502SSB
UA3SDK/0Sunday, March 21, 199915M10:56:38 AM21.260SSB
JI3DST/4Sunday, March 21, 199917M12:51:00 PM18.122SSB
DU1IMASunday, March 21, 199915M3:30:21 PM21.256SSB
V31GITuesday, March 23, 199917M9:51:58 PM18.145SSB
FT5YGWednesday, March 24, 199920M8:27:19 AM14.128SSB
P43PThursday, March 25, 199910M5:51:00 PM28.498SSB
K0YFFThursday, March 25, 199917M8:08:39 PM18.136SSB
BV9ASunday, March 28, 199910M12:02:34 PM28.536SSB
5Z4GSSunday, March 28, 199917M6:50:36 PM18.130SSB
A35LUMonday, March 29, 199920M8:16:00 AM14.190SSB
S21KMonday, March 29, 199915M2:16:00 PM21.235SSB
VK4CAYTuesday, March 30, 199920M7:41:04 AM14.260SSB
5Z4NUTuesday, March 30, 199920M6:32:31 PM14.325SSB
A22DATuesday, March 30, 199920M6:45:58 PM14.325SSB
5Z4RTFriday, April 02, 199920M10:04:35 AM14.325SSB
ZK2GEOFriday, April 02, 199917M10:23:07 AM18.145SSB
3B9RFriday, April 02, 199912M12:31:00 PM24.945SSB
3B9RFriday, April 02, 199917M12:42:00 PM18.145SSB
VK4CAYFriday, April 02, 199920M3:24:40 PM14.020CW
TM2HTSaturday, April 03, 199920M8:56:08 AM14.258SSB
VK6LCSaturday, April 03, 199920M9:48:00 AM14.260SSB
IK8IOPSaturday, April 03, 199917M2:36:14 PM18.158SSB
A41KJSaturday, April 03, 199917M3:00:00 PM18.132SSB
SM1TDEMonday, April 05, 199920M10:25:50 AM14.261SSB
YC8TXWMonday, April 05, 199915M2:09:06 PM21.260SSB
W1LYMonday, April 05, 199920M11:54:40 PM14.260SSB
3B9RWednesday, April 07, 199920M6:06:16 PM14.196SSB
K4HBHWednesday, April 07, 199920M9:14:04 PM14.260SSB
JT1YThursday, April 08, 199917M7:45:55 AM18.145SSB
XT2CIThursday, April 08, 199920M11:46:01 PM14.260SSB
JA6LCJ/6Friday, April 09, 199920M7:53:46 PM14.260SSB
4Z0ASaturday, April 10, 199915M10:04:54 AM21.262SSB
4Z0ASaturday, April 10, 199920M10:15:26 AM14.260SSB
XX9TEPSaturday, April 10, 199917M12:56:27 PM18.155SSB
8J1RLSaturday, April 10, 199915M4:50:02 PM21.243SSB
CE9RTuesday, April 13, 199910M6:48:14 PM28.520SSB
KN5GWednesday, April 14, 199920M12:22:00 AM14.070CW
K4ZLE/HI3Wednesday, April 14, 199917M11:30:22 PM18.083CW
W1IRThursday, April 15, 199920M12:47:27 AM14.070CW
W0VDThursday, April 15, 199920M12:47:51 AM14.070CW
A22DAThursday, April 15, 199915M7:19:18 PM21.325SSB
HV4NACSaturday, April 17, 199917M2:18:51 PM18.150SSB
KH0XXSaturday, April 17, 199917M2:33:50 PM18.124SSB
5A1ASaturday, April 17, 199917M2:48:45 PM18.120SSB
S79YLSaturday, April 17, 199917M4:56:00 PM18.140SSB
HQ6RCHSaturday, April 17, 199920M10:47:47 PM14.261SSB
ZS8ZSunday, April 18, 199917M4:06:16 PM18.145SSB
UA0FDXSunday, April 18, 199920M8:50:26 PM14.261SSB
FR5ZU/TMonday, April 19, 199910M6:16:00 PM28.470SSB
VP5/G0TMYMonday, April 19, 199917M7:38:23 PM18.164SSB
FO5NLThursday, April 22, 199920M8:07:24 AM14.123SSB
9K2FThursday, April 22, 199920M4:37:43 PM14.260SSB
ZL4IR/PMonday, April 26, 199920M7:14:13 AM14.260SSB
9M2TOThursday, April 29, 199915M5:58:49 PM21.286SSB
BI5DThursday, April 29, 199920M6:06:54 PM14.263SSB
BI5DSaturday, May 01, 199917M9:35:00 AM18.140SSB
FR5ZU/TSunday, May 02, 199917M12:10:59 PM18.145SSB
T88LJSunday, May 02, 199917M5:36:36 PM18.135SSB
JA4PXE/6Sunday, May 02, 199920M7:25:09 PM14.263SSB
CO8LYSunday, May 02, 199917M8:03:05 PM18.128SSB
YC5TMLMonday, May 03, 199915M3:19:17 PM21.315SSB
JA2RGHMonday, May 03, 199917M4:11:37 PM18.147SSB
VE7IUZMonday, May 03, 199917M4:38:27 PM18.147SSB
5Z4FYTuesday, May 04, 199915M7:08:02 PM21.325SSB
AB4PWTuesday, May 04, 199915M7:19:31 PM21.325SSB
T22VESaturday, May 08, 199915M10:31:00 AM21.268SSB
K1IEDSaturday, May 08, 199917M12:05:55 PM18.150SSB
JW4CJASaturday, May 08, 199920M12:07:53 PM14.256SSB
JS6PXBSaturday, May 08, 199915M3:59:39 PM21.243SSB
CQ6CSaturday, May 08, 199920M11:04:46 PM14.263SSB
ZK1JDSunday, May 09, 199917M9:29:34 AM18.127SSB
F5SNY/PSunday, May 09, 199940M5:08:13 PM7.046SSB
5Z4RLSunday, May 09, 199980M7:22:10 PM3.794SSB
N2BJSunday, May 09, 199917M11:13:28 PM18.143SSB
XE1/W5FGMonday, May 10, 199917M12:07:05 AM18.154SSB
6O1ZMonday, May 10, 199917M6:15:13 PM18.145SSB
3W7TKTuesday, May 11, 199917M6:47:58 PM18.150SSB
OX3LGTuesday, May 11, 199915M7:46:24 PM21.260SSB
F5SNY/PWednesday, May 12, 199920M6:45:37 PM14.260SSB
F6KTL/PThursday, May 13, 199920M6:21:24 PM14.260SSB
DF0RRThursday, May 13, 199920M7:47:07 PM14.258SSB
YB8BHCSaturday, May 15, 199915M2:23:13 PM21.225SSB
N1WCKSaturday, May 15, 199915M8:34:43 PM21.323SSB
EI0DMFTuesday, May 18, 199980M10:25:00 PM3.793SSB
SM3TLG/3Wednesday, May 19, 199920M5:53:54 PM14.260SSB
KC2DLDFriday, May 21, 199910M7:22:00 PM28.000SSB
WE8P/KH6Saturday, May 22, 199917M4:15:00 PM18.130SSB
HL0IHQ/2Saturday, May 22, 199915M5:14:29 PM21.260SSB
FR5ZQ/GSaturday, May 22, 199920M5:57:00 PM14.180SSB
WC6DX/PSaturday, May 22, 199915M11:42:05 PM21.262SSB
EJ3HBSunday, May 23, 199920M12:39:34 AM14.260SSB
WF1NSunday, May 23, 199915M3:19:08 PM21.253SSB
K5KWG/UN7Sunday, May 23, 199915M4:59:01 PM21.070PSK31
3C2JJMonday, May 24, 199915M9:50:40 AM21.260SSB
YC8FMIWednesday, May 26, 199915M12:28:57 PM21.261SSB
TA3BQWednesday, May 26, 199920M4:47:00 PM14.071CW
OZ/DL4AMKFriday, May 28, 199920M7:15:59 PM14.257SSB
F6HKA/PSunday, May 30, 199940M10:14:54 AM7.060SSB
GB5TISunday, May 30, 199940M10:39:20 AM7.072SSB
VK3ZJSunday, May 30, 199910M11:55:44 PM28.494SSB
NS7BMonday, May 31, 199917M7:58:35 PM18.141SSB
KO4OLMonday, May 31, 199917M8:16:28 PM18.134SSB
W9KFWMonday, May 31, 199917M8:30:52 PM18.134SSB
9G1MRMonday, May 31, 199917M11:00:44 PM18.130SSB
D2GGMonday, May 31, 199917M11:01:13 PM18.130SSB
CU9/CU3DJWednesday, June 02, 199920M11:29:36 PM14.260SSB
BG6RBAFriday, June 04, 199915M4:35:00 PM21.405SSB
9V1XKFriday, June 04, 199915M4:40:00 PM21.405SSB
9M2RIFriday, June 04, 199915M4:43:00 PM21.405SSB
BG8GKFriday, June 04, 199915M4:43:00 PM21.405SSB
IJ7/IK6CACSaturday, June 05, 199915M10:57:00 AM21.256SSB
U1ZA/ASaturday, June 05, 199917M12:54:04 PM18.076CW
PY7ZZ/7Saturday, June 05, 199910M8:24:55 PM28.455SSB
ES1QX/1Saturday, June 05, 199920M8:40:45 PM14.257SSB
PR59BSaturday, June 05, 199915M8:57:53 PM21.265SSB
KL7AKSunday, June 06, 199920M9:06:00 AM14.260SSB
SM7QWSunday, June 06, 199920M3:52:31 PM14.260SSB
ON4AJWTuesday, June 08, 199917M8:03:18 PM18.155SSB
ON4CDZTuesday, June 08, 199917M8:03:37 PM18.155SSB
W4/G0WWRTuesday, June 08, 199917M11:49:16 PM18.162SSB
KB8LAGTuesday, June 08, 199917M11:55:51 PM18.162SSB
V47JVGThursday, June 10, 199917M12:03:36 AM18.145SSB
TK/PA3GIO/MSunday, June 13, 199920M10:50:08 AM14.260SSB
ON6TSTuesday, June 15, 199915M7:59:01 PM21.071CW
KL7/DL1YMKFriday, June 18, 199920M8:09:27 AM14.266SSB
CV5AFriday, June 18, 199920M11:25:00 PM14.260SSB
3V8DJSaturday, June 19, 199920M5:25:00 PM14.260SSB
3V8DJSaturday, June 19, 199915M5:41:34 PM21.260SSB
JA3BNMonday, June 21, 199915M8:04:43 AM21.070CW
UE0XZZMonday, June 21, 199917M8:56:56 PM18.074CW
HL0ZX/4Tuesday, June 22, 199920M8:02:55 PM14.255SSB
SM3TLG/2Tuesday, June 22, 199920M8:03:00 PM14.260SSB
HL0ZX/4Tuesday, June 22, 199915M8:27:21 PM21.260SSB
VR2KMTuesday, June 22, 199915M8:28:11 PM21.270SSB
6Y5WJTuesday, June 22, 199917M10:01:57 PM18.158SSB
W7KRWThursday, June 24, 199920M7:52:29 PM14.260SSB
VY0OFriday, June 25, 199920M7:09:08 PM14.265SSB
ED7SPIFriday, June 25, 199920M7:38:54 PM14.252SSB
TM6BMPFriday, June 25, 199920M7:43:51 PM14.240SSB
F/G0GRCSaturday, June 26, 199940M4:29:00 PM7.063SSB
UA0FCD/PSaturday, June 26, 199920M7:29:29 PM14.250SSB
9Y4JAMonday, June 28, 199917M9:59:49 PM18.158SSB
HP1XVHThursday, July 01, 199920M12:55:01 AM14.260SSB
T30EDThursday, July 01, 199920M6:59:21 PM14.250SSB
5B4AGXThursday, July 01, 199920M7:20:16 PM14.262SSB
KF9YLThursday, July 01, 199920M11:44:19 PM14.260SSB
JA1SJTSaturday, July 03, 199917M8:41:56 PM18.125SSB
JS6BLSSaturday, July 03, 199917M8:49:14 PM18.125SSB
JA8DBUSaturday, July 03, 199917M8:57:27 PM18.125SSB
RW6HBLSaturday, July 03, 199917M9:05:23 PM18.125SSB
IV3BKCSaturday, July 03, 199917M9:13:58 PM18.125SSB
UA0QBASaturday, July 03, 199920M10:44:50 PM14.260SSB
EP2SMHSunday, July 04, 199920M6:45:46 PM14.255SSB
VE7IUZMonday, July 05, 199917M7:55:41 PM18.158SSB
R1MVATuesday, July 06, 199915M8:16:49 AM21.295SSB
R1MVAWednesday, July 07, 199917M7:56:08 AM18.145SSB
R1MVAWednesday, July 07, 199920M7:59:26 AM14.197SSB
R1MVAWednesday, July 07, 199910M11:57:43 PM28.025CW
R1MVAThursday, July 08, 199915M8:11:37 AM21.025CW
R1MVAFriday, July 09, 199910M9:04:46 AM28.495SSB
R1MVAFriday, July 09, 199917M10:39:30 AM18.071CW
R1MVAFriday, July 09, 199940M8:37:09 PM7.004CW
R1MVAFriday, July 09, 199930M11:30:21 PM10.111CW
R1MVAFriday, July 09, 1999160M11:44:01 PM1.830CW
R1MVAFriday, July 09, 199980M11:48:16 PM3.795SSB
R1MVSaturday, July 10, 199920M4:54:46 PM14.036CW
VK7FLIMonday, July 12, 199915M12:22:25 AM21.260SSB
R1MVAMonday, July 12, 199912M6:20:03 PM24.945SSB
SM3LFTuesday, July 13, 199920M7:32:41 PM14.260SSB
VA3MER/VO2Tuesday, July 13, 199920M7:38:58 PM14.257SSB
C21NITuesday, July 13, 199915M9:58:32 PM21.365SSB
UA0ZY/PWednesday, July 14, 199920M6:16:24 PM14.260SSB
PA9MRThursday, July 15, 199920M7:50:11 PM14.264SSB
SM/IK3GES/PThursday, July 15, 199920M7:55:30 PM14.260SSB
JA7DYJThursday, July 15, 199917M8:23:49 PM18.145SSB
JH8HEOThursday, July 15, 199917M8:38:04 PM18.145SSB
IT9FXY/PFriday, July 16, 199920M11:08:15 PM14.260SSB
W2KV/2Friday, July 16, 199920M11:32:50 PM14.260SSB
FO0DELSaturday, July 17, 199920M8:57:08 AM14.120SSB
GM/IK1SPESaturday, July 17, 199920M9:06:29 AM14.260SSB
WH6ASWSaturday, July 17, 199917M9:21:59 AM18.120SSB
RF1PSaturday, July 17, 199915M9:49:08 AM21.020CW
M0BMJ/MSaturday, July 17, 199917M12:00:38 PM18.128SSB
IK8WEJ/8Saturday, July 17, 199920M12:15:08 PM14.260SSB
HL4HLDSaturday, July 17, 199915M5:13:37 PM21.260SSB
KG4ASSaturday, July 17, 199917M10:14:23 PM18.134SSB
JA9AASaturday, July 17, 199917M10:52:26 PM18.120SSB
NB6ZSunday, July 18, 199915M5:30:00 PM21.325CW
GD4WBYSunday, July 18, 199915M5:56:40 PM21.325SSB
TM0YMonday, July 19, 199940M8:02:38 AM7.061SSB
K6GNXMonday, July 19, 199915M7:11:49 PM21.325SSB
C6AFVTuesday, July 20, 199915M11:30:39 PM21.295SSB
N6VV/PWednesday, July 21, 199920M8:39:24 PM14.260SSB
MJ0AWRThursday, July 22, 199917M7:05:06 PM18.136SSB
CY9CWIThursday, July 22, 199917M8:37:22 PM18.125SSB
DS1BHE/3Friday, July 23, 199915M3:04:20 PM21.260SSB
W1GAYSaturday, July 24, 199920M12:22:35 AM14.260SSB
C6AFVSaturday, July 24, 199915M12:28:50 PM21.295SSB
BI4QSaturday, July 24, 199915M12:54:54 PM21.260SSB
BO0MSaturday, July 24, 199915M1:01:34 PM21.278SSB
BA7JA/PSaturday, July 24, 199915M1:50:16 PM21.280SSB
JM6CIP/6Saturday, July 24, 199915M2:12:16 PM21.048CW
TM2FSaturday, July 24, 199940M3:10:59 PM7.056SSB
RZ1OA/ASaturday, July 24, 199920M3:54:54 PM14.005CW
VE1JSSaturday, July 24, 199920M5:18:12 PM14.264SSB
JG6URG/6Saturday, July 24, 199920M6:34:11 PM14.034CW
CE7OXZSaturday, July 24, 199915M6:46:21 PM21.273SSB
NO7F/KL7Saturday, July 24, 199920M6:58:38 PM14.249SSB
EJ2HYSaturday, July 24, 199940M7:03:27 PM7.063SSB
N3OC/PSaturday, July 24, 199920M7:38:11 PM14.263SSB
AA3DDSaturday, July 24, 199920M9:44:28 PM14.035CW
JH6TYDSaturday, July 24, 199920M9:50:18 PM14.045CW
W4TSaturday, July 24, 199920M9:56:08 PM14.261SSB
5K8TSaturday, July 24, 199915M10:12:21 PM21.226SSB
N2US/PSaturday, July 24, 199920M10:28:24 PM14.180SSB
DL8OBC/PSaturday, July 24, 199920M10:33:50 PM14.008CW
HK3JJH/HC4Monday, July 26, 199915M6:32:54 PM21.260SSB
YC9YKIMonday, July 26, 199915M6:53:15 PM21.260SSB
OZ/DL2JRMThursday, July 29, 199920M8:02:15 PM14.260SSB
RZ1OA/AThursday, July 29, 199920M9:25:37 PM14.259SSB
HL0Y/4Thursday, July 29, 199915M9:34:53 PM21.260SSB
3D2ALSunday, August 01, 199917M9:47:00 AM18.145SSB
FW8ZZSunday, August 01, 199917M10:47:44 AM18.145SSB
3W6KSSunday, August 01, 199917M5:10:00 PM18.147SSB
YW7CTuesday, August 03, 199915M11:26:54 PM21.293SSB
VE3PTC/MThursday, August 05, 199915M7:54:04 PM21.267SSB
VE3HBFThursday, August 05, 199915M8:02:39 PM21.267SSB
ZK1SCQFriday, August 06, 199915M9:33:11 AM21.260SSB
VK4AJKFriday, August 06, 199910M9:32:41 PM28.420SSB
P29VHXSaturday, August 07, 199915M11:13:03 AM21.255SSB
PJ7/PA7FMSunday, August 08, 199917M11:06:23 AM18.142SSB
N5MLSunday, August 08, 199917M2:50:00 PM18.158SSB
VE2/F5SSMWednesday, August 11, 199920M12:11:18 AM14.261SSB
ZK1SCQWednesday, August 11, 199920M8:00:10 AM14.260SSB
VP2MDDWednesday, August 11, 199917M11:16:46 PM18.156SSB
P29BIFriday, August 13, 199915M9:23:47 AM21.260SSB
H44NCFriday, August 13, 199915M9:33:04 AM21.270SSB
JL1KFR/JD1Friday, August 13, 199915M10:21:26 AM21.083RTTY
P29VHXFriday, August 13, 199915M10:57:40 AM21.295SSB
SM7NRSaturday, August 14, 199915M9:38:52 PM21.260SSB
N0OND/VE5Saturday, August 14, 199917M11:09:07 PM18.147SSB
YJ0AXCSunday, August 15, 199917M9:58:59 AM18.070CW
ZK1SCQMonday, August 16, 199920M7:23:56 AM14.260SSB
AE4MK/PMonday, August 16, 199920M8:06:01 PM14.260SSB
ZK1AANWednesday, August 18, 199920M8:04:00 AM14.193SSB
HU4UFriday, August 20, 199917M6:36:41 PM18.145SSB
VK4CHB/PSaturday, August 21, 199915M10:11:02 AM21.260SSB
TE8CISaturday, August 21, 199917M2:13:21 PM18.160SSB
TE8CISaturday, August 21, 199915M2:46:57 PM21.260SSB
RI1PSaturday, August 21, 199915M2:58:40 PM21.258SSB
VY0TA/PSunday, August 22, 199917M3:52:45 PM18.153SSB
MM0BPP/PTuesday, August 24, 199940M5:39:28 PM7.062SSB
ZK1SCRWednesday, August 25, 199920M7:43:15 AM14.260SSB
GM3VLB/PWednesday, August 25, 199920M11:10:23 PM14.260SSB
VK8AN/8Friday, August 27, 199915M1:37:59 PM21.260SSB
FK/F6BUMSaturday, August 28, 199915M8:12:25 AM21.263SSB
T24DXSaturday, August 28, 199917M8:19:57 AM18.135SSB
RK3DZJ/1Sunday, August 29, 199920M6:33:52 PM14.256SSB
T24DXTuesday, August 31, 199920M7:44:29 AM14.195SSB
N6ZSSaturday, September 04, 199917M5:31:00 PM18.100SSB
M5AASSaturday, September 04, 199915M5:31:00 PM21.325SSB
S79GISaturday, September 04, 199917M9:31:35 PM18.130SSB
N2WB/130Monday, September 06, 199917M11:51:40 PM18.130SSB
W2NTJ/VY0Thursday, September 09, 199920M11:35:02 PM14.176SSB
VE3XNThursday, September 09, 199920M11:50:13 PM14.176SSB
VP5/WB8VTKSaturday, September 11, 199917M1:37:40 PM18.147SSB
T24DXSunday, September 12, 199915M9:12:11 AM21.152SSB
GP5KNThursday, September 16, 199980M10:17:06 PM3.738SSB
PA8GBSaturday, September 18, 199917M4:05:49 PM18.126SSB
KA3ICHSaturday, September 18, 199917M4:09:22 PM18.126SSB
3C0RSaturday, September 18, 199910M4:25:29 PM28.394SSB
BI7YSunday, September 19, 199915M2:05:14 PM21.257SSB
VK9RSTuesday, September 21, 199920M7:13:41 PM14.260SSB
OD5RALFriday, September 24, 199920M9:12:00 PM14.260SSB
T31TSaturday, September 25, 199917M10:40:00 AM18.075CW
R1ANZSunday, September 26, 199917M9:25:41 AM18.142SSB
5H8TLSunday, September 26, 199915M6:55:21 PM21.325SSB
ZD9HGWWednesday, September 29, 199915M6:47:29 PM21.325SSB
VE3ZZ/W1Wednesday, September 29, 199920M8:52:09 PM14.260SSB
T31KThursday, September 30, 199920M8:10:37 AM14.250SSB
GB5FIThursday, September 30, 199920M5:24:50 PM14.262SSB
VK6EEN/PFriday, October 01, 199920M3:06:28 PM14.257SSB
T31KFriday, October 01, 199917M6:59:34 PM18.147SSB
VK2NP/PSaturday, October 02, 199920M9:14:38 AM14.195SSB
UN5PRSaturday, October 02, 199915M12:00:26 PM21.101CW
SP7ITTSaturday, October 02, 199915M12:03:21 PM21.103CW
IK4IDFSaturday, October 02, 199915M12:06:40 PM21.103CW
T94DOSunday, October 03, 199917M9:28:19 AM18.145SSB
VQ9WMSunday, October 03, 199910M10:12:02 AM28.418SSB
PZ5DXSunday, October 03, 199910M6:21:21 PM28.470SSB
T31TSunday, October 03, 199915M7:23:17 PM21.005CW
VK8PY/6Tuesday, October 05, 199920M8:01:00 AM14.257SSB
ZK3DXSaturday, October 09, 199920M4:22:45 PM14.245SSB
ZK3DXSunday, October 10, 199917M10:27:29 AM18.145SSB
J28NHSunday, October 17, 199915M6:01:40 PM21.325SSB
KH6/DL5RBKWednesday, October 20, 199910M6:44:41 PM28.487SSB
KH6/DL5RBKWednesday, October 20, 199912M6:55:49 PM24.937SSB
VE6QLLWednesday, October 20, 199910M7:47:00 PM28.528SSB
VE6QLLWednesday, October 20, 199917M7:55:00 PM18.122SSB
7A0KThursday, October 28, 199920M10:45:39 PM14.260SSB
GI0KOWSaturday, October 30, 199920M12:16:00 AM14.200SSB
T33YSunday, October 31, 199920M7:40:48 PM14.202SSB
6D2XSunday, October 31, 199920M11:41:05 PM14.229SSB
JL6UBM/6Monday, November 01, 199915M8:56:34 AM21.260SSB
AI5P/MWednesday, November 03, 199920M10:12:08 PM14.260SSB
OA5/F5TYYFriday, November 05, 199920M12:39:40 AM14.260SSB
VK8MLSaturday, November 06, 199910M10:44:23 AM28.560SSB
FY5FU/PSaturday, November 06, 199915M2:12:09 PM21.260SSB
BV2FTSaturday, November 06, 199920M5:25:08 PM14.184SSB
EY8CQSunday, November 07, 199910M1:31:41 PM28.468SSB
YB0DXSunday, November 07, 199910M1:37:43 PM28.480SSB
KB8EJRSunday, November 07, 199910M3:12:21 PM28.480SSB
KF4GDXSunday, November 07, 199910M3:17:11 PM28.480SSB
VE1FZSunday, November 07, 199910M3:21:05 PM28.391SSB
KB4PTJSunday, November 07, 199910M3:24:58 PM28.391SSB
KF4DGH/MSunday, November 07, 199910M3:28:10 PM28.391SSB
KK5TCSunday, November 07, 199910M3:32:12 PM28.391SSB
K1UKXSunday, November 07, 199910M3:36:05 PM28.391SSB
W3/G0MMHSunday, November 07, 199910M3:43:46 PM28.391SSB
WA4AMSunday, November 07, 199910M3:45:57 PM28.391SSB
XE2/K7ZSSunday, November 07, 199910M4:08:46 PM28.381SSB
HS0ZBGSaturday, November 13, 199920M12:28:48 AM14.250SSB
WU6TSunday, November 14, 199917M6:24:34 PM18.160SSB
W9WPVFriday, November 19, 199917M12:47:46 AM18.158SSB
K6MYCFriday, November 19, 199917M1:11:12 AM18.158SSB
PY1NEZ/PP1Thursday, November 25, 199920M9:30:59 PM14.261SSB
CO0DXFriday, November 26, 199920M12:34:24 AM14.212SSB
YA4ASaturday, November 27, 199910M1:29:36 PM28.053CW
CO0DXSaturday, November 27, 199910M3:58:27 PM28.492SSB
VE4LGSaturday, November 27, 199910M4:18:12 PM28.310SSB
KC4GPD/MSaturday, November 27, 199910M4:28:10 PM28.310SSB
W0ZSSaturday, November 27, 199910M4:38:17 PM28.310SSB
KB0YXOSaturday, November 27, 199910M4:40:41 PM28.310SSB
VE6SMISaturday, November 27, 199910M4:44:02 PM28.310SSB
K0BJSaturday, November 27, 199910M8:13:49 PM28.488SSB
GB4MSMSaturday, December 11, 199940M3:25:00 PM7.080SSB
RW3PSSunday, December 12, 199910M11:09:45 AM28.122CW
PS8HF/PSaturday, December 18, 199920M8:03:28 PM14.279SSB
KF9YLSunday, December 19, 199920M12:21:05 AM14.259SSB
EP3PTTSunday, December 19, 199920M3:11:40 PM14.184SSB
FO5JVSunday, December 19, 199920M3:17:05 PM14.184SSB
CU3DJSunday, December 19, 199920M4:45:17 PM14.184SSB
ER2000DSaturday, December 25, 199910M10:41:36 AM28.480SSB
DL2SCQ/C6ASaturday, December 25, 199915M5:50:35 PM21.260SSB
HR5/F2JDSaturday, December 25, 199915M5:58:58 PM21.250SSB
W5RRRSaturday, December 25, 199920M8:15:00 PM14.260SSB
W9DC/MMonday, December 27, 199920M6:37:38 PM14.260SSB
VK6AITuesday, December 28, 199915M2:18:26 PM21.253SSB
AC4WWTuesday, December 28, 199920M7:30:28 PM14.260SSB
BT20OOThursday, December 30, 199915M9:19:16 AM21.266SSB
SV1EHG/AMThursday, December 30, 199920M12:07:59 PM14.255SSB
N7WIThursday, December 30, 199920M7:15:00 PM14.260SSB
CE9/R3CAThursday, December 30, 199920M8:16:00 PM14.260SSB
JI3DST/6Sunday, January 02, 200015M9:08:00 AM21.280SSB
K4BXSunday, January 02, 200017M5:00:00 PM18.100CW
G3ZAYMonday, January 03, 200015M10:22:00 AM21.273SSB
GI4WXAMonday, January 03, 200015M4:58:00 PM21.273SSB
CE9/R3CAWednesday, January 05, 200020M9:18:01 AM14.260SSB
P4/XE1LWednesday, January 05, 200020M6:54:53 PM14.260SSB
ZM4DJThursday, January 06, 200017M9:01:18 AM18.158SSB
9Y4SFThursday, January 06, 200020M8:37:31 PM14.208SSB
3B8/I5JHWThursday, January 06, 200020M9:25:15 PM14.190SSB
SM/DL5RFFFriday, January 07, 200020M8:55:55 AM14.260SSB
VK3RMSaturday, January 08, 200017M10:30:03 AM18.158SSB
VK2IFSaturday, January 08, 200017M10:47:22 AM18.158SSB
VK7GKSaturday, January 08, 200017M11:02:27 AM18.115SSB
SV1TP/PSaturday, January 08, 200020M11:18:38 AM14.263SSB
8P9HWSaturday, January 08, 200017M11:55:00 AM18.144SSB
N1YDUSaturday, January 08, 200017M12:09:00 PM18.158SSB
IT9ZVLSaturday, January 08, 200017M4:22:56 PM18.145SSB
VE7DXQSaturday, January 08, 200020M4:41:46 PM14.167SSB
VE7QCRSaturday, January 08, 200020M5:02:59 PM14.260SSB
FT5YGSaturday, January 08, 200020M5:42:11 PM14.133SSB
R1ANPSaturday, January 08, 200020M6:00:09 PM14.164SSB
5R8FVSaturday, January 08, 200020M6:38:49 PM14.200SSB
VP9/KE0UISaturday, January 08, 200020M8:46:02 PM14.200SSB
VO1DADSaturday, January 08, 200020M8:49:00 PM14.265SSB
WH6LUSunday, January 09, 200010M10:19:01 AM28.455SSB
RA9LI/9Sunday, January 09, 200020M10:35:00 AM14.257SSB
LA2PIASunday, January 09, 200020M10:50:46 AM14.257SSB
M0BMJ/MSunday, January 09, 200017M11:14:00 AM18.128SSB
EC5AJP/PSunday, January 09, 200015M12:21:49 PM21.200SSB
CE0ZThursday, January 13, 200020M12:00:04 AM14.200SSB
ZMY2KFriday, January 14, 200017M8:49:29 AM18.136SSB
JD1AMASaturday, January 15, 200017M10:04:18 AM18.135SSB
RA0BKSaturday, January 15, 200015M11:00:00 AM21.230SSB
BW2000Saturday, January 15, 200017M12:02:03 PM18.125SSB
EX8MLESaturday, January 15, 200017M12:28:02 PM18.147SSB
EA6QYSaturday, January 15, 200017M12:35:10 PM18.147SSB
CT2FPYSaturday, January 15, 200017M12:50:00 PM18.147SSB
VK4FNQSaturday, January 15, 200017M1:10:00 PM18.147SSB
XZ0ASaturday, January 15, 200017M1:59:44 PM18.142SSB
HF0POLSaturday, January 15, 200015M4:45:00 PM21.273SSB
9A2GFSunday, January 16, 200020M4:52:13 PM14.260SSB
VK9NSSunday, January 16, 200020M7:10:18 PM14.260SSB
GJ3DVCSunday, January 16, 200020M7:25:05 PM14.255SSB
JA6CTWMonday, January 17, 200015M8:58:22 AM21.208SSB
K2OLG/MMonday, January 17, 200020M6:55:38 PM14.260SSB
W2JZKMonday, January 17, 200020M8:37:27 PM14.263SSB
PY1NEZ/PP1Monday, January 17, 200020M9:47:13 PM14.260SSB
CE8/R3CATuesday, January 18, 200020M9:00:20 PM14.261SSB
LA2BKAFriday, January 21, 200020M9:06:16 AM14.257SSB
TE8CHFriday, January 21, 200020M9:11:51 AM14.260SSB
PY2JM/PFriday, January 21, 200020M9:47:00 PM14.260SSB
T32DASaturday, January 22, 200020M10:59:57 AM14.267SSB
KP4DKESaturday, January 22, 200010M2:57:05 PM28.473SSB
FO5JVSaturday, January 22, 200020M3:17:00 PM14.184SSB
IM0/KD4NKWSaturday, January 22, 200020M3:21:34 PM14.184SSB
KL7JMSaturday, January 22, 200020M3:26:56 PM14.184SSB
PS8NF/PR8Saturday, January 22, 200020M10:08:42 PM14.260SSB
XQ5BIB/8Saturday, January 22, 200020M10:10:00 PM14.257SSB
JA5CEXSunday, January 23, 200017M11:12:21 AM18.157SSB
LA1CISunday, January 23, 200017M11:21:48 AM18.135SSB
EA8BWNSunday, January 23, 200017M12:00:18 PM18.120SSB
FH/G3TXFSunday, January 23, 200017M5:16:05 PM18.073CW
JA2KSIMonday, January 24, 200017M9:04:42 AM18.155SSB
OX3SAWednesday, January 26, 200020M7:23:52 PM14.247SSB
JH8HEOThursday, January 27, 200017M8:56:36 AM18.144SSB
ZD9BVThursday, January 27, 200017M6:49:20 PM18.140SSB
EA8ADMFriday, January 28, 200020M8:34:00 PM14.070PSK31
CT3/DJ7RJSaturday, January 29, 200020M10:25:20 AM14.260SSB
PJ2ISaturday, January 29, 200010M2:35:42 PM28.496SSB
DL4PMSaturday, January 29, 200017M2:43:58 PM18.126SSB
9H3EHSaturday, January 29, 200017M4:35:10 PM18.156SSB
DJ9INSaturday, January 29, 200017M4:57:15 PM18.150SSB
TM5CROSaturday, January 29, 200040M8:10:41 PM7.074SSB
HK3OSA/0Saturday, January 29, 200020M8:43:03 PM14.258SSB
ZD7BGSunday, January 30, 200017M7:43:57 AM18.140SSB
VK0LDSunday, January 30, 200020M12:08:16 PM14.155SSB
CU2GYSunday, January 30, 200017M1:05:00 PM18.147SSB
5U7ZSunday, January 30, 200017M5:23:23 PM18.145SSB
M2000ASunday, January 30, 200020M6:24:47 PM14.221SSB
JA6CTWWednesday, February 02, 200017M8:49:10 AM18.128SSB
JA7JHWednesday, February 02, 200017M8:57:45 AM18.144SSB
V47FETWednesday, February 02, 200020M7:58:38 PM14.260SSB
4F4IXThursday, February 03, 200010M8:30:09 AM28.490SSB
7K1HCJThursday, February 03, 200017M8:38:21 AM18.136SSB
VK3RMThursday, February 03, 200017M8:51:17 AM18.148SSB
BV4VFSunday, February 06, 200010M9:40:44 AM28.480SSB
HS0/IK4MRHSunday, February 06, 200010M10:03:15 AM28.460SSB
DL1BWU/PSunday, February 06, 200020M10:12:04 AM14.261SSB
AC4WWMonday, February 07, 200015M6:54:30 PM21.260SSB
JA8LNAWednesday, February 09, 200010M8:48:47 AM28.521SSB
JH6TYDWednesday, February 09, 200010M8:52:36 AM28.463SSB
K4HBHThursday, February 10, 200020M7:52:16 PM14.260SSB
JA6BLVFriday, February 11, 200015M8:38:06 AM21.282SSB
JR6USFFriday, February 11, 200015M8:47:38 AM21.255SSB
JA1FNAFriday, February 11, 200015M8:55:23 AM21.263SSB
JA5EOFriday, February 11, 200010M9:03:49 AM28.390SSB
4S7EASaturday, February 12, 200017M5:05:00 PM18.140SSB
VP6BRSaturday, February 12, 200017M5:21:00 PM18.138SSB
8R1AK/PSaturday, February 12, 200020M11:22:00 PM14.260SSB
VP8CMTSaturday, February 12, 200020M11:50:00 PM14.270SSB
VK4CYTuesday, February 15, 200020M8:54:55 AM14.270SSB
C6ALCTuesday, February 15, 200017M7:53:10 PM18.140SSB
PT7BZ/PY0FTuesday, February 15, 200020M8:03:38 PM14.250SSB
K9PPY/5Tuesday, February 15, 200020M8:23:50 PM14.260SSB
VP8CKBTuesday, February 15, 200020M8:48:35 PM14.247SSB
ZM7ZBWednesday, February 16, 200017M8:58:31 AM18.145SSB
VK7GKWednesday, February 16, 200017M9:04:28 AM18.115SSB
PY6JJThursday, February 17, 200020M7:43:23 PM14.260SSB
9U5DThursday, February 17, 200020M8:59:31 PM14.204SSB
V2/VE3OPThursday, February 17, 200020M9:53:47 PM14.169SSB
SI1SSAFriday, February 18, 200020M8:47:47 AM14.260SSB
OH0RJFriday, February 18, 200017M8:50:27 AM18.145SSB
TM2ASunday, February 20, 200040M9:26:24 AM7.055SSB
JA4PXE/4Sunday, February 20, 200015M9:37:05 AM21.269SSB
JW9VDASunday, February 20, 200017M9:59:37 AM18.147SSB
UA0FZSunday, February 20, 200012M10:07:14 AM24.982SSB
MD/DL7URHSunday, February 20, 200020M4:57:03 PM14.080RTTY
CE0ZYWednesday, February 23, 200017M10:19:42 PM18.073CW
KL1SLEFriday, February 25, 200020M8:12:23 PM14.260SSB
CT1EKY/PTuesday, February 29, 200020M8:02:35 PM14.264SSB
W1GAYTuesday, February 29, 200020M8:07:23 PM14.260SSB
HS0/IK4MRHWednesday, March 01, 200020M7:44:00 PM14.257SSB
SV5TSWednesday, March 01, 200020M9:05:33 PM14.257SSB
3B9FRThursday, March 02, 200020M7:06:29 PM14.180SSB
KB5GL/5Thursday, March 02, 200015M7:42:44 PM21.257SSB
J79WWWFriday, March 03, 200017M7:46:23 PM18.145SSB
J37KFriday, March 03, 200015M7:49:44 PM21.271SSB
FO0AAASunday, March 05, 200017M1:09:13 AM18.145SSB
YC9MKFSunday, March 05, 200010M11:32:24 AM28.460SSB
FO0AAASunday, March 05, 200010M7:49:24 PM28.475SSB
AC4WWMonday, March 06, 200015M7:05:12 PM21.260SSB
N2TK/NP2Wednesday, March 08, 200017M12:03:50 AM18.111SSB
CV1ZWednesday, March 08, 200010M7:57:42 PM28.505SSB
ZC4RAFWednesday, March 08, 200020M8:14:17 PM14.170SSB
FG/F5BOYThursday, March 09, 200020M12:33:22 AM14.260SSB
5Z4WIThursday, March 09, 200020M8:01:18 PM14.262SSB
CS5END/PSaturday, March 11, 200020M11:03:18 AM14.260SSB
BV2TLSaturday, March 11, 200010M11:16:53 AM28.448SSB
9M2TOSaturday, March 11, 200010M11:30:16 AM28.031CW
GP0STHSaturday, March 11, 200017M4:50:30 PM18.150SSB
5Z4WISaturday, March 11, 200017M5:54:39 PM18.135SSB
AH8ASaturday, March 11, 200015M6:32:00 PM21.355SSB
JA4PXESunday, March 12, 200015M10:15:00 AM21.000SSB
SM7DLZSunday, March 12, 200015M10:33:09 AM21.287SSB
C35MOSunday, March 12, 200017M11:11:24 AM18.136SSB
P29VRSunday, March 12, 200015M11:25:38 AM21.230SSB
YC9YKISunday, March 12, 200015M2:25:11 PM21.260SSB
VE7QRZ/PSunday, March 12, 200012M6:07:39 PM24.942SSB
HK3JJH/1Sunday, March 12, 200020M11:56:06 PM14.260SSB
ZF2MCWednesday, March 15, 200020M12:22:09 AM14.247SSB
FS/F6CMHWednesday, March 15, 200020M1:49:25 AM14.255SSB
VQ9GBWednesday, March 15, 200017M7:19:56 PM18.115SSB
XF4LWYWednesday, March 15, 200010M8:04:18 PM28.560SSB
W1VPMWednesday, March 15, 200010M9:08:18 PM28.510SSB
HC2RGWednesday, March 15, 200017M11:58:15 PM18.145SSB
JH6TYDThursday, March 16, 200020M6:46:29 PM14.257SSB
K7CQXFriday, March 17, 200017M12:59:22 AM18.156SSB
WC9UFriday, March 17, 200017M12:59:53 AM18.156SSB
KE9GCFriday, March 17, 200017M1:04:36 AM18.156SSB
W7MMIFriday, March 17, 200017M1:06:12 AM18.156SSB
WA7ZHTFriday, March 17, 200017M1:09:06 AM18.156SSB
KB9VFLFriday, March 17, 200017M1:16:09 AM18.156SSB
JG6XSGFriday, March 17, 200017M10:31:46 PM18.125SSB
JI3DST/6Saturday, March 18, 200010M10:36:06 AM28.480SSB
IK7LMX/7Saturday, March 18, 200010M10:51:51 AM28.460SSB
YC0ROYSaturday, March 18, 200015M1:42:44 PM21.305SSB
YC8XNESaturday, March 18, 200015M2:30:00 PM21.260SSB
DU3SVSaturday, March 18, 200015M2:31:41 PM21.355SSB
KH0/JA5AUCSaturday, March 18, 200017M4:18:43 PM18.127SSB
JA6LCJ/6Saturday, March 18, 200015M4:22:41 PM21.262SSB
OX3KQSaturday, March 18, 200017M6:23:53 PM18.165SSB
GW0MOISaturday, March 18, 200017M9:58:53 PM18.146SSB
V31GISunday, March 19, 200010M7:19:45 PM28.558SSB
W5GITuesday, March 21, 200015M9:40:14 PM21.260SSB
9M6BAAWednesday, March 22, 200020M10:02:21 PM14.260SSB
9E1CThursday, March 23, 200017M12:18:47 AM18.145SSB
9Z4CTThursday, March 23, 200017M12:35:17 AM18.132SSB
AA2XWThursday, March 23, 200017M12:45:36 AM18.132SSB
TX0DXThursday, March 23, 200017M8:54:34 PM18.145SSB
3V8BTThursday, March 23, 200020M11:46:01 PM14.260SSB
FO5NLFriday, March 24, 200017M8:50:30 AM18.136SSB
UA0FZSunday, March 26, 200010M10:11:00 AM28.460SSB
RS0FSunday, March 26, 200010M11:12:28 AM28.707SSB
J64ASSunday, March 26, 200010M11:42:38 AM28.735SSB
VR2MYSunday, March 26, 200010M11:48:46 AM28.705SSB
FM5BHSunday, March 26, 200010M12:11:22 PM28.441SSB
VP5DXSunday, March 26, 200010M12:15:12 PM28.399SSB
PJ9/ON4CFDSunday, March 26, 200010M5:13:45 PM28.867SSB
XX9TRRSunday, March 26, 200010M5:35:47 PM28.581SSB
CU9ACMonday, March 27, 200020M7:39:21 PM14.255SSB
TX0DXMonday, March 27, 200020M8:09:57 PM14.195SSB
N7WITuesday, March 28, 200015M8:28:22 PM21.260SSB
YC5VYHTuesday, March 28, 200015M8:45:37 PM21.300SSB
PZ5RAWednesday, March 29, 200017M1:30:07 AM18.157SSB
W2IIWednesday, March 29, 200017M1:32:57 AM18.163SSB
ZL2BLQWednesday, March 29, 200010M1:52:43 AM28.497SSB
PP5OWWednesday, March 29, 200015M8:39:06 PM21.271SSB
TK7IThursday, March 30, 200020M2:34:06 PM14.260SSB
9G5MDFriday, March 31, 200010M12:52:40 PM28.560SSB
VK0MMSunday, April 02, 200020M11:26:29 AM14.150SSB
KH2/JE1SLPSunday, April 02, 200015M5:40:25 PM21.240SSB
HC8/PA3GIOSunday, April 02, 200012M5:58:09 PM24.945SSB
4W/W2URSunday, April 02, 200020M10:47:53 PM14.195SSB
4W6GHMonday, April 03, 200017M9:34:57 PM18.155SSB
OX3LGMonday, April 03, 200020M10:22:00 PM14.258SSB
AC4WWTuesday, April 04, 200020M3:32:06 AM14.260SSB
ZS31ERTuesday, April 04, 200010M10:39:36 PM28.460SSB
4S7EAWednesday, April 05, 200015M1:12:45 AM21.270SSB
YC8TXWWednesday, April 05, 200015M10:01:57 AM21.265SSB
YC9BUWednesday, April 05, 200015M8:17:35 PM21.280SSB
YC5XIP/PWednesday, April 05, 200015M8:45:13 PM21.260SSB
BQ9PThursday, April 06, 200017M7:23:17 PM18.145SSB
3B9FRThursday, April 06, 200017M8:36:15 PM18.073CW
E29DXThursday, April 06, 200020M9:44:00 PM14.263SSB
GM4WJAFriday, April 07, 200010M2:09:29 AM28.495SSB
FK8GMFriday, April 07, 200020M10:08:11 AM14.192SSB
ZL4IRSaturday, April 08, 200015M10:28:48 AM21.255SSB
IK4RQJ/4Saturday, April 08, 200020M10:32:33 AM14.260SSB
FW5ZLSaturday, April 08, 200015M10:59:56 AM21.240SSB
ZL1ANFSaturday, April 08, 200015M12:03:00 PM21.305SSB
DX4RIGSaturday, April 08, 200015M3:41:10 PM21.320SSB
VR2OASaturday, April 08, 200012M3:57:16 PM24.940SSB
GB5ROSaturday, April 08, 200040M5:43:18 PM7.060SSB
9V1RHSaturday, April 08, 200020M5:51:25 PM14.260SSB
9M6CTSaturday, April 08, 200010M6:02:25 PM28.440SSB
YC5TMLSaturday, April 08, 200015M6:18:02 PM21.230SSB
SV9CVYSaturday, April 08, 200020M7:39:57 PM14.260SSB
IK8VRH/8Saturday, April 08, 200020M8:04:09 PM14.020CW
YC5VYHSaturday, April 08, 200010M8:29:48 PM28.550SSB
YB2LABSunday, April 09, 200010M8:02:23 PM28.492SSB
K2OLG/MSunday, April 09, 200020M10:14:51 PM14.260SSB
EM1KYMonday, April 10, 200020M12:50:13 AM14.260SSB
LA4XGAMonday, April 10, 200020M8:45:34 PM14.261SSB
K2OLG/MTuesday, April 11, 200020M2:15:00 AM14.259SSB
SV8DTD/8Tuesday, April 11, 200020M8:38:38 PM14.260SSB
K2OLG/MTuesday, April 11, 200020M8:49:00 PM14.260SSB
GM3VLB/PWednesday, April 12, 200020M6:22:00 PM14.262SSB
N6JV/PThursday, April 13, 200015M10:49:28 PM21.260SSB
RA9LI/9Friday, April 14, 200015M10:07:12 AM21.262SSB
IV3SKB/PSunday, April 16, 200020M9:14:58 PM14.260SSB
GM3VLB/PSunday, April 16, 200020M11:02:00 PM14.260SSB
8Q7LAMonday, April 17, 200010M10:33:38 AM28.493SSB
MM0BPP/PMonday, April 17, 200040M1:05:21 PM7.060SSB
VQ9NLMonday, April 17, 200015M4:52:54 PM21.231SSB
J3/AA1ONMonday, April 17, 200015M10:00:47 PM21.260SSB
KG4VLThursday, April 20, 200020M1:20:21 AM14.259SSB
HK0OEPThursday, April 20, 200020M1:24:53 AM14.192SSB
7O1YGFThursday, April 20, 200010M11:14:00 AM28.080RTTY
PS5BThursday, April 20, 200010M5:31:26 PM28.460SSB
SV9/G3OQBThursday, April 20, 200010M7:42:00 PM28.000SSB
HR3/HR1RMGThursday, April 20, 200015M10:40:49 PM21.260SSB
ZW8CIFriday, April 21, 200020M1:40:49 AM14.255SSB
J3/AA1ONFriday, April 21, 200017M1:54:55 AM18.138SSB
HR3/HR1RMGFriday, April 21, 200017M2:09:44 AM18.160SSB
AH6JN/W4Friday, April 21, 200015M2:42:14 PM21.202SSB
EA5DWS/PFriday, April 21, 200020M2:55:13 PM14.260SSB
JS6QFO/JR6Friday, April 21, 200015M5:49:21 PM21.215SSB
9M2/JI1ETUFriday, April 21, 200015M6:21:53 PM21.254SSB
EA1/EA4ATIFriday, April 21, 200020M7:03:07 PM14.255SSB
VQ9GBFriday, April 21, 200012M7:50:07 PM24.970SSB
GM0HLV/PFriday, April 21, 200040M8:16:00 PM7.060SSB
RA0LOM/0Saturday, April 22, 200015M2:37:35 PM21.258SSB
AY0N/XSaturday, April 22, 200010M2:46:41 PM28.454SSB
KF9YLSaturday, April 22, 200020M3:55:58 PM14.260SSB
PA/F5LYCSaturday, April 22, 200020M5:50:28 PM14.260SSB
GM4PMKSaturday, April 22, 200040M6:46:55 PM7.053SSB
GI0GDF/PSunday, April 23, 200040M12:02:08 PM7.068SSB
F5KAC/PSunday, April 23, 200020M4:41:02 PM14.262SSB
IK2HTW/3Monday, April 24, 200020M1:25:42 PM14.260SSB
JS6PXBMonday, April 24, 200015M5:30:28 PM21.265SSB
F8BDQ/PMonday, April 24, 200020M6:28:41 PM14.264SSB
9A/S52DG/PMonday, April 24, 200015M6:45:16 PM21.262SSB
SV8/SM0TXMTuesday, April 25, 200020M7:40:45 PM14.260SSB
UA1PAC/PWednesday, April 26, 200015M1:46:23 PM21.262SSB
SV8/SM0TXMWednesday, April 26, 200010M5:44:30 PM28.462SSB
LU8XPWednesday, April 26, 200015M10:19:41 PM21.255SSB
F2YTWednesday, April 26, 200017M11:53:15 PM18.137SSB
WA1DRRThursday, April 27, 200017M12:05:25 AM18.135SSB
T88YHThursday, April 27, 200017M8:50:06 PM18.124SSB
WF1NFriday, April 28, 200015M8:54:08 PM21.260SSB
JN4MCL/4Saturday, April 29, 200015M1:21:24 PM21.275SSB
HL4HLDSaturday, April 29, 200015M1:24:50 PM21.270SSB
JD1BKRSunday, April 30, 200017M12:00:59 AM18.125SSB
GM4CHX/PSunday, April 30, 200020M2:12:50 PM14.263SSB
UA1PBISunday, April 30, 200017M2:31:23 PM18.086CW
TK/IV3UHLSunday, April 30, 200020M2:48:59 PM14.255SSB
W2SF/PSunday, April 30, 200015M3:02:49 PM21.260SSB
SP6ECA/1Sunday, April 30, 200020M3:36:00 PM14.263SSB
RZ1OA/PSunday, April 30, 200015M4:52:56 PM21.263SSB
YC8RBCSunday, April 30, 200015M8:36:27 PM21.260SSB
LA2FKA/MSunday, April 30, 200020M8:47:44 PM14.262SSB
V85AASunday, April 30, 200017M10:23:24 PM18.145SSB
RZ1OA/PSunday, April 30, 200020M11:18:00 PM14.260SSB
FH5CBMonday, May 01, 200017M3:51:00 PM18.156SSB
FR5FDMonday, May 01, 200017M5:43:56 PM18.115SSB
DU7MHAMonday, May 01, 200015M6:43:16 PM21.290SSB
BI4LMonday, May 01, 200015M7:11:00 PM21.270SSB
BI3HMonday, May 01, 200020M7:12:00 PM14.250SSB
A52ATuesday, May 02, 200017M9:08:02 PM18.145SSB
JI3DST/6Wednesday, May 03, 200015M7:55:03 PM21.240SSB
A52AThursday, May 04, 200020M1:52:08 AM14.195SSB
VK5ACYThursday, May 04, 200020M9:59:14 AM14.260SSB
XV5VEThursday, May 04, 200020M9:15:22 PM14.260SSB
R1FJVThursday, May 04, 200020M11:03:04 PM14.265SSB
9A1CZZ/PFriday, May 05, 200020M9:41:26 AM14.259SSB
IB0/IK0GDGFriday, May 05, 200020M8:48:08 PM14.086RTTY
A52AFriday, May 05, 200015M10:40:15 PM21.295SSB
F6KOP/PSaturday, May 06, 200020M12:26:02 AM14.260SSB
ZC4RAFSaturday, May 06, 200010M1:16:39 PM28.495SSB
R1APSaturday, May 06, 200020M6:24:56 PM14.260SSB
IF9/IT9PPGSunday, May 07, 200010M12:02:32 PM28.503SSB
C6AFVTuesday, May 09, 200015M12:34:06 AM21.290SSB
A52ATuesday, May 09, 200012M7:12:04 PM24.945SSB
HP1XVHSaturday, May 13, 200020M4:34:51 AM14.260SSB
FW/G3TXFSaturday, May 13, 200017M11:48:20 AM18.073CW
VK8AN/6Sunday, May 14, 200010M11:22:48 AM28.518SSB
VK9WISunday, May 14, 200020M7:48:18 PM14.198SSB
FS/G4MFWMonday, May 15, 200020M12:56:47 AM14.244SSB
TG9IGIMonday, May 15, 200017M1:28:27 AM18.144SSB
YN9HAUWednesday, May 17, 200017M2:30:46 AM18.150SSB
OJ0VRWednesday, May 17, 200017M3:02:14 PM18.145SSB
5R8FUWednesday, May 17, 200017M4:40:27 PM18.128SSB
TE6UThursday, May 18, 200015M11:07:00 PM21.260SSB
G0OWE/PSaturday, May 20, 200020M12:02:06 PM14.260SSB
FR5ZQ/GSaturday, May 20, 200015M12:19:02 PM21.195SSB
3B8GDSaturday, May 20, 200010M2:53:51 PM28.490SSB
G0TQJSaturday, May 20, 200010M3:16:18 PM28.515SSB
XX9TKWSaturday, May 20, 200010M4:54:29 PM28.490SSB
AA1AC/PSunday, May 21, 200020M1:15:06 PM14.260SSB
SV/I2YYOTuesday, May 23, 200020M9:43:04 PM14.262SSB
OY4TNTuesday, May 23, 200017M11:01:52 PM18.145SSB
IH9/OK1FUAWednesday, May 24, 200015M9:52:25 AM21.260SSB
C6AKAThursday, May 25, 200020M1:32:28 AM14.011CW
F5XX/PFriday, May 26, 200020M9:44:13 AM14.260SSB
SV8/GM3YORFriday, May 26, 200017M9:54:37 AM18.079CW
LA4GHA/PFriday, May 26, 200020M11:04:53 PM14.257SSB
MC0CDXSaturday, May 27, 200040M6:58:31 PM7.068SSB
GB0HISunday, May 28, 200020M7:25:58 PM14.260SSB
9M2/G3LIVMonday, May 29, 200015M6:45:51 PM21.020CW
K2KW/6Y5Monday, May 29, 200017M11:08:19 PM18.073CW
LA9VDA/PTuesday, May 30, 200020M10:12:31 PM14.258SSB
FY/F5KEEWednesday, May 31, 200015M10:15:42 PM21.255SSB
PA5RA/PWednesday, May 31, 200020M10:35:33 PM14.260SSB
DF0RR/PThursday, June 01, 200020M1:17:42 AM14.260SSB
TF3AThursday, June 01, 200020M1:53:58 AM14.260SSB
SV8QJThursday, June 01, 200020M2:14:39 AM14.260SSB
SM3TLG/2Thursday, June 01, 200020M9:45:54 AM14.260SSB
TK/DL5SDThursday, June 01, 200020M9:51:57 AM14.263SSB
IK3PQHThursday, June 01, 200020M8:30:09 PM14.255SSB
SV9/SM6ERSThursday, June 01, 200020M10:13:51 PM14.261SSB
LA2BKAThursday, June 01, 200020M10:22:28 PM14.265SSB
ID9/IT9NGNFriday, June 02, 200040M1:00:28 AM7.060SSB
9H1ETFriday, June 02, 200017M8:46:49 PM18.131SSB
PA5RA/PFriday, June 02, 200020M8:58:07 PM14.267SSB
JW/DL3NRVSaturday, June 03, 200017M2:56:22 PM18.076CW
IK7LMX/7Saturday, June 03, 200020M5:06:58 PM14.258SSB
EA6/G0CQD/MSaturday, June 03, 200017M5:16:36 PM18.133SSB
SM5TSP/PSaturday, June 03, 200020M5:50:28 PM14.255SSB
SV0JD/SV8Saturday, June 03, 200020M6:17:12 PM14.290SSB
IL7/IK4GLVSaturday, June 03, 200020M6:32:32 PM14.261SSB
IS0YUJ/PSaturday, June 03, 200020M6:38:47 PM14.260SSB
SV1TP/PSunday, June 04, 200020M4:55:29 PM14.260SSB
FG/F5SNYSunday, June 04, 200010M6:14:33 PM28.460SSB
OH0HACSunday, June 04, 200020M9:09:19 PM14.260SSB
SV8/I2YYOSunday, June 04, 200020M9:13:19 PM14.256SSB
9A4AMonday, June 05, 200020M10:29:01 PM14.260SSB
IT9AAKMonday, June 05, 200020M11:04:05 PM14.179SSB
DK8OLTuesday, June 06, 200015M9:55:51 AM21.260SSB
9M8QQTuesday, June 06, 200015M9:12:15 PM21.260SSB
SP6HTQ/1Thursday, June 08, 200020M8:05:12 PM14.260CW
9A10CThursday, June 08, 200020M8:30:56 PM14.260SSB
I5/IK3SWAFriday, June 09, 200020M8:04:15 PM14.260SSB
9M2/GM4YXIFriday, June 09, 200020M8:40:33 PM14.260SSB
MJ/F5TJP/PFriday, June 09, 200020M10:55:56 PM14.263SSB
IV3WMISaturday, June 10, 200020M10:41:34 AM14.263SSB
SM3TLG/3Saturday, June 10, 200015M6:28:25 PM21.252SSB
OZ1RDPSaturday, June 10, 200020M6:48:44 PM14.254SSB
IB0/IK0GDGSunday, June 11, 200020M11:12:21 AM14.260SSB
IK8TWX/8Sunday, June 11, 200020M11:31:20 AM14.261SSB
DL1HSF/PSunday, June 11, 200020M1:58:00 PM14.212SSB
SV5/IK2WZDMonday, June 12, 200020M7:46:00 PM14.257SSB
LA9VDA/PTuesday, June 13, 200020M8:52:36 PM14.257SSB
OZ/DL5CX/PTuesday, June 13, 200017M9:07:09 PM18.076CW
3Z0IWednesday, June 14, 200020M5:19:00 PM14.253SSB
OH1TDWednesday, June 14, 200020M8:26:00 PM14.212SSB
LA4MQSaturday, June 17, 200020M12:32:00 AM14.263CW
OZ8ABESaturday, June 17, 200020M12:44:00 AM14.266SSB
JI3DST/1Saturday, June 17, 200015M9:37:00 AM21.266SSB
MM0BQI/PSaturday, June 17, 200040M3:26:00 PM7.059SSB
SV8/HB9EBCSaturday, June 17, 200020M3:34:00 PM14.257SSB
LA/SM3TLGSaturday, June 17, 200020M4:17:00 PM14.261SSB
IK8VRH/8Saturday, June 17, 200020M9:44:00 PM14.265SSB
9A3JB/PSaturday, June 24, 200015M5:18:00 PM21.266SSB
EJ7NETSaturday, June 24, 200020M6:08:00 PM14.261SSB
TA0/IZ7ATNSaturday, June 24, 200020M9:05:00 PM14.263SSB
LA/DH7MWSaturday, June 24, 200020M9:08:00 PM14.265SSB
CU3ANSaturday, June 24, 200020M10:42:00 PM14.262SSB
LA/DJ6HZSunday, June 25, 200020M9:52:00 AM14.260SSB
ES2JSunday, June 25, 200020M10:09:00 AM14.265SSB
HL5FUASunday, June 25, 200015M11:37:00 AM21.260SSB
F/IK1TTDSunday, June 25, 200020M2:28:00 PM14.260SSB
IS0LYN/IM0Sunday, June 25, 200020M5:35:00 PM14.262SSB
5H1/PA3GIOSunday, June 25, 200017M6:59:00 PM18.137SSB
OZ4PAXMonday, June 26, 200020M7:54:27 AM14.251SSB
HL0ZX/3Tuesday, June 27, 200020M6:24:41 PM14.265SSB
UA1TBK/1Wednesday, June 28, 200020M6:07:29 PM14.271SSB
ES1QX/8Wednesday, June 28, 200020M6:09:59 PM14.260SSB
VY0TAWednesday, June 28, 200017M11:25:49 PM18.138SSB
KD1WZThursday, June 29, 200017M12:15:27 AM18.124SSB
SM4DDS/5Thursday, June 29, 200020M7:19:56 AM14.260SSB
SM0JST/7Thursday, June 29, 200020M6:21:54 PM14.257SSB
SV0LRThursday, June 29, 200017M8:47:54 PM18.156SSB
JH1KLNThursday, June 29, 200017M9:05:00 PM18.123SSB
JA8ECThursday, June 29, 200017M9:25:00 PM18.100SSB
9A3FT/PFriday, June 30, 200040M11:05:46 PM7.078SSB
G3XFASaturday, July 01, 200017M9:29:00 AM18.158SSB
CT1EGW/PSaturday, July 01, 200020M9:31:05 AM14.260SSB
IS0LYN/IM0Saturday, July 01, 200020M9:34:53 AM14.253SSB
RZ1AK/PSaturday, July 01, 200020M9:47:29 AM14.253SSB
5I3ASaturday, July 01, 200010M10:52:13 AM28.560SSB
MM0BJGSaturday, July 01, 200020M12:53:32 PM14.262SSB
HL0O/5Saturday, July 01, 200015M8:53:46 PM21.225SSB
JJ8XNASunday, July 02, 200017M2:55:01 PM18.080CW
OH1TDSunday, July 02, 200020M3:11:58 PM14.262SSB
DF7HXSunday, July 02, 200020M3:29:32 PM14.267SSB
PA4AOSunday, July 02, 200020M3:30:01 PM14.267SSB
PA/DH2IDSunday, July 02, 200020M3:42:00 PM14.000SSB
DL3AWBSunday, July 02, 200020M3:50:22 PM14.267SSB
EM5UIASunday, July 02, 200020M5:46:41 PM14.260SSB
LA/DF8KF/MMonday, July 03, 200020M6:52:04 PM14.263SSB
LA/DF8YOTuesday, July 04, 200020M7:54:00 AM14.263SSB
VP2EREMTuesday, July 04, 200020M11:20:34 PM14.262SSB
KL7/DL1YMKWednesday, July 05, 200017M7:46:48 AM18.128SSB
ZK1AXUWednesday, July 05, 200020M7:51:36 AM14.255SSB
CQ9SWednesday, July 05, 200020M6:50:08 PM14.265SSB
OJ0VRWednesday, July 05, 200020M7:09:18 PM14.215SSB
EM5UIAThursday, July 06, 200020M12:06:06 AM14.260SSB
GD4PTVThursday, July 06, 200020M7:49:01 AM14.195SSB
OH1LU/PThursday, July 06, 200020M5:53:42 PM14.263SSB
W1DEOThursday, July 06, 200020M7:16:11 PM14.260SSB
LA/DF8YOThursday, July 06, 200020M7:24:42 PM14.263SSB
MM0/DJ6AUThursday, July 06, 200020M7:57:01 PM14.260SSB
TF3IRAThursday, July 06, 200020M8:36:21 PM14.257SSB
VE7EPKThursday, July 06, 200017M11:22:00 PM18.146SSB
N7WXThursday, July 06, 200017M11:30:31 PM18.146SSB
OX3NUKThursday, July 06, 200017M11:31:25 PM18.138SSB
KL7/W6IXPFriday, July 07, 200020M7:39:20 AM14.260SSB
WV2B/CY9Friday, July 07, 200015M7:10:43 PM21.295SSB
LZ5QZ/1Friday, July 07, 200015M7:15:52 PM21.269SSB
EM5UIAFriday, July 07, 200020M7:28:02 PM14.258SSB
4W6GH/PFriday, July 07, 200020M7:35:14 PM14.290SSB
SM3/IK3GES/PFriday, July 07, 200020M8:39:05 PM14.222SSB
DS0DX/4Saturday, July 08, 200015M8:51:39 AM21.260SSB
EA8/OH2BYSSaturday, July 08, 200015M7:17:53 PM21.309SSB
ZK1AXUSunday, July 09, 200017M9:33:38 AM18.128SSB
GU0CGL/PSunday, July 09, 200015M10:33:26 AM21.220SSB
SM2/IK3GES/PSunday, July 09, 200020M7:37:33 PM14.254SSB
LA9PJA/PSunday, July 09, 200020M10:22:24 PM14.260SSB
DL6NBR/PMonday, July 10, 200020M7:29:10 AM14.257SSB
GJ3LFJMonday, July 10, 200020M6:46:10 PM14.272SSB
OZ/SP2WGZMonday, July 10, 200010M6:53:35 PM28.458SSB
SM/DH2YAUMonday, July 10, 200020M8:15:14 PM14.260SSB
OH8/IK3GES/PTuesday, July 11, 200020M6:43:53 PM14.220SSB
TA2DS/0Tuesday, July 11, 200020M6:53:54 PM14.268SSB
RI1OSOTuesday, July 11, 200020M6:56:00 PM14.260SSB
RM1OTuesday, July 11, 200020M6:57:00 PM14.265SSB
JW5RIAWednesday, July 12, 200017M7:57:32 PM18.155SSB
OH6/IK3GESWednesday, July 12, 200020M8:33:16 PM14.222SSB
SV0LRWednesday, July 12, 200017M8:43:39 PM18.145SSB
FP/KT1JThursday, July 13, 200020M8:24:08 PM14.197SSB
KL7/W6IXPFriday, July 14, 200020M7:54:17 AM14.260SSB
GW0HGN/PFriday, July 14, 200020M7:58:12 PM14.275SSB
OZ2OOOSaturday, July 15, 200020M9:39:26 PM14.262SSB
OZ1AA/ASaturday, July 15, 200020M9:48:13 PM14.037CW
CU3FVMonday, July 17, 200020M9:45:34 PM14.085RTTY
FO0MOTTuesday, July 18, 200020M7:48:17 AM14.041CW
1A0KMTuesday, July 18, 200017M5:49:05 PM18.145SSB
OY/DL1AKY/PTuesday, July 18, 200020M7:43:10 PM14.258SSB
W2NTKTuesday, July 18, 200020M11:55:08 PM14.260SSB
SM7CQY/6Thursday, July 20, 200020M7:20:23 PM14.277SSB
ZD9BVThursday, July 20, 200020M7:46:39 PM14.187SSB
ED1BDThursday, July 20, 200020M8:07:31 PM14.268SSB
D44BSThursday, July 20, 200020M8:20:44 PM14.271SSB
DL7AUThursday, July 20, 200020M8:33:13 PM14.271SSB
I8/SP8HZXThursday, July 20, 200020M8:42:49 PM14.271SSB
9H3TIThursday, July 20, 200020M8:50:39 PM14.271SSB
OZ/IK3GES/PFriday, July 21, 200020M2:05:00 AM14.255SSB
UE6AAASaturday, July 22, 200020M12:37:12 AM14.040CW
RI1POMMonday, July 24, 200020M7:21:17 AM14.260SSB
OZ/DL2JRM/PMonday, July 24, 200020M6:15:16 PM14.271SSB
SV9/IZ0CKJMonday, July 24, 200015M6:25:51 PM21.265SSB
F8CGL/PMonday, July 24, 200020M8:51:47 PM14.260SSB
SV9/IZ0CKJ/PMonday, July 24, 200020M9:04:00 PM14.260SSB
MM0BNN/PMonday, July 24, 200020M9:06:09 PM14.258SSB
R3ARC/1Wednesday, July 26, 200020M7:19:58 PM14.269SSB
IJ7/I7YYZWednesday, July 26, 200020M7:27:11 PM14.251SSB
RA1QY/1Wednesday, July 26, 200020M7:32:22 PM14.265SSB
RK0FWL/PWednesday, July 26, 200020M7:37:35 PM14.255SSB
HH2/F8CUPWednesday, July 26, 200020M11:21:05 PM14.266SSB
RZ1OA/AThursday, July 27, 200020M8:39:58 PM14.259SSB
RI0RZKThursday, July 27, 200015M8:46:41 PM21.260SSB
F/ON4ON/PThursday, July 27, 200040M9:10:47 PM7.090SSB
VE2MAM/PThursday, July 27, 200017M10:42:01 PM18.148SSB
RW1ZZ/PThursday, July 27, 200040M11:11:39 PM7.010CW
IL3/OE8CIQ/PFriday, July 28, 200020M7:47:00 AM14.000SSB
FK/VK4FWFriday, July 28, 200020M7:53:00 AM14.257SSB
F5TYYFriday, July 28, 200020M7:29:55 PM14.249SSB
IL7/IK2XYGFriday, July 28, 200020M7:42:22 PM14.251SSB
EA3/ON7TKSaturday, July 29, 200020M9:35:55 AM14.206SSB
EJ9HQ/PSaturday, July 29, 200040M9:54:24 AM7.067SSB
MJ0BYL/PSaturday, July 29, 200020M11:29:59 AM14.247SSB
CT3BMSaturday, July 29, 200020M11:42:42 AM14.253SSB
GM5KSaturday, July 29, 200040M12:16:58 PM7.060SSB
EJ5JSaturday, July 29, 200020M12:20:56 PM14.267SSB
G3NSaturday, July 29, 200020M12:27:45 PM14.204SSB
MI0BVKSaturday, July 29, 200020M12:33:49 PM14.214SSB
TF7RXSaturday, July 29, 200020M12:57:06 PM14.195SSB
BI4SSaturday, July 29, 200015M1:05:04 PM21.263SSB
ED1AESaturday, July 29, 200015M1:10:21 PM21.234SSB
AA1IZSaturday, July 29, 200015M1:45:00 PM21.277SSB
GM5KSaturday, July 29, 200015M1:51:00 PM21.280SSB
GM0EEY/PSaturday, July 29, 200015M1:51:41 PM21.251SSB
DL6YFB/PSaturday, July 29, 200020M2:13:00 PM14.294SSB
EA4ATI/1Saturday, July 29, 200020M2:19:58 PM14.259SSB
DS0DX/2Saturday, July 29, 200015M2:36:10 PM21.292SSB
VY2SSSaturday, July 29, 200015M3:35:21 PM21.265SSB
OH5ADSaturday, July 29, 200015M3:52:03 PM21.227SSB
GM4BVJ/PSaturday, July 29, 200015M4:22:05 PM21.016CW
BA7JA/7Saturday, July 29, 200015M5:01:16 PM21.275SSB
BO2YASaturday, July 29, 200020M5:31:05 PM14.241SSB
W3CF/PSaturday, July 29, 200015M6:45:46 PM21.296SSB
MM8YSaturday, July 29, 200015M7:07:30 PM21.023CW
GM3PPG/PSaturday, July 29, 200015M7:17:32 PM21.209SSB
ZY7ISaturday, July 29, 200015M7:50:15 PM21.184SSB
W5DDXSunday, July 30, 200020M12:01:30 AM14.247SSB
RI1OSWSunday, July 30, 200020M9:30:54 AM14.239SSB
ED3IMSunday, July 30, 200015M11:31:56 AM21.265SSB
FR/F5PYISunday, July 30, 200015M3:30:06 PM21.275SSB
CT1CJJ/PSunday, August 06, 200015M9:41:45 AM21.260SSB
PV5IOTASunday, August 06, 200010M12:26:50 PM28.460SSB
J3/G3TBKSunday, August 06, 200017M1:12:04 PM18.145SSB
FR/F6KDF/TSunday, August 06, 200017M7:43:08 PM18.145SSB
N2OBSunday, August 06, 200020M7:49:57 PM14.265SSB
UA0QBASunday, August 06, 200020M8:02:43 PM14.253SSB
HL0C/4Monday, August 07, 200020M6:41:59 PM14.260SSB
KL7AKMonday, August 07, 200020M6:47:00 PM14.258SSB
FR/F6KDF/TTuesday, August 08, 200020M7:00:49 PM14.195SSB
VD1VIKTuesday, August 08, 200020M10:08:12 PM14.260SSB
PY1VOY/PY0FWednesday, August 09, 200015M6:50:18 PM21.285SSB
EA1GA/PSaturday, August 12, 200020M9:12:14 AM14.261SSB
FR/F6KDF/TSunday, August 13, 200012M9:05:52 AM24.945SSB
FR/F6KDF/TSunday, August 13, 200010M10:50:40 AM28.495SSB
OX/DK6XRSunday, August 13, 200015M2:50:30 PM21.295SSB
V26FMSunday, August 13, 200012M3:00:39 PM24.952SSB
OX/DK8XTSunday, August 13, 200017M7:45:11 PM18.130SSB
VP2V/IZ1DLVSunday, August 13, 200015M8:12:08 PM21.256SSB
IM0/IK2WZMMonday, August 14, 200020M7:15:37 AM14.260SSB
VK9XYTuesday, August 15, 200015M6:53:18 PM21.270SSB
OX3UBTuesday, August 15, 200020M11:16:22 PM14.260SSB
VE1/AB7GRTuesday, August 15, 200020M11:25:39 PM14.260SSB
BD4EDFriday, August 18, 200020M7:19:10 PM14.260SSB
OZ/DH6WDFriday, August 18, 200017M7:35:20 PM18.122SSB
KL7/KC8IYGSaturday, August 19, 200020M12:27:17 AM14.260SSB
W2NTJ/VY0Saturday, August 19, 200020M12:33:19 AM14.244SSB
YJ0AXCSunday, August 20, 200017M8:35:59 AM18.080CW
VK5CRSSunday, August 20, 200017M9:02:24 AM18.123SSB
IA5/DL5SAXWednesday, August 23, 200020M10:58:11 AM14.260SSB
8P9JTSunday, August 27, 200010M5:18:57 PM28.470SSB
CE7AOYSunday, August 27, 200010M5:47:08 PM28.460SSB
PR8CBSSunday, August 27, 200010M7:03:50 PM28.400SSB
ID9/IK8IOPMonday, August 28, 200020M9:08:29 AM14.260SSB
D44BSMonday, August 28, 200017M9:24:48 AM18.155SSB
VK9CQMonday, August 28, 200017M9:32:48 AM18.145SSB
S92SVMonday, August 28, 200017M11:16:18 PM18.150SSB
HF0POLTuesday, August 29, 200015M4:38:41 PM21.238SSB
VP8CQOWednesday, August 30, 200015M8:07:02 PM21.254SSB
SV8/DJ4PI/PWednesday, August 30, 200020M8:36:14 PM14.260SSB
HL5PDJThursday, August 31, 200015M9:38:56 AM21.230SSB
BI2JThursday, August 31, 200015M12:53:24 PM21.270SSB
K2OLG/MFriday, September 01, 200020M12:02:00 AM14.263SSB
VK6BMFriday, September 01, 200015M5:50:27 PM21.260SSB
W1RQ/1Saturday, September 02, 200020M10:24:06 AM14.260SSB
K4USISaturday, September 02, 200020M1:33:13 PM14.260SSB
J3/G3TBKSaturday, September 02, 200020M1:49:53 PM14.260SSB
T88ITSaturday, September 02, 200017M3:40:12 PM18.138SSB
8Q7XXSaturday, September 02, 200017M6:12:15 PM18.135SSB
VK9XVSaturday, September 02, 200017M6:13:58 PM18.145SSB
CO2OTASaturday, September 02, 200015M9:01:00 PM21.265SSB
K2OLG/MSaturday, September 02, 200020M9:18:33 PM14.259SSB
GM3VLB/PSunday, September 03, 200020M11:04:55 PM14.260CW
WA1DJKSunday, September 03, 200020M11:17:46 PM14.263SSB
6Y5WJMonday, September 04, 200015M7:32:00 PM21.228SSB
LU3XQTuesday, September 05, 200012M7:23:30 PM24.900CW
K4ISV/VP5Thursday, September 07, 200020M12:26:46 AM14.157SSB
CO7OTAFriday, September 08, 200020M7:28:29 PM14.260SSB
KC7SPRSaturday, September 09, 200017M12:40:00 AM18.135SSB
JH4TEW/4Saturday, September 09, 200012M10:04:27 AM24.935SSB
VE9MY/PSaturday, September 09, 200020M7:35:50 PM14.259SSB
3W2LCSaturday, September 09, 200020M10:15:19 PM14.270SSB
VA7DJSunday, September 10, 200017M12:44:00 AM18.134SSB
VY2/N7XMMonday, September 11, 200030M12:11:56 AM10.108CW
EM1KYTuesday, September 12, 200015M8:45:59 PM21.260SSB
K2OLG/MTuesday, September 12, 200020M9:17:48 PM14.260SSB
9M0FThursday, September 14, 200020M11:15:10 PM14.260SSB
WF1NFriday, September 15, 200020M8:20:47 PM14.261SSB
AC4WW/PFriday, September 15, 200020M8:24:06 PM14.242SSB
CO8OTAFriday, September 15, 200020M11:35:27 PM14.263SSB
D68/G3OZFSaturday, September 16, 200010M8:47:21 AM28.470SSB
VE1JSSaturday, September 16, 200020M1:51:24 PM14.262SSB
AA1AC/1Saturday, September 16, 200020M4:04:05 PM14.259SSB
9Y4/DL2RVSWednesday, September 20, 200015M7:57:02 PM21.246SSB
AC4WW/PWednesday, September 20, 200015M8:27:36 PM21.258SSB
M/DK1CM/PThursday, September 21, 200020M7:11:00 PM14.259SSB
UA1QM/1Friday, September 22, 200015M8:02:13 AM21.020CW
TK/DJ5MXFriday, September 22, 200020M7:07:45 PM14.260SSB
YW5FCSaturday, September 23, 200020M12:08:47 AM14.260SSB
TR0A/PSaturday, September 23, 200015M9:32:53 AM21.264SSB
M0RAA/VP9Saturday, September 23, 200015M11:03:45 PM21.215SSB
KL7USI/1Sunday, September 24, 200010M5:21:36 PM28.463SSB
CO9OTAThursday, September 28, 200020M10:56:00 AM14.260SSB
KS4S/MSaturday, September 30, 200015M4:05:00 PM21.263SSB
J87ABSaturday, September 30, 200010M4:24:00 PM28.620SSB
V31MXSaturday, September 30, 200015M4:32:00 PM21.266SSB
NP3GGSaturday, September 30, 200010M4:52:00 PM28.507SSB
5B4/G0DEZSunday, October 01, 200010M8:33:00 AM28.000SSB
YJ0AYLFriday, October 06, 200020M7:53:49 PM14.255SSB
KL7JR/1Saturday, October 07, 200020M6:00:45 PM14.260SSB
W5BOS/C6ASaturday, October 07, 200020M10:34:56 PM14.040CW
MM/W9DCSunday, October 08, 200020M3:41:12 PM14.260SSB
3D2RWWednesday, October 18, 200015M7:23:48 AM21.266SSB
VK7TS/PMonday, October 23, 200020M7:25:59 AM14.260SSB
K5KMonday, October 23, 200017M6:44:51 PM18.073CW
A35YLTuesday, October 24, 200017M7:30:30 AM18.145SSB
K5KWednesday, October 25, 200017M7:34:21 AM18.150SSB
K5KThursday, October 26, 200015M7:35:26 PM21.295SSB
FP/AC8WFriday, October 27, 200010M6:38:39 PM28.430SSB
GM0HTTSaturday, October 28, 200017M1:41:45 PM18.145SSB
A35ZGThursday, November 02, 200015M8:24:56 AM21.290SSB
K5PT/MThursday, November 02, 200017M8:34:48 PM18.153SSB
W7LRThursday, November 02, 200017M8:35:16 PM18.158SSB
ZK1YREFriday, November 03, 200017M8:27:17 AM18.132SSB
VE3PIBFriday, November 03, 200017M8:48:10 PM18.158SSB
VE7IMFriday, November 03, 200017M8:49:09 PM18.158SSB
CE8/KD6WWFriday, November 03, 200020M9:11:34 PM14.040CW
D44ACSaturday, November 04, 200020M12:15:11 AM14.260SSB
VK6DIRSunday, November 05, 200020M11:16:43 AM14.260SSB
FO0DEHSunday, November 12, 200020M1:31:00 AM14.260SSB
VE7TLLTuesday, November 14, 200020M7:59:40 AM14.260SSB
VE7EDZTuesday, November 14, 200020M8:07:26 AM14.265SSB
YC9WZJ/PThursday, November 23, 200015M8:38:38 AM21.250SSB
ZL/SM3TLGThursday, December 07, 200020M8:34:32 AM14.260SSB
BA4DW/4Saturday, December 09, 200015M9:15:09 AM21.260SSB
VK2DDSaturday, December 09, 200017M12:20:00 PM18.133SSB
YC9MKF/PSaturday, December 09, 200015M1:22:58 PM21.255SSB
5T5YD/PSunday, December 10, 200020M11:11:00 AM14.195SSB
PY1NEZ/2Thursday, December 14, 200020M8:32:19 AM14.260SSB
YB8HZ/PSaturday, December 16, 200015M12:14:09 PM21.260SSB
WA6CQISaturday, December 16, 200017M6:05:55 PM18.135SSB
W3FF/PSaturday, December 16, 200017M6:06:39 PM18.135SSB
N7GSRSaturday, December 16, 200017M6:07:05 PM18.135SSB
VP8DCDMonday, December 18, 200020M11:09:32 PM14.260SSB
JA6GXKTuesday, December 19, 200020M8:39:26 AM14.260SSB
PJ5/UA1ACXSaturday, December 23, 200010M12:20:07 PM28.490SSB
SV8CRISunday, December 24, 200010M5:46:41 PM28.490SSB
VK6SOThursday, December 28, 200017M12:50:00 PM18.161SSB
IS0CWSFriday, December 29, 200017M3:16:50 PM18.143SSB
VK3JSMSaturday, December 30, 200017M10:19:08 AM18.140SSB
N7UXSunday, December 31, 200017M4:31:10 PM18.159SSB
KH6LEMSunday, December 31, 200017M4:59:00 PM18.150SSB
JI3DST/6Tuesday, January 02, 200115M8:37:45 AM21.260SSB
3A2MGSunday, January 07, 200117M11:00:25 AM18.125SSB
C56RFSaturday, January 13, 200117M11:40:11 AM18.161SSB
VK6APHSaturday, January 13, 200117M11:42:45 AM18.135SSB
VK3CGRSaturday, January 13, 200117M12:18:04 PM18.135SSB
VK8NSBSaturday, January 13, 200110M1:30:12 PM29.660FM
CV0FSaturday, January 13, 200115M5:55:14 PM21.260SSB
VK6BSIFriday, January 19, 200110M8:34:50 AM28.460SSB
VK4AARSunday, January 21, 200117M11:51:37 AM18.142SSB
OZ6PISunday, January 21, 200117M11:54:19 AM18.142SSB
3Y0CTuesday, January 23, 200117M7:22:57 PM18.130SSB
NP2BTSunday, January 28, 200117M11:20:56 AM18.155SSB
OZ/DL2JRM/PSunday, January 28, 200120M11:51:46 AM14.260SSB
AA8LL/C6ASunday, January 28, 200110M2:51:44 PM28.541SSB
PT7BZ/PY0FTuesday, February 06, 200117M7:45:59 PM18.145SSB
D68CSaturday, February 10, 200117M8:30:09 AM18.145SSB
D68CSaturday, February 10, 200110M8:33:15 AM28.495SSB
4I1PSaturday, February 10, 200110M10:23:18 AM28.460SSB
D68CSaturday, February 10, 200120M9:24:17 PM14.195SSB
D68CSunday, February 11, 200115M9:16:54 AM21.296SSB
YK9ASunday, February 11, 200120M9:35:04 AM14.003CW
YK9ASunday, February 11, 200115M10:39:08 AM21.185RTTY
YK9ASunday, February 11, 200117M11:46:50 AM18.116SSB
D68CSunday, February 11, 200112M4:28:27 PM24.945SSB
A71MATuesday, February 13, 200120M11:52:26 PM14.240SSB
HP/F5PACWednesday, February 14, 200120M8:05:13 PM14.260SSB
VK4FW/PThursday, February 15, 200120M8:25:51 AM14.255SSB
V73ZZThursday, February 15, 200120M8:15:51 PM14.195SSB
NH6WL/5Saturday, February 17, 200110M3:46:00 PM28.571SSB
UT7LCSunday, February 18, 200110M12:51:06 PM28.121CW
D68CSunday, February 18, 200110M4:45:29 PM29.500FM
W4DSaturday, February 24, 200120M1:38:01 AM14.260SSB
4H2BSunday, February 25, 200120M5:29:57 PM14.260SSB
BV9LSaturday, March 03, 200115M1:34:13 PM21.260SSB
3G0YMonday, March 12, 200110M7:46:21 PM28.495SSB
FO0CLAThursday, March 15, 200120M8:36:37 AM14.260SSB
JH4FEBFriday, March 16, 200120M7:43:16 PM14.260SSB
VK9EHHSaturday, March 17, 200117M10:10:11 AM18.130SSB
YB6LYS/PSaturday, March 17, 200115M2:59:44 PM21.260SSB
YC4FIJSaturday, March 17, 200115M3:21:18 PM21.273SSB
UA1PBP/9Sunday, March 18, 200117M10:31:50 AM18.078CW
HR6SISunday, March 18, 200115M5:20:00 PM21.260SSB
YU8/G0TQJThursday, March 22, 200120M7:22:00 PM14.263SSB
ZD8KSunday, March 25, 200110M9:33:20 AM28.565SSB
TX8GSunday, March 25, 200115M9:50:28 AM21.287SSB
TE8AAMonday, March 26, 200110M5:22:09 PM28.516SSB
XF1/F6BUMMonday, March 26, 200117M6:31:04 PM18.073CW
3V8DJThursday, March 29, 200117M7:37:19 AM18.156SSB
PJ6/PA3GIO/MFriday, March 30, 200112M6:34:56 PM24.945SSB
FO/DL7FTFriday, April 06, 200117M7:12:14 AM18.140SSB
CP6XESaturday, April 07, 200117M11:20:12 PM18.137SSB
TI2CDA/8Saturday, April 07, 200117M11:30:34 PM18.130SSB
EA9PYFriday, April 13, 200117M1:31:07 PM18.145SSB
R40GSaturday, April 14, 200115M9:24:51 AM21.295SSB
V51ASSaturday, April 14, 200110M9:59:41 AM28.496SSB
HR1RMG/HR4Saturday, April 14, 200117M5:06:07 PM18.133SSB
RS0BMonday, April 23, 200120M9:08:45 PM14.260SSB
RU0BTuesday, April 24, 200120M11:21:05 PM14.260SSB
TA0/IT9YREWednesday, April 25, 200115M7:47:56 PM21.275SSB
3W7DThursday, April 26, 200120M5:42:38 PM14.255SSB
VP8SDXFriday, April 27, 200117M7:45:00 PM18.123SSB
HK3JJH/HK0Friday, April 27, 200117M11:17:59 PM18.135SSB
VK5WUSunday, April 29, 200120M8:27:43 AM14.225SSB
VK2SOBSunday, April 29, 200117M8:28:31 AM18.140SSB
JE2EHPWednesday, May 02, 200117M8:01:53 PM18.113SSB
JA7BXSWednesday, May 02, 200117M8:24:48 PM18.153SSB
DU1/JA1HBCWednesday, May 02, 200117M8:29:44 PM18.156SSB
K4OLPFriday, May 04, 200117M11:31:09 PM18.153SSB
VU2PAI/PSaturday, May 05, 200115M7:28:10 AM21.263SSB
K6BTMonday, May 07, 200117M3:35:14 PM18.155SSB
KW7YMonday, May 07, 200117M3:35:51 PM18.155SSB
3B6RFMonday, May 07, 200110M3:52:46 PM28.465SSB
3B6RFFriday, May 11, 200115M7:34:04 AM21.295SSB
3B6RFSunday, May 13, 200117M8:17:42 PM18.074CW
J48TTuesday, May 29, 200120M8:05:12 PM14.270SSB
5R8GYSaturday, June 02, 200117M3:55:58 PM18.126SSB
JW0PKSunday, June 03, 200117M2:33:01 PM18.150SSB
JH1XYRFriday, June 15, 200117M7:26:18 PM18.128SSB
PSA088Friday, June 15, 200110M7:42:19 PM28.475SSB
RA0FAFriday, June 15, 200117M8:46:02 PM18.140SSB
YB8HZ/PSaturday, June 16, 200115M3:24:33 PM21.260SSB
T5WSunday, June 17, 200117M10:08:30 PM18.150SSB
YM0KIFriday, June 22, 200120M7:43:44 PM14.260SSB
YM0KISunday, June 24, 200115M11:21:20 AM21.260SSB
TA0/IZ7ATNTuesday, July 03, 200120M9:37:40 PM14.270SSB
4M1XMonday, July 23, 200120M10:36:33 PM14.210SSB
9A/OK1FUAMonday, July 23, 200120M10:50:17 PM14.260SSB
SM5/G0GRCWednesday, July 25, 200120M6:45:44 AM14.260SSB
VK0KMTSaturday, July 28, 200117M7:41:56 AM18.120SSB
EI0ASaturday, July 28, 200115M7:58:00 PM21.261SSB
YV5JBI/PSaturday, July 28, 200115M10:36:17 PM21.304SSB
JI3DST/6Monday, July 30, 200115M7:37:09 AM21.260SSB
UE0XYZMonday, July 30, 200115M7:53:26 AM21.250SSB
TE8ATSaturday, August 04, 200120M12:27:00 AM14.258SSB
ZK1CGThursday, August 09, 200117M7:24:24 AM18.133SSB
KL7AK/PFriday, August 10, 200120M7:13:32 AM14.260SSB
H44RDSaturday, August 18, 200115M7:37:07 AM21.295SSB
SK3GK/LGTSunday, August 19, 200120M7:15:58 AM14.026SSB
ZS1OAK/LSunday, August 19, 200110M10:41:49 AM28.440SSB
TA0/IZ7ATNTuesday, August 21, 200120M7:09:20 AM14.263SSB
H40DXSaturday, August 25, 200117M2:17:22 PM18.135SSB
5B/IZ8CCWSaturday, August 25, 200120M4:11:30 PM14.255SSB
TA0/I3BQCSunday, September 02, 200120M10:23:23 AM14.258SSB
5Z4TTSunday, September 02, 200117M9:57:49 PM18.164SSB
EI4IBSunday, September 02, 200117M10:40:36 PM18.135SSB
K6ZOSunday, September 02, 200117M10:41:08 PM18.155SSB
KC2DJX/MSunday, September 02, 200117M10:41:35 PM18.155SSB
KB6ZHASunday, September 02, 200117M10:42:01 PM18.155SSB
KG6ARSunday, September 02, 200117M10:42:27 PM18.155SSB
K9LZJSunday, September 02, 200117M10:42:51 PM18.155SSB
W6IGKSunday, September 02, 200117M10:43:24 PM18.155SSB
N5HUPSunday, September 02, 200117M10:43:49 PM18.155SSB
VK7TS/4Tuesday, September 04, 200120M7:43:40 AM14.260SSB
RI9KThursday, September 06, 200120M7:17:44 AM14.026CW
YJ0AXCFriday, September 07, 200115M9:28:46 AM21.040CW
RI9KSaturday, September 08, 200117M8:14:29 AM18.150SSB
FW5ZL/PSaturday, September 08, 200115M8:53:46 AM21.263SSB
BI4FSaturday, September 08, 200120M6:03:01 PM14.035CW
FO0FLATuesday, September 11, 200120M7:30:04 AM14.265SSB
TF4RXFriday, September 14, 200120M7:02:00 PM14.240SSB
K3JSaturday, September 15, 200117M11:36:55 AM18.125SSB
CN2LESaturday, September 15, 200115M3:18:40 PM21.257SSB
TG0RSaturday, September 22, 200117M12:26:14 AM18.140SSB
VK3DK/PFriday, September 28, 200120M7:27:02 AM14.215SSB
C98DCSaturday, September 29, 200120M11:06:28 PM14.260SSB
VK6GIO/5Sunday, September 30, 200117M9:10:28 AM18.140SSB
T32CYSaturday, October 06, 200117M10:15:52 AM18.145SSB
XF1/DL1YMKSaturday, October 06, 200115M4:00:18 PM21.255SSB
3D2CYMonday, October 08, 200115M7:36:00 AM21.295SSB
VK1MJSaturday, October 13, 200117M6:07:00 PM18.139SSB
YO3FGFSunday, October 14, 200117M5:05:00 PM18.100SSB
IZ8DEPSunday, October 14, 200117M5:30:00 PM18.100SSB
W9EVT/MSunday, October 14, 200117M5:50:00 PM18.100SSB
FO/SP9FIHSaturday, November 03, 200120M8:50:54 AM14.193SSB
YV5/IZ1DLVMonday, November 05, 200120M9:22:37 PM14.254SSB
YI1BGDSaturday, November 10, 200117M2:26:20 PM18.145SSB
VK2CLBSunday, November 11, 200117M8:30:48 AM18.128SSB
YC3MM/PSaturday, November 24, 200115M10:22:44 AM21.230SSB
3D2RWSunday, December 02, 200120M8:43:51 AM14.260SSB
FO0FUJSunday, December 02, 200117M9:37:22 AM18.140SSB
VX7TLLSaturday, December 15, 200120M9:00:31 AM14.252SSB
VE7TLLSaturday, December 15, 200120M9:57:00 AM14.260SSB
JA1TVESaturday, December 22, 200117M9:27:00 AM18.158SSB
JA2EWESaturday, December 22, 200117M9:36:00 AM18.158SSB
JA6RIDSaturday, December 22, 200117M9:49:00 AM18.158SSB
VK2AAMSaturday, December 22, 200117M9:59:00 AM18.158SSB
OZ1KSNTuesday, January 01, 200217M1:20:02 PM18.145SSB
UA3AAFSaturday, January 05, 200217M5:16:17 PM18.100PSK31
KE5RVSaturday, January 05, 200217M6:30:00 PM18.003PSK31
F6GMFSunday, January 06, 200217M10:06:50 AM18.100CW
RN4SSSunday, January 06, 200217M11:01:01 AM18.100CW
UA3ICNSunday, January 06, 200217M11:32:37 AM18.100CW
VU2KFRSaturday, January 12, 200220M3:41:00 PM14.260SSB
OE6FRGSaturday, January 19, 200217M2:35:00 PM18.131SSB
VP8THUSaturday, January 19, 200217M4:46:05 PM18.070CW
VP8THUMonday, January 21, 200217M7:10:17 PM18.145SSB
VU2PAISaturday, January 26, 200215M12:32:10 PM21.265SSB
VP8GEOWednesday, January 30, 200217M8:06:49 PM18.070CW
LU8DWR/DFriday, February 01, 200220M10:51:00 PM14.260SSB
VP8GEOFriday, February 01, 200220M11:11:54 PM14.195SSB
VP8GEOSunday, February 03, 200217M7:52:24 PM18.145SSB
YA5TSaturday, February 16, 200217M2:31:36 PM18.073CW
PW6AISunday, February 17, 200220M9:12:30 AM14.260SSB
2E0APHSunday, February 17, 200220M12:57:25 PM14.200SSB
XR5SMSunday, February 17, 200210M3:21:11 PM28.470SSB
9Q1AWednesday, February 20, 200217M7:37:55 PM18.114SSB
PW0TThursday, February 21, 200217M2:13:10 AM18.122SSB
TI9MThursday, February 21, 200217M7:56:47 PM18.085CW
9L1BTBFriday, February 22, 200217M8:20:52 AM18.160SSB
HK4CZEFriday, February 22, 200217M9:26:27 PM18.127SSB
TI9MSaturday, February 23, 200217M4:00:10 PM18.101RTTY
TI9MSunday, February 24, 200217M8:41:08 AM18.153SSB
VK3FEI/5Sunday, February 24, 200220M9:11:06 AM14.025CW
VK3DNSunday, February 24, 200217M9:29:10 AM18.132SSB
PW0TMonday, February 25, 200210M1:45:07 PM28.420SSB
VP8SIGMonday, February 25, 200215M8:04:00 PM21.158SSB
VA7VRMonday, February 25, 200217M8:32:38 PM18.160SSB
CE0Y/DM5TIThursday, February 28, 200217M12:34:58 AM18.153SSB
H7DXThursday, February 28, 200217M12:41:06 AM18.140SSB
K4AMIFriday, March 08, 200220M1:03:32 AM14.258SSB
HF0POLFriday, March 08, 200217M9:00:52 PM18.100RTTY
JH3SIFFriday, March 08, 200217M9:20:36 PM18.100RTTY
PJ6/PA3GIOSaturday, March 09, 200220M12:03:41 AM14.196SSB
KG2PDSaturday, March 09, 200217M12:30:00 AM18.126SSB
KE5UTSaturday, March 09, 200217M12:35:00 AM18.126SSB
W8EGBSaturday, March 09, 200217M12:40:00 AM18.126SSB
NE7I/MSaturday, March 09, 200217M12:45:00 AM18.126SSB
KL7QKSaturday, March 09, 200217M12:50:00 AM18.126SSB
ZY0SATSaturday, March 09, 200220M1:05:57 AM14.252SSB
JY5HXSaturday, March 09, 200217M1:14:36 AM18.129SSB
TG9NXSaturday, March 09, 200217M9:36:03 PM18.127SSB
VK3ZVSaturday, March 09, 200217M9:36:03 PM18.125SSB
KH7JJThursday, March 14, 200210M9:04:27 PM28.486SSB
XR0XSunday, March 17, 200217M11:06:57 PM18.073CW
VP6DIWednesday, March 20, 200215M7:42:17 PM21.020CW
XR0XWednesday, March 20, 200210M9:02:16 PM28.445SSB
VP6DIWednesday, March 20, 200215M9:46:05 PM21.295SSB
XR0XWednesday, March 20, 200217M11:51:01 PM18.145SSB
XR0XSaturday, March 23, 200212M9:00:49 PM24.945SSB
FJ/PA3GIO/MWednesday, March 27, 200220M11:32:11 PM14.260SSB
XF4IHThursday, March 28, 200220M1:07:27 AM14.260SSB
9M2/G4ZFEFriday, March 29, 200212M2:34:27 PM24.908SSB
W0HYYSaturday, March 30, 200217M2:58:00 AM18.158SSB
AH0AGThursday, April 04, 200217M7:31:57 AM18.153SSB
A43GIFriday, April 12, 200215M6:08:11 PM21.220SSB
XW1HSFriday, April 12, 200217M6:40:32 PM18.140SSB
VP2MHXFriday, April 12, 200217M7:42:21 PM18.153SSB
OH8/ES1FB/PSaturday, April 13, 200220M9:15:09 AM14.263SSB
VK9LTSaturday, April 13, 200217M9:29:39 AM18.147SSB
P5/4L4FNSaturday, April 13, 200215M12:30:37 PM21.225SSB
VK9MLTuesday, April 16, 200217M5:31:40 PM18.074CW
4S7NEWednesday, April 17, 200217M7:27:53 PM18.132SSB
VK9MLWednesday, April 17, 200220M7:36:38 PM14.195SSB
3XY8AWednesday, April 17, 200217M7:50:45 PM18.150SSB
3B9FRThursday, April 18, 200217M6:18:17 PM18.141SSB
5H3RKFriday, April 19, 200217M11:01:44 PM18.146SSB
IK7DTMTuesday, April 23, 200220M9:45:00 AM14.223SSB
ZL/G4RVWFriday, April 26, 200220M6:55:00 PM14.213SSB
G0SHN/DU1Saturday, April 27, 200220M5:00:02 PM14.260SSB
K1BMonday, April 29, 200215M7:47:00 AM21.295SSB
T88KLTuesday, April 30, 200217M10:57:37 PM18.160SSB
9M6LSCTuesday, April 30, 200217M11:24:06 PM18.150SSB
K1BThursday, May 02, 200217M5:57:42 PM18.145SSB
V73KZSaturday, May 04, 200217M7:22:23 PM18.142SSB
K1BMonday, May 06, 200212M9:01:34 AM24.945SSB
K1BMonday, May 06, 200217M11:52:47 AM18.070CW
K1BMonday, May 06, 200220M3:23:10 PM14.195SSB
ZF1VXMonday, May 06, 200217M10:37:03 PM18.145SSB
HK0OEPWednesday, May 08, 200220M10:58:39 PM14.247SSB
ZC4DWThursday, May 09, 200217M10:50:00 PM18.107SSB
7O/OH2YYSaturday, May 11, 200210M10:29:49 AM28.497SSB
R3CA/0Wednesday, May 15, 200220M1:00:00 PM14.260SSB
3D2SCThursday, May 16, 200220M9:46:33 AM14.260SSB
K6KSFriday, May 17, 200217M11:30:00 AM18.140SSB
W1ARSFriday, May 17, 200217M11:40:00 AM18.140SSB
N2HGLFriday, May 17, 200217M11:45:00 AM18.140SSB
W1JONFriday, May 17, 200217M11:50:00 AM18.140SSB
W3EZRFriday, May 17, 200217M11:55:00 AM18.140SSB
AB2RDSaturday, May 18, 200217M12:05:00 AM18.140SSB
TN3WSunday, May 19, 200212M6:37:55 PM24.930SSB
R3CA/0Sunday, May 19, 200220M10:17:00 PM14.121SSB
TN3BMonday, May 20, 200215M11:02:02 AM21.080RTTY
GM4LBEMonday, May 20, 200217M12:15:00 PM18.121SSB
YA5TWednesday, May 22, 200217M6:21:43 PM18.145SSB
NH7FYFriday, May 31, 200217M7:32:09 AM18.132SSB
UA9KGASaturday, June 01, 200217M12:00:00 AM18.145SSB
JA2KOGSaturday, June 01, 200217M12:02:00 AM18.145SSB
UA9MHNSaturday, June 01, 200217M12:05:00 AM18.145SSB
JA0DCQSaturday, June 01, 200217M12:10:00 AM18.145SSB
JA2FRCSaturday, June 01, 200217M12:15:00 AM18.145SSB
EX8MATSaturday, June 01, 200217M12:20:00 AM18.145SSB
JI1ANISaturday, June 01, 200217M12:25:00 AM18.145SSB
JH1HPHSaturday, June 01, 200217M12:30:00 AM18.145SSB
JM1TWRSaturday, June 01, 200217M12:35:00 AM18.145SSB
RA0FUSaturday, June 01, 200217M12:40:00 AM18.145SSB
JA1BONSaturday, June 01, 200217M12:45:00 AM18.145SSB
JA1WPXSaturday, June 01, 200217M12:50:00 AM18.145SSB
JA1BUISaturday, June 01, 200217M12:52:00 AM18.145SSB
JJ3LLTSaturday, June 01, 200217M12:53:00 AM18.145SSB
JA7NVFSaturday, June 01, 200217M12:54:00 AM18.145SSB
W1YY/7Saturday, June 01, 200217M12:57:00 AM18.145SSB
VY2ROSaturday, June 01, 200217M1:00:00 AM18.145SSB
KF3DY/MSaturday, June 01, 200217M1:05:00 AM18.145SSB
K3SCPSaturday, June 01, 200217M1:06:00 AM18.145SSB
W4/G3ODOSaturday, June 01, 200217M1:07:00 AM18.145SSB
W6IWWSaturday, June 01, 200217M1:09:00 AM18.145SSB
W0GNTSaturday, June 01, 200217M1:10:00 AM18.145SSB
WA2MSDSaturday, June 01, 200217M1:11:00 AM18.145SSB
W7DEZSaturday, June 01, 200217M1:12:00 AM18.145SSB
K1GUNSaturday, June 01, 200217M1:13:00 AM18.145SSB
N6IXGSaturday, June 01, 200217M1:15:00 AM18.145SSB
K2WGSaturday, June 01, 200217M1:17:00 AM18.145SSB
WD4PTOSaturday, June 01, 200217M1:19:00 AM18.145SSB
N5CRRSaturday, June 01, 200217M1:21:00 AM18.145SSB
GB50Saturday, June 01, 200217M11:20:03 AM18.139SSB
K6DAASunday, June 02, 200217M1:07:00 AM18.145SSB
TA2RC/0Sunday, June 02, 200220M11:36:25 PM14.260SSB
BQ9PThursday, June 06, 200217M10:43:37 PM18.140SSB
3V8KOSaturday, June 15, 200217M1:08:53 AM18.135SSB
UX0FF/PSunday, June 23, 200220M10:56:03 PM14.262SSB
3G1AThursday, July 18, 200220M1:20:25 AM14.013CW
YW1TFriday, July 26, 200215M11:54:23 PM21.018CW
W1DIGSaturday, July 27, 200220M12:09:34 AM14.251SSB
FP/VE9GLFSaturday, July 27, 200220M12:17:58 AM14.167SSB
EA5KB/7Saturday, July 27, 200220M9:41:46 AM14.269SSB
OH2U/PSaturday, July 27, 200220M1:31:56 PM14.193SSB
PY8AZT/PSaturday, July 27, 200215M1:44:00 PM21.023CW
8A3MSaturday, August 03, 200220M4:13:31 PM14.260SSB
8Q7ZZSaturday, August 03, 200217M6:52:22 PM18.150SSB
9Q1YLSaturday, August 03, 200217M7:03:36 PM18.140SSB
KL7AK/PSunday, August 04, 200220M10:52:30 PM14.040CW
KL7AK/PMonday, August 05, 200220M5:49:54 PM14.257SSB
VE8AE/VY0Monday, August 05, 200220M6:25:25 PM14.252SSB
SV9/SV1QNMonday, August 05, 200220M7:56:17 PM14.265SSB
XU7ABNTuesday, August 06, 200217M7:49:16 PM18.125SSB
8P9BJTuesday, August 06, 200215M8:00:08 PM21.242SSB
XY0TAFriday, August 16, 200220M7:33:39 PM14.009CW
ZS1ESCSaturday, August 17, 200210M10:01:49 AM28.470SSB
XV9DTMonday, August 19, 200217M7:24:57 PM18.121SSB
ZK1SCQThursday, August 22, 200220M7:42:33 AM14.267SSB
OX3LGThursday, August 22, 200215M6:38:47 PM21.260SSB
RI0CBMonday, August 26, 200220M8:11:30 PM14.260SSB
YE2RWednesday, August 28, 200215M6:43:40 PM21.259SSB
A45XRWednesday, August 28, 200217M7:16:51 PM18.160SSB
EA4DX/HK0Wednesday, August 28, 200217M11:27:41 PM18.135SSB
M3GMMTuesday, September 03, 200217M7:41:48 PM18.150SSB
K7BDYTuesday, September 03, 200217M8:39:10 PM18.157SSB
KT4QWTuesday, September 03, 200217M8:39:38 PM18.152SSB
A25/V51ASSunday, September 08, 200217M4:51:17 PM18.155SSB
9M2TOSunday, September 08, 200217M4:53:46 PM18.125SSB
C98DCTuesday, September 24, 200210M9:21:00 AM28.470SSB
KC4AACSaturday, September 28, 200220M2:10:57 AM14.247SSB
VI3JPISaturday, September 28, 200220M8:55:26 AM14.260SSB
8N1OGASaturday, September 28, 200220M4:39:33 PM14.260SSB
1B/G0OYQSunday, September 29, 200210M9:40:38 AM28.525SSB
ZK1XYLSaturday, October 12, 200220M9:00:40 AM14.260SSB
L65WSaturday, October 12, 200210M5:22:17 PM28.460SSB
HK3JJH/4Tuesday, October 15, 200220M11:48:00 PM14.260SSB
YP1WThursday, October 17, 200220M7:32:28 AM14.255SSB
EP6KISaturday, November 02, 200215M10:47:57 AM21.260SSB
K8OSaturday, November 02, 200220M2:08:03 PM14.260SSB
EP6KISaturday, November 02, 200217M3:29:27 PM18.098CW
K8TSunday, November 03, 200220M11:08:00 AM14.195SSB
VE9GLF/MSunday, November 03, 200215M5:55:52 PM21.263SSB
VK4WWIThursday, November 07, 200215M8:27:52 AM21.260SSB
VK4WWISunday, November 10, 200220M3:01:00 PM14.260SSB
BA4DW/2Monday, November 11, 200217M8:31:16 AM18.135SSB
CE8/F5TYYThursday, November 14, 200220M8:40:09 PM14.260SSB
VK4YISaturday, December 28, 200215M10:30:00 AM21.260SSB
VK4NECSaturday, December 28, 200215M10:49:20 AM21.260SSB
VK4YIMonday, December 30, 200215M10:14:15 AM21.260SSB
VK4MRTMonday, December 30, 200215M10:47:13 AM21.260SSB
YJ8DZSunday, January 05, 200320M11:13:32 AM14.207SSB
AE4FJSaturday, January 11, 200317M1:04:22 PM18.160SSB
A4/IV3NCC/PFriday, January 17, 200310M8:38:55 AM28.475SSB
CE6MFriday, January 17, 200320M8:48:53 AM14.260SSB
VK7KHZ/PSunday, January 19, 200317M10:34:26 AM18.145SSB
AX1TXSunday, January 26, 200317M12:34:44 PM18.157SSB
YI1BGDSunday, February 02, 200317M3:12:02 PM18.142SSB
HH6/DM2AYOSunday, February 02, 200315M3:34:47 PM21.081RTTY
XF1KSaturday, February 08, 200310M5:35:00 PM28.465SSB
HH6/DM2AYOSaturday, February 08, 200317M9:21:22 PM18.137SSB
RU0AAMSunday, February 09, 200320M2:32:05 AM14.265SSB
N0OJOSunday, February 09, 200320M2:54:29 AM14.240SSB
WL7CMGSunday, February 09, 200320M3:10:29 AM14.250SSB
I4BFTSunday, February 23, 200340M7:01:20 PM7.080SSB
UX9IMSunday, February 23, 200340M7:01:37 PM7.050SSB
9K2HNTuesday, February 25, 200340M9:16:34 PM7.070SSB
C98RFFriday, February 28, 200317M5:06:08 PM18.140SSB
YU8/9X0AFriday, February 28, 200340M5:45:42 PM7.064SSB
EA8/W4GKRWednesday, March 05, 200340M12:24:44 AM7.069SSB
A41MASaturday, March 08, 200317M3:31:13 PM18.132SSB
SP2EWQ/2Saturday, March 08, 200340M7:48:49 PM7.038CW
UA9RBSaturday, March 08, 200340M7:59:26 PM7.038CW
J5UCWFriday, March 14, 200320M9:08:52 PM14.008CW
J5UCWSaturday, March 15, 200317M5:39:49 PM18.136SSB
3G1PSunday, March 16, 200310M3:07:38 PM28.019CW
NP4ATuesday, March 18, 200340M11:45:52 PM7.087SSB
YV5SSBTuesday, March 18, 200340M11:48:01 PM7.053SSB
LX1KCWednesday, March 19, 200340M7:54:27 PM7.078SSB
ER4DXThursday, March 20, 200340M12:00:39 AM7.050SSB
9M2/GM4YXIFriday, March 21, 200320M5:26:37 PM14.260SSB
LY5ASunday, March 30, 200340M2:59:47 PM7.096SSB
OE8SKQSunday, March 30, 200340M3:01:52 PM7.097SSB
S50ASunday, March 30, 200340M3:05:33 PM7.075SSB
ES5MCSunday, March 30, 200340M3:16:18 PM7.054SSB
ZS1RBNSunday, April 06, 200310M10:18:00 AM28.460SSB
XY4KQSaturday, April 12, 200320M5:30:54 PM14.198SSB
VI5WCPFriday, April 18, 200320M2:30:59 PM14.260SSB
V21BBQSunday, April 20, 200320M12:27:34 AM14.215SSB
VI5WCPSunday, April 20, 200317M9:16:45 AM18.140SSB
UA1ONYSunday, April 20, 200320M5:13:53 PM14.022CW
S92UNMonday, April 21, 200320M9:03:24 PM14.272SSB
AA2WCThursday, April 24, 200320M11:06:39 PM14.240SSB
J5UAT/PTuesday, April 29, 200310M6:36:32 PM28.455SSB
YI/WB5WDMTuesday, April 29, 200317M6:48:31 PM18.130SSB
YB0AITuesday, April 29, 200340M11:06:32 PM7.088SSB
OD5/IK3AGPTuesday, April 29, 200340M11:16:16 PM7.092SSB
TA1ED/0Saturday, May 17, 200320M3:41:54 PM14.215SSB
J8/HB9AAISaturday, May 17, 200317M11:55:24 PM18.142SSB
K9RQSunday, May 18, 200317M1:00:00 AM18.149SSB
KR7RRSunday, May 18, 200317M1:10:00 AM18.149SSB
W0KOSunday, May 18, 200317M1:20:00 AM18.149SSB
K7BPSunday, May 18, 200317M1:30:00 AM18.149SSB
NC9TSunday, May 18, 200317M1:40:00 AM18.149SSB
V44KCBTuesday, May 20, 200317M8:02:00 PM18.135SSB
KC7QLMWednesday, May 21, 200317M12:50:00 AM18.149SSB
WA7KRPWednesday, May 21, 200317M1:00:00 AM18.149SSB
6Y5/G3ZMKWednesday, May 21, 200317M1:22:00 AM18.149SSB
ZW8MWednesday, May 21, 200315M8:36:27 PM21.260SSB
ZW8MWednesday, May 21, 200317M8:36:27 PM18.145SSB
H74CSaturday, May 31, 200315M4:22:55 PM21.025CW
7W4HIMonday, June 02, 200320M5:35:16 PM14.260SSB
7W4HIWednesday, June 04, 200315M6:37:29 PM21.260SSB
HK3JJH/2Wednesday, June 04, 200320M8:47:04 PM14.260SSB
7W4HIWednesday, June 04, 200317M11:33:00 PM18.128SSB
UE1RRC/1Saturday, June 07, 200317M12:57:27 PM18.123SSB
VE2/M0BLF/PTuesday, June 10, 200320M5:46:08 PM14.257SSB
VE2/M0BLF/PFriday, June 13, 200320M6:35:00 PM14.260SSB
VE2/M0BLF/PSaturday, June 14, 200320M6:34:13 PM14.260SSB
YA1CQMonday, June 16, 200317M6:50:22 PM18.130SSB
VE2/M0BLF/PMonday, June 16, 200320M7:50:24 PM14.266SSB
SV8/DL8MCAWednesday, June 18, 200320M9:18:00 PM14.257SSB
VE2/M0BLF/PWednesday, June 18, 200320M10:49:31 PM14.265SSB
VC7KThursday, June 19, 200320M7:37:21 PM14.260SSB
W1/M0BLF/PFriday, June 20, 200320M11:12:36 PM14.262SSB
YW8DSaturday, June 21, 200320M10:20:38 AM14.260SSB
KH9/N4BQWSaturday, June 21, 200320M7:50:07 PM14.195SSB
T2YLSunday, June 22, 200320M4:55:46 PM14.202SSB
K9AJ/VY0Monday, July 14, 200317M7:20:10 PM18.098CW
W5BOS/AL5Tuesday, July 15, 200320M8:28:34 PM14.040CW
YW5MTuesday, July 15, 200320M10:58:07 PM14.224SSB
FO/G4MFW/PWednesday, July 16, 200320M7:40:42 AM14.270SSB
HL1VAU/2Saturday, July 19, 200315M8:58:09 AM21.260SSB
R1PQFriday, July 25, 200317M7:41:16 AM18.073CW
CY9ASaturday, July 26, 200317M12:59:55 AM18.135SSB
TI2CDASaturday, August 16, 200317M11:08:43 PM18.152SSB
P29VVBSunday, August 17, 200317M2:14:20 PM18.122SSB
VP5/IK2QPRSunday, August 17, 200317M2:20:08 PM18.145SSB
V63TXF/PSunday, August 31, 200317M4:00:00 PM18.073CW
V63SXWSunday, August 31, 200320M4:22:07 PM14.023CW
S61FDFriday, September 05, 200320M8:02:19 PM14.260SSB
ZW0SFriday, September 05, 20038:23:21 PM18107.600RTTY
XF1KSaturday, September 06, 200315M4:21:49 PM21.260SSB
VY0QLSunday, September 07, 200317M11:01:00 PM18.137SSB
VP5/AH6HYSaturday, September 27, 200315M4:52:14 PM21.295SSB
VK7KPBTuesday, September 30, 200317M7:23:00 AM18.145SSB
3C0VTuesday, September 30, 200317M5:35:00 PM18.145SSB
G4LJF/MMTuesday, September 30, 200317M8:25:00 PM18.138SSB
VE7NSTuesday, September 30, 200317M8:30:00 PM18.138SSB
K0VADTuesday, September 30, 200317M8:40:00 PM18.138SSB
W7SWCTuesday, September 30, 200317M8:43:00 PM18.138SSB
W6MZQTuesday, September 30, 200317M8:47:00 PM18.138SSB
VA7YOTuesday, September 30, 200317M8:55:00 PM18.138SSB
LZ3FN/1Saturday, October 11, 200320M8:25:44 AM14.260SSB
T20MWSaturday, October 11, 200317M8:40:06 AM18.069CW
3D2VB/RSaturday, October 11, 200315M9:14:27 AM21.240SSB
TS7NFriday, November 21, 200317M11:47:00 AM18.145SSB
ZL/W1CUSaturday, December 27, 200320M5:35:56 PM14.260SSB
OC3IThursday, February 12, 200420M8:20:01 AM14.272SSB
PA3GIO/HI9Thursday, March 11, 200417M8:22:56 PM18.145SSB
3B9CSaturday, March 27, 200410M11:10:12 AM28.494SSB
3B9CSaturday, March 27, 200417M3:59:26 PM18.145SSB
3B9CFriday, April 02, 200415M7:43:20 AM21.295SSB
VI5BRFriday, April 09, 200420M9:11:36 AM14.260SSB
TJ3MC/PFriday, April 09, 200417M9:30:41 AM18.140SSB
T33CMonday, April 12, 200417M10:30:02 AM18.100SSB
HS72BMonday, April 12, 200417M4:07:20 PM18.128SSB
A43HISunday, April 18, 200415M11:44:47 AM21.250SSB
YI9ZFSunday, April 18, 200417M2:56:42 PM18.108RTTY
3XDQZWednesday, April 21, 200412M5:50:13 PM24.960SSB
V8PMBWednesday, April 21, 200417M5:58:52 PM18.130SSB
GX4NOK/PSaturday, April 24, 200420M2:40:16 PM14.260SSB
4G2FSaturday, April 24, 200420M3:03:18 PM14.200SSB
VK6ANSaturday, April 24, 200417M3:20:29 PM18.077CW
OY9OYThursday, May 06, 200417M10:57:00 AM18.145SSB
FO/F6CTLWednesday, May 26, 200420M7:42:36 AM14.260SSB
RI9KMThursday, June 24, 200417M6:58:21 PM18.135SSB
RI0IMASunday, June 27, 200420M11:17:40 AM14.190SSB
WP4U/PTuesday, June 29, 200420M10:55:01 PM14.256SSB
RW3DTB/0Saturday, July 03, 200420M10:09:00 AM14.262SSB
T20DXSaturday, August 14, 200417M10:56:00 AM18.123SSB
V73VSaturday, August 14, 200420M3:15:27 PM14.187SSB
FK/KM9DFriday, September 10, 200417M7:28:14 AM18.122SSB
R1MVISunday, September 12, 200417M10:00:40 AM18.150SSB
P29SXSaturday, October 09, 200415M11:52:24 AM21.023CW
VK2GWKSaturday, October 09, 200417M12:16:43 PM18.120SSB
P29XFSaturday, October 09, 200417M12:28:20 PM18.083CW
VK9LASaturday, October 09, 200420M3:03:50 PM14.260SSB
VK4WRESaturday, October 16, 200420M8:16:13 AM14.255SSB
VK4SWESaturday, October 16, 200420M8:16:48 AM14.255SSB
V6OSaturday, October 23, 200415M11:08:38 AM21.040CW
FP/VE7SVSaturday, October 23, 200420M1:30:22 PM14.195SSB
ZL1TAPSunday, October 24, 200417M9:33:22 AM18.153SSB
ZL2UGRSunday, October 24, 200417M9:53:49 AM18.153SSB
FP/VE7SVSunday, October 24, 200417M6:19:30 PM18.148SSB
FK/IV3FSGMonday, November 01, 200420M7:58:50 AM14.260SSB
A61Q/PSunday, December 19, 200420M10:18:00 AM14.260SSB
CO3LF/1Sunday, January 30, 200520M2:20:11 PM14.254SSB
3D2RRFriday, February 04, 200520M8:40:00 AM14.205SSB
OC4PThursday, February 10, 200517M7:26:42 PM18.069CW
CE8ASaturday, February 12, 200520M10:06:58 AM14.260SSB
CO3VK/4Thursday, March 17, 200520M6:20:24 PM14.257SSB
VI5PNThursday, April 07, 200520M6:19:15 PM14.260SSB
7V2SIThursday, May 05, 200520M7:49:56 AM14.262SSB
JA1WPXSaturday, June 04, 200517M1:41:19 PM18.143SSB
J48SISaturday, June 04, 200517M1:41:19 PM18.148SSB
JA1WWESaturday, June 04, 200517M1:41:19 PM18.143SSB
JA1CSLSaturday, June 04, 200517M1:41:19 PM18.143SSB
LY3FESaturday, June 04, 200517M1:41:19 PM18.143SSB
VE6BNWednesday, June 08, 200517M11:17:00 PM18.127SSB
N7ZLThursday, June 09, 200517M12:02:00 AM18.127SSB
K1NDFThursday, June 09, 200517M12:02:00 AM18.127SSB
N1DXSaturday, July 30, 200520M11:32:00 PM14.238SSB
WZ3ARSaturday, July 30, 200520M11:37:00 PM14.000SSB
M5LROSaturday, July 30, 200520M11:40:00 PM14.000SSB
PY7VI/7Saturday, July 30, 200520M11:50:00 PM14.260SSB
GM3PPG/PSunday, July 31, 200520M12:19:24 AM14.000SSB
N5LYGSunday, July 31, 200520M12:37:05 AM14.000SSB
SP9LJDSunday, July 31, 200520M11:40:00 PM14.000SSB
GM2TSunday, July 31, 200520M11:50:00 PM14.000SSB
SU8IOTASunday, August 07, 200520M12:15:46 PM14.250SSB
R0KSaturday, August 13, 200520M11:13:50 AM14.260SSB
R0K/PSunday, August 21, 200520M8:18:49 AM14.260SSB
KD6WW/VY0Saturday, September 03, 200520M7:35:22 PM14.040CW
K9AJ/VY0Tuesday, September 06, 200520M5:19:28 PM14.260SSB
YE7PSaturday, September 17, 200520M5:08:19 PM14.055CW
S79RRC/ASaturday, October 01, 200515M9:53:07 AM21.260SSB
K7CTuesday, October 04, 200520M6:55:13 PM14.190SSB
S79RRC/FSaturday, October 08, 200515M1:10:00 PM21.260SSB
AA4VSaturday, October 08, 200515M2:20:00 PM21.260SSB
K1VSJThursday, October 13, 200520M7:13:27 PM14.260SSB
4Z1AZFriday, October 14, 200520M11:05:00 AM14.261SSB
YB8ZCSunday, December 18, 200520M1:29:43 PM14.260SSB
TI8CBTTuesday, December 27, 200517M5:22:14 PM18.150SSB
3Y0XTuesday, February 14, 200620M2:14:02 PM14.190SSB
3Y0XWednesday, February 15, 200617M1:55:00 PM18.145SSB
VU4AN/VU3RYGTuesday, April 18, 200617M6:35:11 PM18.080CW
VU4AN/VU3NZBWednesday, April 19, 200617M6:34:56 PM18.098RTTY
VU4AN/VU3SIDWednesday, April 19, 200620M7:12:52 PM14.081RTTY
YR0HKWThursday, April 20, 200617M6:22:15 PM18.149SSB
W8GEX/KP2Thursday, April 20, 200617M6:49:00 PM18.140SSB
VU4AN/VU3RWOSunday, April 23, 200620M12:35:00 AM14.205SSB
VU4AN/VU3SIBSunday, April 23, 200617M3:41:50 PM18.120SSB
OC5IMonday, April 24, 200617M7:01:00 PM18.126SSB
YX0LIXMonday, April 24, 200617M7:33:41 PM18.155SSB
HC4/KD6WWSaturday, April 29, 200620M1:06:08 AM14.041CW
N7BOYTuesday, May 09, 200617M8:10:00 PM18.125SSB
CU2AFWednesday, May 10, 200617M6:25:57 PM18.149SSB
M3SDEWednesday, May 10, 200617M7:22:00 PM18.140SSB
WA2BJNWednesday, May 10, 200617M7:24:38 PM18.135SSB
GD4PTVWednesday, May 10, 200617M8:25:26 PM18.140SSB
GB5RSRSunday, May 28, 200640M10:58:20 AM7.144SSB
G1MYA/MSunday, May 28, 200640M11:35:48 AM7.125SSB
DQ2006JMonday, May 29, 200640M9:52:12 AM7.095SSB
DQ2006AMonday, May 29, 200640M9:52:53 AM7.078SSB
DQ2006GMonday, May 29, 200640M9:53:21 AM7.065SSB
WV4XTuesday, May 30, 200617M12:45:00 AM18.145SSB
KC2GWTTuesday, May 30, 200617M12:55:00 AM18.145SSB
WA6DXI/9Tuesday, May 30, 200617M1:00:00 AM18.145SSB
VE3QTTuesday, May 30, 200617M1:25:00 AM18.145SSB
PT7AZThursday, June 22, 200620M6:20:00 PM14.260SSB
VE1OTA/PTuesday, July 11, 200620M11:35:00 PM14.260SSB
ZA1/IK7JWXTuesday, July 11, 200640M11:50:00 PM7.045SSB
CU7XSunday, July 16, 200620M12:15:00 AM14.260SSB
OY/M0DEG/PFriday, July 21, 200620M7:55:23 PM14.303SSB
KD6WW/VY0Friday, July 21, 200620M7:56:20 PM14.041CW
K9AJ/VY0Friday, July 21, 200620M8:07:24 PM14.260SSB
OY/M0BLFFriday, July 21, 200620M8:32:34 PM14.307SSB
VE1/VE9GLFSunday, July 23, 200620M8:38:03 PM14.254SSB
4O3TTuesday, August 08, 200640M7:31:56 PM7.054SSB
4O3TTuesday, August 08, 200620M8:04:55 PM14.195SSB
YU6AOSaturday, August 12, 200617M9:07:02 PM18.138SSB
ES15LTuesday, August 22, 200640M7:17:42 PM7.088SSB
C5DXCThursday, September 21, 200617M6:45:00 PM18.160SSB
HZ1IKTuesday, September 26, 200640M11:03:44 PM7.070SSB
FY1FLSunday, November 12, 200640M1:13:19 AM7.080SSB
VU2PHDSunday, November 12, 200640M1:47:45 AM7.055SSB
VU7LD/VU2PIAWednesday, December 06, 200617M12:24:00 PM18.125SSB
ZY7EAMSunday, December 10, 200640M1:52:43 AM7.069SSB
VU7LD/VU7NKSMonday, December 11, 200615M11:10:00 AM21.295SSB
VU7LD/VU3RSBSaturday, December 16, 200620M3:08:00 PM14.190SSB
VU7LD/VU2NKSMonday, December 18, 200617M11:27:00 AM18.145SSB
VU7LD/VU7RGPTuesday, December 19, 200620M11:00:00 AM14.190SSB
VU7LD/VU2RGPWednesday, December 20, 200615M11:10:00 AM21.300SSB
VU7LD/VU3RSBTuesday, December 26, 200617M11:14:53 AM18.135SSB
VU7LD/VU3RSBWednesday, December 27, 200617M10:02:00 AM18.104RTTY
1A4ATuesday, January 02, 200717M11:37:00 AM18.135SSB
1A4ASaturday, January 06, 200710M12:00:54 PM28.495SSB
DU1/CT1EATSaturday, January 06, 200720M12:13:43 PM14.260RTTY
K9SGSunday, January 07, 200740M1:55:23 AM7.093RTTY
WX4TMSunday, January 07, 200740M2:36:12 AM7.070RTTY
W4QGSunday, January 07, 200740M2:46:14 AM7.048RTTY
W5VZFSunday, January 07, 200740M2:51:34 AM7.053RTTY
VP8/LZ1UQSunday, January 07, 200740M2:55:47 AM7.055RTTY
P49XSunday, January 07, 200740M3:00:26 AM7.057RTTY
YZ1SMSunday, January 07, 200740M3:09:48 AM7.065RTTY
HI3TEJSunday, January 07, 200740M3:13:22 AM7.070RTTY
KP4VPSunday, January 07, 200740M3:19:38 AM7.081RTTY
VY2LISunday, January 07, 200740M3:28:44 AM7.066RTTY
LU5FFSunday, January 07, 200740M3:34:24 AM7.055RTTY
PA3GIO/6WSunday, January 07, 200717M1:16:58 PM18.145SSB
5H3VMBSunday, January 07, 200717M1:23:14 PM18.147SSB
C6ARISunday, January 07, 200717M1:59:29 PM18.122SSB
VU7RGSaturday, January 20, 200717M10:11:56 AM18.118SSB
W1HISaturday, January 20, 200717M3:45:48 PM18.137SSB
VU7MYSunday, January 21, 200715M11:41:25 AM21.290SSB
VU7MYSunday, January 21, 200720M4:01:48 PM14.260SSB
A45WDThursday, January 25, 200740M6:40:26 PM7.068SSB
DS4DRE/4Sunday, January 28, 200720M9:04:00 AM14.260SSB
J20MMFriday, February 02, 200717M1:15:00 PM18.130SSB
VK2CASaturday, February 03, 200717M10:22:48 AM18.152SSB
ZL2CVSaturday, February 03, 200717M11:11:00 AM18.118SSB
VK3EWSunday, February 04, 200717M10:48:40 AM18.152SSB
J20MMMonday, February 05, 200740M8:47:27 PM7.065SSB
YW0DXMonday, February 12, 200717M6:13:00 PM18.140SSB
T77EBTuesday, February 13, 200740M8:18:08 PM7.057SSB
C5DXCSaturday, February 17, 200717M3:20:17 PM18.116SSB
PY5KASunday, February 18, 200717M12:23:21 PM18.158SSB
WV4XSunday, February 18, 200717M12:36:57 PM18.158SSB
W8UVSunday, February 18, 200717M1:26:35 PM18.158SSB
VK9DNXSaturday, February 24, 200717M8:47:43 AM18.145SSB
VK9DNXSaturday, February 24, 200717M9:03:00 AM18.104RTTY
JH1OCCSaturday, February 24, 200717M9:12:02 AM18.158SSB
JA4IOM/6Saturday, February 24, 200717M9:20:08 AM18.158SSB
UA9JPKSaturday, February 24, 200717M9:24:35 AM18.158SSB
GB0ANTSaturday, February 24, 200717M9:58:03 AM18.163SSB
VK6ARWSaturday, February 24, 200717M1:20:00 PM18.140SSB
WW1WWSaturday, February 24, 200717M2:20:00 PM18.140SSB
W7TJSaturday, February 24, 200717M6:16:52 PM18.133SSB
NE1RDSaturday, February 24, 200717M6:19:41 PM18.133SSB
3DA0PBFriday, March 16, 200715M12:00:34 PM21.310SSB
R7C/ANTFriday, March 16, 200720M5:14:03 PM14.160SSB
DU1EIBSaturday, March 17, 200717M12:49:24 PM18.130SSB
V31LGSaturday, March 17, 200717M4:34:33 PM18.130SSB
N3JFXSaturday, March 17, 200717M4:36:03 PM18.135SSB
W4LWYSaturday, March 17, 200717M4:48:16 PM18.135SSB
WV4XSaturday, March 17, 200717M4:54:35 PM18.135SSB
N0JQXSaturday, March 17, 200717M5:18:19 PM18.135SSB
MJ/K8PTSunday, March 18, 200717M10:59:07 AM18.124SSB
BD7KLO/7Sunday, March 18, 200717M11:05:17 AM18.130SSB
RA9HLSunday, March 18, 200717M11:18:25 AM18.142SSB
RA3ZWSunday, March 18, 200717M11:18:34 AM18.142SSB
ST2RSunday, March 18, 200717M2:06:16 PM18.145SSB
KC0PZESaturday, March 31, 200717M4:15:44 PM18.141SSB
K9WZBSaturday, March 31, 200717M4:31:17 PM18.141SSB
W8JMFSaturday, March 31, 200717M4:37:23 PM18.141SSB
N1BQZSaturday, March 31, 200717M4:59:18 PM18.141SSB
KG8CISaturday, March 31, 200717M5:00:02 PM18.141SSB
KR0ESaturday, March 31, 200717M5:04:54 PM18.141SSB
CN8KDSaturday, March 31, 200717M6:33:50 PM18.141SSB
VP8LPSaturday, March 31, 200717M7:12:57 PM18.144SSB
8P9NXSaturday, March 31, 200717M8:17:29 PM18.138SSB
JR1IQLTuesday, April 03, 200717M5:52:58 PM18.138SSB
N8SSunday, April 08, 200720M10:19:34 AM14.190SSB
N8SMonday, April 09, 200717M9:36:12 AM18.150SSB
VK4CAGMonday, April 09, 200717M11:00:53 AM18.133SSB
W5FG/MMTuesday, April 10, 200717M6:16:50 PM18.118SSB
N8STuesday, April 10, 200720M6:29:49 PM14.020CW
J68WITuesday, April 10, 200717M6:55:56 PM18.135SSB
6O0ZSaturday, April 14, 200717M1:17:19 PM18.140SSB
CN8NKSunday, April 15, 200740M7:55:04 PM7.051SSB
9A950DXSunday, April 15, 200740M7:59:26 PM7.056SSB
9K2YM/PSunday, April 15, 200740M8:24:22 PM7.058SSB
CU9RBLSunday, April 15, 200740M8:27:57 PM7.060SSB
HB9ABX/MTuesday, April 17, 200740M8:09:58 PM7.060SSB
F1VLZTuesday, April 17, 200740M8:10:21 PM7.053SSB
T94ZZTuesday, April 17, 200740M8:20:49 PM7.050SSB
W7/G0REKWednesday, April 18, 200720M8:25:18 PM14.188SSB
1B1CDEThursday, April 19, 200740M8:01:00 PM7.088SSB
EA7GAKTuesday, April 24, 200740M9:38:44 PM7.063SSB
EA7HIQTuesday, April 24, 200740M9:38:59 PM7.063SSB
VK1MJSaturday, April 28, 200740M8:48:34 PM7.079SSB
VP8ROTSunday, April 29, 200717M12:13:23 PM18.160SSB
LU1ECZSunday, April 29, 200740M9:41:26 PM7.057SSB
5H0RSSunday, April 29, 200740M10:01:49 PM7.053SSB
5H3EESunday, April 29, 200740M10:32:28 PM7.057SSB
VK6WCSunday, April 29, 200740M11:10:53 PM7.093SSB
BS7HWednesday, May 02, 200717M6:19:51 PM18.074CW
9U0VBWednesday, May 02, 200717M6:45:20 PM18.140SSB
BS7HThursday, May 03, 200720M5:59:49 PM14.024CW
BS7HThursday, May 03, 200740M6:25:33 PM7.024CW
BS7HThursday, May 03, 200720M9:16:49 PM14.185SSB
3D2RISaturday, May 05, 200720M9:57:30 AM14.040CW
BS7HSaturday, May 05, 200717M2:31:33 PM18.122SSB
CE4WJKMonday, May 07, 200717M9:29:12 PM18.150SSB
9A2XTuesday, May 08, 200710M7:50:34 PM28.483SSB
E51QMASunday, May 13, 200717M10:31:57 AM18.092CW
PA4JJSunday, May 13, 200717M9:06:16 PM18.132SSB
KP4RVSunday, May 13, 200717M9:14:13 PM18.139SSB
EC8AUZSunday, May 13, 200717M9:18:00 PM18.139SSB
KP4KIDSunday, May 13, 200717M9:23:07 PM18.139SSB
KI4FSZSunday, May 13, 200717M9:24:49 PM18.139SSB
YV5ZVSunday, May 13, 200717M9:28:49 PM18.139SSB
TA3DSunday, May 13, 200717M9:37:38 PM18.146SSB
CO6DWTuesday, May 15, 200717M11:03:22 PM18.144SSB
4A3IHTuesday, May 15, 200720M11:13:08 PM14.032CW
SV/G0PQT/MMThursday, May 17, 200717M7:26:47 PM18.147SSB
VO1TJMSaturday, May 19, 200740M12:38:53 AM7.072SSB
TK/F6JXRSunday, May 20, 200740M8:43:52 PM7.075SSB
6W/IZ2DPXMonday, May 21, 200710M7:47:28 PM28.535SSB
M3SONSunday, May 27, 200717M9:43:30 AM18.139SSB
OZ1RDPSunday, May 27, 200717M11:27:46 AM18.140SSB
CU2DXMonday, June 11, 200720M9:41:50 PM14.260SSB
HI0CWednesday, June 13, 200720M9:10:42 PM14.264SSB
VP8NOThursday, June 14, 200717M6:55:00 PM18.135SSB
GD6IAThursday, June 14, 200717M7:50:06 PM18.135SSB
7U5CISunday, June 24, 200717M10:55:17 AM18.151SSB
OH0ZSunday, June 24, 200710M12:46:30 PM28.500SSB
GM3VLB/PSunday, June 24, 200720M12:55:05 PM14.258SSB
7U5CISunday, June 24, 200720M12:58:11 PM14.260SSB
9A/DK2CHSunday, June 24, 200710M1:24:44 PM28.505SSB
TF/G4ODASunday, June 24, 20076M2:01:47 PM50.155SSB
S58ALSunday, June 24, 20076M6:01:28 PM50.146SSB
YT7AWSunday, June 24, 20076M6:03:22 PM50.156SSB
T96CSunday, June 24, 20076M6:07:03 PM50.168SSB
EA3GLJSunday, June 24, 20076M6:13:29 PM50.210SSB
HA3UUSunday, June 24, 20076M6:19:26 PM50.143SSB
NO8DTuesday, June 26, 200710M8:26:56 PM29.600FM
HZ1MD/MSunday, July 01, 200720M9:42:10 AM14.260SSB
VF0XSunday, July 01, 200720M10:09:12 PM14.156SSB
1A0KMSaturday, July 21, 200710M9:42:06 AM28.515SSB
UE1OTA/1Wednesday, July 25, 200720M7:40:00 PM14.260SSB
KH7YSaturday, August 04, 200720M7:00:16 PM14.164SSB
GB0RELSaturday, August 18, 200720M10:00:50 PM14.213SSB
JQ1KNHSunday, August 19, 200717M12:03:35 PM18.124SSB
YW5ASTuesday, August 28, 200720M7:13:01 PM14.260SSB
SD7MEWednesday, September 05, 200720M7:52:17 PM14.260SSB
J3/DL7VOGThursday, September 06, 200720M8:14:22 PM14.264SSB
K2HJBTuesday, September 11, 200720M8:18:00 PM14.000SSB
W2WTCTuesday, September 11, 200720M8:22:25 PM14.265SSB
3B7CSunday, September 16, 200715M8:52:52 AM21.295SSB
3B7CSunday, September 16, 200717M11:33:48 AM18.099RTTY
3B7CSunday, September 16, 200720M5:45:00 PM14.145SSB
8Q7GSSunday, September 16, 200720M6:47:20 PM14.260SSB
PP5KESunday, September 16, 200720M9:01:52 PM14.260SSB
3B7CSaturday, September 22, 200717M10:11:43 AM18.145SSB
3B7CSaturday, September 22, 200715M12:43:54 PM21.022CW
3B7CSaturday, September 22, 200717M2:27:40 PM18.072CW
3B7CSunday, September 23, 200710M11:19:31 AM28.495SSB
3B7CSunday, September 23, 200710M12:19:07 PM28.022CW
3B7CSunday, September 23, 200720M12:35:57 PM14.022CW
FY5FYSunday, September 23, 200717M7:33:32 PM18.133SSB
P29VCXSunday, September 30, 200720M9:29:44 AM14.042CW
P29NISaturday, October 06, 200720M9:01:41 AM14.041CW
ZL2BXSaturday, October 06, 200720M9:22:29 AM14.212SSB
5Z4/YT1CSSunday, October 07, 200715M10:34:30 AM21.264SSB
R35NPSaturday, October 13, 200720M10:22:52 AM14.180SSB
JH6WMJSunday, October 14, 200717M9:23:16 AM18.142SSB
VK4CAGSunday, October 14, 200717M11:40:34 AM18.135SSB
3C7YSunday, October 14, 200717M12:29:49 PM18.150SSB
NX7TTTuesday, October 16, 200717M5:50:00 PM18.123SSB
N7WXTuesday, October 16, 200717M11:40:14 PM18.128SSB
C50CSunday, October 21, 200720M11:22:54 AM14.260SSB
YK9SVSaturday, November 10, 200720M9:36:06 AM14.190SSB
E20WXASaturday, November 10, 200717M11:56:02 AM18.137SSB
VK2GWKSunday, November 11, 200717M9:08:13 AM18.137SSB
VK6APHFriday, November 30, 200717M11:55:51 AM18.137SSB
VK6VCK/MFriday, November 30, 200720M11:55:51 AM14.240SSB
VP6DXSaturday, February 16, 200820M1:37:42 PM14.191SSB
VP6DXSaturday, February 16, 200817M1:37:42 PM18.140SSB
VP6DXSaturday, February 16, 200817M1:37:42 PM18.073CW
VP6DXSunday, February 17, 200840M9:05:00 AM7.034CW
VP6DXSunday, February 17, 200840M9:40:18 AM7.034CW
VP6DXSunday, February 17, 200840M9:40:18 AM7.095SSB
J79XBIMonday, February 18, 200840M10:02:07 PM7.067SSB
FJ/SP7VCTuesday, February 19, 200820M9:14:40 PM14.260SSB
J8/DJ7ZGSaturday, March 08, 200840M12:40:00 AM7.061SSB
EA5/EA7TVSaturday, March 08, 200820M4:21:46 PM14.236SSB
EA9IEMonday, March 17, 200840M7:20:00 PM7.086SSB
FG/DK5ALFriday, March 21, 200840M12:15:00 AM7.079SSB
UN7MMMMonday, March 24, 200817M8:50:59 AM18.140SSB
9X0RMonday, March 24, 200815M2:02:37 PM21.295SSB
9X0RMonday, March 24, 200817M2:02:37 PM18.074CW
5T5DCMonday, March 24, 200817M3:50:00 PM18.155SSB
9X0RMonday, March 24, 200817M5:26:32 PM18.140SSB
TO5RZMonday, March 31, 200820M7:53:43 PM14.240SSB
VE6NDTMonday, March 31, 200820M9:30:00 PM14.175SSB
VE6CQMonday, March 31, 200820M9:30:00 PM14.175SSB
W4JEAMonday, March 31, 200820M9:45:00 PM14.160SSB
VK7ACThursday, April 24, 200840M7:45:00 PM7.056SSB
W1AWTuesday, April 29, 200820M7:00:51 PM14.179SSB
RV9WJSunday, May 18, 200817M9:43:53 AM18.156SSB
SM4DDESunday, May 18, 200817M9:44:22 AM18.161SSB
UR5MERSunday, May 18, 200817M10:06:46 AM18.161SSB
SM5ZBJSunday, May 18, 200817M10:06:56 AM18.161SSB
YB0AJZSunday, May 18, 200817M10:17:03 AM18.161SSB
IK2VFRTuesday, May 20, 200820M5:05:00 PM14.260SSB
ON3VYTuesday, May 20, 200817M9:35:00 PM18.150SSB
KP4BITuesday, May 20, 200817M10:10:00 PM18.150SSB
CU7AAPTuesday, May 20, 200817M11:03:00 PM18.150SSB
PJ7/K2GSJTuesday, May 20, 200817M11:03:00 PM18.150SSB
MW0ZZK/PSunday, May 25, 200810M1:12:00 PM28.487SSB
OH0/PA3ALKSunday, May 25, 200810M2:05:00 PM28.440SSB
SP2GUBSunday, May 25, 200810M2:10:00 PM28.473SSB
DK3HVSunday, May 25, 200810M2:15:00 PM28.473SSB
DL8ZTSunday, May 25, 200810M2:20:00 PM28.473SSB
TC2TWednesday, June 04, 200817M8:40:00 PM18.125SSB
KL7DXWednesday, July 23, 200820M7:46:23 AM14.260SSB
GB8LMIThursday, July 24, 200820M6:28:25 PM14.222SSB
GB8LMISaturday, July 26, 200817M8:21:31 AM18.163SSB
SM/G3LASMonday, July 28, 200820M10:49:10 AM14.267SSB
GM0KETSaturday, August 09, 200817M10:25:00 AM18.160SSB
VO2ASaturday, August 09, 200820M4:46:16 PM14.062CW
EA5LVSaturday, August 23, 200820M3:50:00 PM14.260SSB
F9JSSaturday, August 23, 200820M3:50:00 PM14.260SSB
G4DCGSaturday, August 23, 200820M3:57:00 PM14.260SSB
VE3ZZSaturday, August 23, 200820M3:57:00 PM14.260SSB
M3WDUSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:00:00 PM14.260SSB
UA3WDUSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:02:00 PM14.260SSB
UA3BMSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:04:00 PM14.250SSB
2D0GBMSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:05:00 PM14.260SSB
EA3NASaturday, August 23, 200820M4:10:00 PM14.260SSB
UT7ILSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:11:00 PM14.260SSB
DK4KISaturday, August 23, 200820M4:12:00 PM14.260SSB
DL8AVVSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:14:00 PM14.250SSB
DL8AAVSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:15:00 PM14.260SSB
K3FNSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:15:00 PM14.260SSB
K1QSSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:15:00 PM14.260SSB
KC9KBBSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:17:00 PM14.260SSB
KB5RHDSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:18:00 PM14.260SSB
RV3ODSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:19:00 PM14.260SSB
IZ1MKZSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:19:00 PM14.260SSB
K4MSSSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:22:00 PM14.260SSB
IK2CIOSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:23:00 PM14.260SSB
UR5ZVJSaturday, August 23, 200820M4:23:00 PM14.260SSB
K2LSSunday, August 24, 200817M3:27:39 PM18.145SSB
KB5RHDSunday, August 24, 200817M3:28:19 PM18.145SSB
AF2DSunday, August 24, 200817M3:28:32 PM18.145SSB
EA3AXZSunday, August 24, 200817M3:28:44 PM18.145SSB
HI9CFSunday, August 24, 200817M3:28:59 PM18.145SSB
GM4SSASaturday, September 06, 200817M9:56:40 AM18.135SSB
3DA0JKSunday, September 07, 200817M10:19:38 AM18.145SSB
IK4UPISunday, September 07, 200817M10:44:00 AM18.162SSB
YC6NETuesday, September 09, 200840M5:50:51 PM7.097SSB
YC6ENTuesday, September 09, 200840M6:04:56 PM7.077SSB
YC6BRSTuesday, September 09, 200840M6:14:03 PM7.093SSB
OH/DF9TMTuesday, September 09, 200840M6:29:58 PM7.050SSB
PR7APTuesday, September 09, 200840M7:59:32 PM7.062SSB
4U1VICSunday, September 14, 200820M11:59:40 AM14.198SSB
T88IWSaturday, September 27, 200817M9:47:25 AM18.143SSB
ZS6YISaturday, September 27, 200817M10:08:12 AM18.142SSB
VK7ACSunday, September 28, 200840M8:16:58 AM7.130SSB
VK6LCSunday, September 28, 200817M9:16:40 AM18.155SSB
VK9DWXSaturday, October 11, 200817M9:19:58 AM18.125SSB
5U5USaturday, October 11, 200817M9:32:29 AM18.160SSB
VK9DWXMonday, October 13, 200820M8:22:37 AM14.205SSB
HK1ATTuesday, October 14, 200820M9:18:00 PM14.260SSB
LZ26ZATuesday, October 14, 200840M10:48:00 PM7.082SSB
5N4NDPTuesday, October 21, 200840M8:35:00 PM7.058SSB
ZA0/IK2AQZThursday, October 23, 200820M1:36:00 PM14.260SSB
KC2TAUThursday, October 23, 200840M8:45:00 PM7.182SSB
FY5KEThursday, October 23, 200840M8:57:00 PM7.090SSB
JY4CIThursday, October 23, 200840M9:02:00 PM7.044SSB
6Y9SThursday, October 23, 200840M9:20:00 PM7.087SSB
ZA0/I0SNYThursday, October 23, 200840M9:25:00 PM7.060SSB
5B4AIAThursday, October 23, 200840M9:36:00 PM7.077SSB
K1YZWThursday, October 23, 200840M10:10:00 PM7.139SSB
VE2DXYThursday, October 23, 200840M10:10:00 PM7.139SSB
KC0TPPThursday, October 23, 200840M10:20:00 PM7.139SSB
D44ACThursday, October 23, 200840M10:51:00 PM7.084SSB
NQ4IFriday, October 24, 200840M10:52:00 PM7.130SSB
W8/T98TFriday, October 24, 200840M10:58:00 PM7.144SSB
K1RXFriday, October 24, 200840M11:02:00 PM7.144SSB
K1BGFriday, October 24, 200840M11:07:00 PM7.144SSB
NA4LFriday, October 24, 200840M11:15:00 PM7.144SSB
KE2LEFriday, October 24, 200840M11:20:00 PM7.144SSB
S57ALFriday, October 24, 200840M11:30:00 PM7.087SSB
5D5AFriday, October 24, 200840M11:35:00 PM7.078SSB
VR2PWTuesday, October 28, 200820M12:12:00 PM14.210SSB
OA4BHY/2Sunday, November 16, 200817M1:00:31 PM18.135SSB
VK2APGSaturday, November 22, 200817M11:02:00 AM18.145SSB
KD8FHFSaturday, November 22, 200817M2:45:00 PM18.159SSB
KC0ZRXSaturday, November 22, 200817M2:50:00 PM18.159SSB
VA3DDWSaturday, November 22, 200817M2:57:00 PM18.159SSB
VK2FADSunday, November 23, 200817M10:45:00 AM18.121SSB
VK3EWSunday, November 23, 200817M10:55:00 AM18.134SSB
YO9BCMSunday, November 23, 200817M11:15:00 AM18.134SSB
VK6WCSunday, November 23, 200817M11:50:00 AM18.153SSB
HK3JJH/HK0BSunday, November 23, 200820M5:21:00 PM14.255SSB
SV1KXOSunday, November 30, 200817M10:50:00 AM18.150SSB
SV9IOQSunday, November 30, 200817M11:05:00 AM18.150SSB
UT9ERSunday, November 30, 200817M11:10:00 AM18.150SSB
UY7IOSunday, November 30, 200817M11:10:00 AM18.150SSB
TA1HZSunday, November 30, 200817M11:20:00 AM18.150SSB
RD3AWSunday, November 30, 200817M11:21:00 AM18.150SSB
CO7PH/PFriday, December 19, 200820M4:37:00 PM14.255SSB
E20WXASaturday, December 27, 200817M11:00:00 AM18.130SSB
UR5LMKSaturday, December 27, 200817M11:16:00 AM18.148SSB
RX6BUSaturday, December 27, 200817M11:18:00 AM18.148SSB
VK3AJSaturday, December 27, 200817M11:22:00 AM18.148SSB
HS0ZINSaturday, December 27, 200817M11:34:00 AM18.148SSB
C4EUROSaturday, December 27, 200817M11:47:59 AM18.142SSB
V5/DL2SLSaturday, January 10, 200917M10:20:00 AM18.125SSB
YO3DFISaturday, January 10, 200917M10:22:00 AM18.135SSB
EK6TASunday, January 11, 200917M10:26:00 AM18.140SSB
HS0ZINSunday, January 11, 200917M10:52:00 AM18.132SSB